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    So what happens to the laptop market if... (intel+amd chip related)

    So what happens to the laptop market if intel pairs an amd chip to ALL high end laptop parts? The way I see it intel is taking a jab at nvidia with this amd deal and if they really want it to sting then why not pair an amd chip to the entire high end line? A few things could happen 1. Gaming...
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    AMD Epyc (Naples)

    It's announced. AMD ThreadRipper HEDT CPU Officially Announced AMD just officially announced the new AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper High End Desktop CPU that will be released this summer at its Financial Analyst Day. A 16-Core 32-Thread CPU sounds...
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    More perf/watt incomming

    It's wccf so take it with the usual salt dosage, but 50% better perf/watt would be a pretty sweet thing. AMD Rolling Out New Polaris GPU Revisions With 50% Better Perf/Watt
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    What would get you to switch to linux from windows?

    Going off the other thread I'm going to guess game support is a big one. Aside from games though what sort of features or properties would get you windows people to make the switch?
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    Large touchscreen display?

    Does anyone know if you can buy a 32-ish inch touch screen? The largest I can find are 22inchers.
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    Drive Error rates

    Hey all, I just came across this Which lists unrecoverable errors for the seagate NAS hard drive. This is the first time I've ever seen them actually listed. Bravo seagate for doing...
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    Celebration of linux live patching

    It looks like suse employs a band and uses them to promote linux :p
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    Intel to support freesync
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    Broadwell 5775c and H87/Z87

    Does anyone know if the new 5775 works in H87 chipsets? I've got one of these and the extra cache/lower TDP is enticing. Buying a new board kills my excitement, but I thought it worth asking.
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    AMD Fire Pro cards 50% off It's at least valid at newegg, but probably others as well.
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    2U or passive FM2 cooler?

    So, I'm throwing together a new server based on the fm2+ socket and I'm having trouble finding a heatsink that is either designed for a 2U case or is a tower style that's under 70mm. Anyone know of anything?
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    LSI 3080X-R

    Does anyone have one of these? I just picked one up for a storage system and I'm having a number of issues. First when the system starts up I hit F8 to head into the config and it just doesn't do anything. Boot continues as normal. Second the speeds I'm getting are horrific (~100KB/s). This is...
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    Hey all, I'm working on getting an openLDAP server running for work and I keep hitting wall after wall. Has anyone done a setup from scratch? Know any good guides?
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    r9 300 The pirate islands

    Take it with a huge grain of salt, but the timeline might be correct.
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    Open samba share in an AD environment

    I've run across an interesting problem with our samba server at work. First off the server is in domain mode and ties into our windows server for account authentication. We've got a few shares and I've made one publicly accessible (it holds installers that our users use). The problem is that...
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    Kaveri Brix

    So, I'm sure you're all aware of the brix line from gigabyte. I sent them an email asking if there's going to be a kaveri based brix and it looks like there will be :)
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    4770s vs 4770 (non-k)

    Hi all, I'm building a new SFF system and I'm wondering if anyone has done a comparison between the s and non-s versions of haswell. How much loss is there given the lower based clock?
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    SFF APU build

    Hi all, I'm looking to leave the world of massive towers and enter the realm of SFF computing while also leaving windows behind in favor of linux at the same time. So I'm basically looking at this case and this cooler...
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    Phenom 2 vs Richland

    Has anyone done a CPU comparison between these two? I'm looking to downsize my system as I don't game much anymore. Any links?
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    Question to AXP-100 owners

    Can anyone tell me how large the gap is between the sink base and the fins?
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    Kabini ITX boards

    Hey, has anyone seen kabini boards surface yet? I'm specifically looking for a dual NIC model to replace my router. Thanks.
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    mATX with thunderbolt?

    Hi all, has anyone come across a haswell board that is both mATX in form factor and has at least one thunderbolt port? Are any known to be in the pipe?
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    Head scratching win update issue

    Ok, so I mostly run linux at my place with the major exception being my gaming desktop. I recently loaded windows 7 onto a spare laptop for a friend and in the process was met with an error code of 8024402F when trying to update windows. This was for home premium though I don't think that...
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    Router OS

    Hi all, It's been a while since I've read anything in this subforum. Back when I did IPcop and smoothwall were the go to operating systems for setting up a router, I'm sure things have changed since. What are the current go-to setups?
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    Python 2 vs Python 3

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting into python for raspberry pi development and I wanted to know what the general opinion on the difference is. I've got a java and C background, so I'm not new to coding. That said, I know none of the differences between the two versions other than there seem to be a...
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    City Builders

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new city building game and hoping that people here have recommendations. Ideally I'm looking for something in the range of sim city to tropico. Cities XL is a little over the top my my tastes. Any suggestions? Edit: Has anyone played cities in motion?
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    Looking for some 1866 ram kit input

    Hi all, Quick question. I'm looking to pick up a 32GB (4x 8GB) kit this winter and I'm wondering if anyone has any input on ram kits. Right now I'm looking at the gskill ripjaw Z set, but I can't find any decent reviews. I want a 1866 kit and I do not want to over clock. This will be paired...
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    Testing a CPU

    Hi all, Does anyone know a good utility to test if a CPU has bad cache and/or other parts?
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    Blu ray drives

    It looks like not many people are talking about these, but are there any preferred blu ray drives out there? Any to stay away from?
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    Sapphire 7870 OC or vanilla

    Is there any known difference between the boards? Better caps or vrm or something on the OC version? Lower binned chips on the vanilla? If I plan to OC when I get one of these would it be worth while to pay the extra $10?
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    Live CD with root by default?

    Hey all, Does anyone know of a live CD that drops you into root by default?
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    Shogun 2 Glitch

    Has anyone seen this before? I ran the file checker and it says everything is fine.
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    Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens - $609 AR

    Avaiable for canon, nikon and sony cameras. I've been reading a lot of good things about this lens and just ordered mine. Here's a flickr group based on the lens The lenes Canon...
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    BlackBerry Playbooks $299 - 16/32/64GB :D
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    Question on the 8 pin power connector

    I'm thinking about picking up a 9 series sabertooth board, but I don't think my PSU has the 8 pin connector present on the board. Are there adapters available to allow me to use this board? My PSU is a Corsair CMPSU-550VX 550-Watt VX Series. Edit: Nevermind, I do have the connector :p
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    Lenovo Outlet Memorial Day sale

    I Just got myself a nice x201 :D
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    Does a sound card matter if you're using optical

    I'm looking to hook my computer up to my home receiver. If I go the optical route would a sound card benefit me at all over my motherboard's optical out?
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    iSCSI and a qnap nas

    I've been pulling my hair out over simply trying to connect a qnap turbo nas to an XP pro system via the microsoft iscsi initiator. After more trouble than I would like to admit, I now have a target on the iscsi initiator, but no disks show up in disk management. The raid is 5.4TB and the nas...
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    GNUplot question

    Quick question for anyone familiar with gnuplot. I have a data file of single values that I would like to plot as y values against x. That is if I have values y1=4, y2=1, y3=2 I would like them to be plotted as x=1 for y1, x=2 for y2, etc... I can't figure out how to do this in gnu plot. Should...
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    Motherboard for cache unlocking

    Hey all, I'm looking at upgrading my motherboard over the next few months.I've got a gigabyte GA-MA78LM-S2H paired with a phenom 2 x4 810. When I bought the phenom 2 I was told that with some motherboards I would be able to unlock another 2MB of cache on the chip. So my question is what sort...