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    [HOT]Macbook Air (13.3", i5 1.8Ghz, 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD) - $999 @ Frys

    First attempt so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. Granted this isn't for everyone since they operate out of California, I ended up having to bug my buddy to go grab one for me. Model # MD231LL/A $200 off MSRP! Availability is a little on...
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    Question dealing with Dual core opterons and motherboard compatibility.

    I have quick question. I'm looking at a dual socket motherboard (Tyan GX28) it says that with a bios update it will support dual core opterons. My question is, if I get this board and it comes with an older bios will I still be able to stick dual cores in and boot up long enough to flash the...
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    Apple G4 Case size question.

    Can a full ATX board be squeezed onto the G4 door?
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    Underclocking PC4000 give tight timings?

    I've been getting some errors with my old Buffalo PC3200 2.5cas stick of ram and I'm tired of 2-3-3-11 at 220Mhz with 3.2v. I've been eyeing out the Corsair PC4000 ram for awhile but the 3-4-4-8 timings always seem to make me run away in terror. So I was wondering would getting the PC4000...
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    AN7 - Onboard lan cuts out.

    Ok, I've been using this board for awhile and overclocking has been good. Now though after 10 minutes the lan will cut out and I have to restart to get it to work again. It first started when I was doing 222x11.5... So I turned it down to 220x11.5 and that seemed to solve the problem. Now its...
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    Locking 6800 Overclock.

    I'm having difficulty in keeping my 6800 GT using 400/1100 it sometimes jumps back 350/1000 after a reboot or when I'm playing with settings. I'm just using the coolbits 2. Is there anything to lock the overclock?
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    Dollar at the end of the day.

    Just pre-ordered my 6800GT from evga considering newegg pushed theirs back to 8/2/04 too, so now that I'm $426.99 poorer I was wondering how everyone else made out today. Made any high priced purchases?
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    My dragon mod (bad camera, 56k might be ok)

    Still need to find maybe some plexi or fine mesh screen. Perhaps a new camera too. ;) (God it looks like a webcam) I swear it looks better in person. lol :p
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    Will x800 Pro Vivo always be XTPE flashable?

    Well I just got myself some raptors and a VGA silencer for my 9800 Pro so a upgrade is pretty much out of the question for a few months. I'm just wondering if I don't jump on the vivo wagon now will I not be able to do the XTPE bios flash and get the 16 pipelines?
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    Suggestions on Dual Socket A Motherboard

    Seeing that I have (2) 2400+ Mobiles I was thinking of getting a new motherboard. All I have found are 200/266 FSB versions, considering that I could get the mobiles to 2Ghz with a high multiplyer I figured it wouldn't be to bad. What motherboard have you guys do you suggest? What has the...
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    Volcano 11+ Fan just needed to be turned around?

    Well after may weeks of always having overheating problems I just decided to make the fan "suck" the hot air instead of blowing it onto the heatsink and what a difference. I went from 50 idle to 47 and from 60+ load down to 50 load. I'm very happy now, it may not be the 30-40 idle temps I...
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    Release Date Lottery (HL2)

    Well, I just got around to "preodering" my copy of Half Life 2 from my newly opened Gamestop store just down the street. Seeing that I had about 10 games I absolutely hated and wanted to get rid of, I took them down so I could get some store credit. Bought Xenosaga after finally founding out...
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    Water mix in your Exos?

    In a few weeks I'll be recieving my first pay check from my new job, seeing that I've had all sorts of cooling problems I was gonna try a easy water cooling route *cough* Exos *cough* ;) Anyways being new to water period I was reading up and finding that most people use antifreeze + water in...
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    Memory timings?

    Another one of those question, I have the NF7-s Rev.2 and I was running my memory at 2.5-3-3-8 and then I heard that 2-2-2-11 was an optimal setting for the nforce boards. So... I set to 2-2-2-11 but even with the highest voltage I couldn't hit it. Instead I went for 2-3-3-11 and it works...
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    Word more demanding then Prime95?

    Well this is more of a heating issue, my Barton usually runs at 46 idle and 52 at max load but recently it has been climing to 58. Getting a little scared I decided to reseat my proc under my Volcano 11+ heatsink, removing all the old paste and reapplying it I was happy to see my temps return...
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    Intakes on the bottom of case?

    Well after messing with my computer for the last few days, I noticed that the rear fan are always blowing out cold air. The PSU is the only only remotely removing the hot air coming out of the case, I figured this is because the PSU has 2 fans one on the bottom that sucks air into the unit and...