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    Printer to write on DVD

    I use 16x LG DVD-R(Printable) and I want to buy a cheap printer (preferably lazer) to write on DVDs. Can someone suggest a cheap printer suitable for printing on DVD. I won't be using it much, and I don't need colour. I checked some lazer printers on the net, but it doesn't clearly say it...
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    Samsung 226BW panel question, settings

    I bought 226BW few days ago, its manufactured August 2007. Doesn't have S or A written at the back. So i tried the service function, but it still doesn't tell me the details on panel. (Set contrast and brightness to 0, Press the « Menu » button, Press the « Source » button for 5 secs)...
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    Cheap, simple upgrade - need advice

    My ageing system gets ~4.5k in 3dmark05, mainly use it for games (world of warcraft, guild wars, need for speed most wanted/carbon, quake 4, doom 3, etc, all at 1280x1024 res). I want to upgrade the video card n LCD so i can play games at 1680x1050 res, n hopefully with faster fps. Current...
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    Retards at EA ruined NFS MW :(

    I like NFS and I've played (and finished) all NFS except for the latest one, Carbon. Got MW when it first came out but didn't have much chance to play til now. I really liked Underground 1 and 2, and I also like everything about MW, except for one thing; stupid pink slip. When you beat the...
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    19" Hyundai L90D any good??

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    Sony DVDRW any good?

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    Specs on Philips??? monitors?

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    one os n two pcs

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    omg i HATE this spyware..

    normally i check with spyware doctor(or something similar from then delete files and/or registery manually.. cos i dont have registered spyware doctor. if its really bad i can format my hdd and reintall everything easily so its not too much prob for me. anyway this new one i got...
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    My Leadtek video card is finally dead..

    I've used many Leadtek video cards so far and I'm happy to say all were good but one gave me bit of trouble. It was 6800 AGP, came with nice copper heatsink but some reason it ran much hotter than other 6800 AGP cards i have. I think maybe its due to the quite fan, cos heatsink certainly looks...
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    Guild Wars Questions

    Just got it lastnite. Can i install it on 2nd PC using same user name, password? I don't expect to play games on two PC's at same time with one account, but can i at least run it 2nd PC when i'm not running the game on 1st PC? If i format the hdd, and reinstall the game, do i lose all saved...
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    upgrade n low 3dmark05

    edit: nevermind.
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    Help installing WinXP Pro 64bit

    I can't install it on Abit AV8 cos i don't have 64bit SATA floppy driver for it. Anyone know where i can get this? (u know how u have to press F6 when u first install n use floppy to install the sata driver when u first install the windows xp) I need to do this for Abit NF7-S and AV8 even for...
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    why is WinMX shifty??

    everytime i reinstall windowz, winmx downloads everything fine.. but after a week or so, it never seem to download anything even if i leave it on overnite.. but if i reinstall windows it would start working well again.. wtf with this stpuid program?? i don't trust this shifty program so i...
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    9800Pro vs 6600

    which is faster out of these two? say both in 128mb agp. 9800Pro (R350 - 380/680, 256bit, 8 pipes, DX9) 6600 - (NV43 - 300/550, 128bit, 8 pipes, DX9.0c)
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    910T > L90D+

    Just got Samsung 910T.. couldn't wait for 193P+. So far so good, haven't noticed anything bad yet.. got it cheap too, wasn't much more than wat i paid for Hyundai L90D+ and i think its much better in everyway except for the response time, but i can live with that. I don't think i'll ever buy TN...
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    193P+ = da best

    I'm really waitin 4 this monitor. S-PVA, 8ms. :) I found out through a friend that Samung distributor already have small quantity in stock but they are not avavilable for sale yet. (no pricings, date, etc) :( I've emailed them directly.. hopefully they can give me a rough date.
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    which is better out of these two?

    Altec Lansing 220 or the replacement VS2120 Cos according to the specs, 220 is 10 watts RMS, but VS2120 is 5 watts RMS. Its just gonna be simple speaker for a small...
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    74G Raptor or 2x 80G Seagate

    Which is better/faster? one 74g Raptor or 2x 80g Seagate SATA NCQ on Raid 0? 2x 80g seagate are cheaper than one 74g raptor n more space, 160g. or would be better to go for 2x 36g raptor raid 0?
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    whos got Abit AV8 n A64 3000?

    I'm thinking of upgrading one of my pc(xp2500@3200, abit nf7-s) to a64 3000 and abit av8. I choose av8 cos agp. Did you find anything bad about the motherboard or cpu? what settings are you running? cpu, fsb, memory. I'm not in hurry so i might wait for that new venice(?) core.. i don't...
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    Rate the LCD

    Rate the LCD monitors you have used. Brand/Model - Color/image quality, Backlight leakage, Response time, Easy on eyes, Movies, Design I've used; Samsung 193T - 9/10, 9/10, 6/10, 9/10, 8/10, 9/10 Samsung 172X - 8/10, 8/10, 9/10, 8/10, 8/10, 9/10 Hyundai L90D+ - 6/10, 6/10, 9/10, 5/10...
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    Samsung > Dell ?

    I've used Samsung 193T for over a year but only used Hyundai L90D+ for 2 weeks. Sold the L90D+ cos there were noticable difference in in color quality but the main reason was cos 193T is much easier on eyes. I was thinking of getting Dell 1905FP or 2005FP as a replacment for L90D+. was...
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    Anyone bought 2001FP recently?

    I'm thinkin of buying this monitor.. i know it used be very popular year ago, but is it a good monitor? does it have PVA panel? I'm replacing Hyundai L90D+ cos colors are so washed and its very hard on eyes, and i definately don't want same problem with the replacement. I read that 1905FP...
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    L90D+ settings

    I see many happy L90D+ owners here but my eyes aren't too happy with mine. I get tired eyes after a hour of use.. but i can look at Samsung 193T whole day. (or preivous CRTs i had) I've set mine to 35 brightness and 65 contrast which is best i found so far...
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    Hyundai L90D+ colour issue

    just got one today, but i'm bit disappointed so far. picture quality(prob due to colours) isn't good as the year old 19" samsung(but i paid more than twice the price n it has 25ms) and image doesn't look as sharp. screen looks slightly brighter on top n bottom, colours look bit washed.. bit too...
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    6800LE = fast

    just got 6800LE. its meant to be 6800nu but with 8 pipes n runs 320/700. (two i tried ran at 300/700 stock) but i was able to unlock extra 8 pipes on both of them. :) unfortunately only o/c to 380/850 so far, 400/930 wasn't stable. so its not good as the 6800nu i have. at 380/850 and with cpu...
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    How do u force flash video bios???

    i forgot.. doh!!! i remember it was like nvflash -1 xxx.rom or -0 or something like that but can't find it anywhere.. thanks in advance.
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    HELP, urgent - installin 775 hsf

    Hey guys, i need help installing socket 775 hsf to the motherboard. I'm using stock intel hsf (round one with curved fines) but i think i have pushed couple of pins bit too far and i can't seem to get it back out. motherboard looks bit bent, i tried to pull the pins out but having trouble with...
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    spell force

    anyone play this game? know which is the best ability/stat combination? i got upto level 24 with heavy combat but restarted after that few times to get better avatar.. tried elemental magic then light combat/white magic to light combat/elemental then to light combat/heavy combat, which i think...
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    6800nu vs 6800gt

    ive been very happy with 128mb xpertvision 6800nu i bought while back, o/c 410/930+ stock cooling, runs 100% with 16,6 pipes.. gives me 5k+ 3dmark05 with my outdated cpu/mobo.. but my friend wants to buy my card for $180.. (i bought it for $230 so i dont care) n im thinkin of buyin 256mb...
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    fx53 vs a64 4000+

    wats the diff? they both run 2.4ghz, 1mb L2, 939..
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    a64 3000 + av8 + 7700alcu

    wat o/c can i expect with latest steppin cpu? 2.4-2.5ghz?
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    icq history

    i keep icq history for some friends. if u delete the icq history, is there any way to check the deleted history? if u didn't keep the icq history, is there any way to check the previous conversations? (i accidently erased icq history with important details and i also need previous...
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    Sony DVDRW any good?

    i have LG GSA-4163BBK dvdrw atm.. i've had for about the month and haven't had any problem so far, it's been very good on reading and writing all cds and dvds. but the issue is that it doesn't fit in my super lanboy case properly cos its faceplate sticks out a bit.. i had to push it much as i...
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    permanent 16 pipelines?

    anygot permanent 16 pipelines on 128mb 6800nu? we know many x800pro users were able to get permanent 16 pipes with simple flash. my 128mb xpertvision 6800nu works 100% with 16pipes/6vertex with rivatuner but i want something permanent. so i flashed my card with various 6800ultra bios n flash...
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    9700 dead?

    i ran some 3dmark03/05 on 9700 this morning, used powerstrip to oc 360/285 n it ran fine. then i used atitool to oc 365/286 (it can run 365 but 360 is max allowed in powerstrip so i used atitool, 285 is max oc for the mem, but atitool didn't allow 285 so i chose 286). when i ran 3dmark the...
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    finally flashed 6800nu with ultra bios.

    flash to 6800ultra bios using nvflash -4 -5 -6 command, 6800ultra bios was edited to 325/700. it worked fine but the computer restarted during windows load up. so flashed back to original bios and everything is back to normal. i didn't get to keep 16 pipelines. at least no harm done. i think...
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    6800 bios flash

    anyone planning on flashing the 6800nu with 6800ultra bios? if you got 16 pipelines, 6 vertex working 100% with latest rivatuner. it will enable 16 pipelines and 6 vertex pipes permanently, and 6800ultra bios might also increase the performance. you dont have to load rivatuner and saves hassle...
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    a64 3000+ (939) 90nm oc how high can u oc, 2.3-2.6g?