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    Dell S2740L sucks more than anything that has ever sucked.

    I bought 3 and have never used anything worse in this price range. Yellow tinted bottom half of screen? Absolutely! Worst ghosting seen since the dawn of flat panel LCDs? You better believe it! So much bleeding I thought windows explorer was running 16xAA and stuck constantly on a black loading...
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    Mars: War Logs $10 on Steam (Witcher-style RPG) I only caught onto this one today. Similar to Mass Effect, Witcher, Dragon Age Origins, KOTOR. Super low critic metacritic is wrong. Read the user reviews and you'll see this one is destined to be a cult classic just like The Witcher. I bought 3...
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    Finally bought a new Playbook, but I think it might be defective.

    Ok, charging issues seem common for the Playbook but I've pretty much exhausted what I can go with Google. The Playbook will turn on and go to the "Update" screen but it always shows 0% battery and will never charge. I'm using the official Blackberry charger, also tried via USB into powered hub...
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    Need tablet recommendation from tablet experts

    I want a tablet for carrying ebooks/recipes/etc around, listening to radio/TV in the shower, watching TV while while cooking, and browsing the web/Youtube. Has to have Wifi obviously, and needs to have as much processing power as possible because some of my TV is HD/high bitrate. I'm not into...
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    Remember Lunar Lander? Lunar Flight 2.50 STEAM daily deal

    Daily deal. Indie. Has a great metacritic. I bought it because I loved Lunar Lander. edit: And the game is genuinely awesome. Good physics, addictive, great sounds and ambience, I love it. A steal for this price. Buy it.
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    Who else is loving MSAA + FXAA + SGSSAA?

    For me, last 3 weeks have been KOTOR, THPS3/4, rFactor, Vampire Bloodlines, Anno 2070/1404. All have been given amazingly kickass facelifts from this combination, especially when you throw in a custom ENB profile into the mix. :eek: Who else is loving being a gamer right now? :D
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    Orcs Must Die Tower Defense Steam Daily Deal with DLC 4.99

    edit: Should be Midweek Madness not daily deal, which is Burnout Paradise, also a great game and a steal at that price. 3.74 alone with no DLC. I've played little else "casual" for weeks. Put about 25 hours in so far. Killer tower defense. Much better than Dungeon Defenders to me, but no "loot"...
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    blank/black screen in a huge number of games.

    edit note: disregard overclock in sig, it's not actual overclock, it is merely what the card is capable of as verified when first purchased around a year ago. Since that time it has been run @ stock since I've not needed the extra power. Seriously, what the hell. All my games have been working...
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    Weird set of problems with Philips HDTV

    First off it's a Philips 52PFL7403D/27 (as in sig). Frequently, but not always, I get this weird pink pixel tint thing going on, pretty obvious but it's weird, almost like the tv is missing a color and applying pink in its place (it looks almost like pink shadowing, appearing most frequently...
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    [hot] ONE MORE TIME! Antec Neo Eco (Seasonic) 620w PSU $35 AR FS @ NEWEGG DEAL IS LIVE! Until 1pm EST! Get them while they last! I post this hot deal every time it comes up and every time we get a bunch of new followers in the fold. The best PSU...
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    Best method to capture PS2/xbox360 video in 1080p?

    Basic question for those that already know about this stuff. I want to capture gameplay from my 360 and PS2 for Youtube and such and I want to capture in 480p, 720p, and 1080p, ideally uncompressed frames or something similar to how FRAPS does it. Cost is no object, but of course I'd prefer...
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    Overclocking 2500k on Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3P

    Just a thread to post questions and results about this motherboard/cpu combination. I've had a few issues getting stable @ either 4.4 or 4.5 using settings suggested at various forums and guides around the web (though the settings discussed in this post have yielded 30~ min of PrimeFFT stability...
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    Need advice on upgrading to Eyefinity/surround.

    I'm preparing to enter the surround gaming club and need advice on what to buy. I have a budget of around $1000 for just the monitors and I want the best quality I can get for that or (preferably) 600-800 (or even less if I can get away with it). Video card is a bit tricky since I have a GTX...
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    [warm] Indie Strategy Bundle (tower defense games) STEAM $9.99

    I own all 5 of the games in this strategy bundle already, having purchased them separately in the past 2 years, and each one of them is worth 5 bucks easily, a couple are worth 10 bucks. I'm sure most of you already have one or two of them, but they're all very good tower defense games. Anomaly...
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    [warm] 2500k $205 @ Newegg AC/FS Coupon: EMCKAJG23 Barely ever goes on sale except for those in-store MC deals and such. Got my last week or I'd be all over this. ;)
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    Very odd problem with 480 losing signal but regaining it.

    This happens maybe twice a day. I used to crash with driver 280 (usually a desktop crash, driver recovered but error msg and kicked out of game, but sometimes BSOD) so I moved back to driver 270 and the hard crashes stopped. I still get this really odd thing happening now and again though...
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    [warm?] Shogun 2 Limited Edition PC 15.99 @ Newegg Daily Deal Not sure if this is hot or not, but seems warmish.
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    A real head scratched with Win7 64, many programs won't start.

    edit: should be head scratcher... it's been a long day... Everything was fine until about 24 hours ago, and suddenly tons of programs not only refuse to load (total failure, no load screen, no icon, no error message) but refuse to be closed out of taskmgr no matter how many times I try...
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    [hot] Antec Neo Eco 620w $30 @ Newegg AR FS

    As hot as it was last time, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before... coupon EMCKBHE39 MIR is $20
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    RIP Monsoon Planar Media 9 -- need recommendations

    I can't believe I've had these things since 2001 (before 9/11 even!) It seems like a lifetime ago. I've used them literally every day of my life for almost exactly 10 years and they've somehow survived all manner of madness, at least 10 moves, been dropped a couple times, had their stands broken...
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    [hot] Toshiba 40" 1080p @ Newegg $399 AC FS Coupon code: EMCKCJA58 I don't know how this specific model is, but I've got Toshiba's (two, both 32") in the last three years and they're both fantastic. My mate bought a 40" recently and is very pleased, but I think it was...
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    [warm] Antec 900 @ newegg $60 AC/AR/FS promo code: EMCKCJA32 MIR 30 Final price 60 bucks. Great case. Wish I had the need for one.
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    [hot] Shell Shocker Antec Neo Eco 520w (Seasonic) $35 @ Newegg 10am-1pm PST

    It'll be on the front page of @ 10am PST. According to newsletter email no rebate or coupon code required. Review here: Deal is not live yet of course, but prepare yourself early because it'll probably sell out...
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    Daily deal: Revenge of the Titans (tower defense) STEAM $5

    Bought this, already played it a bit, then came here to recommend it. I'd have bought a 4 pack for copies for friends if it was possible. My last TD recommendations were Sol Survivor and Sanctum. This one is different (single player only) but very good and absolutely charming as hell. BUY IT...
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    The Incredible Machine Megapack 3.99 @ GOG Already bought, great series, great price, can't go wrong. One of the best puzzle game series of all time.
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    Steam Majesty 2 Daily Deal - $3.49 WARNING!!! DO NOT BUY THIS!!! It is a very poor value, it's a tedious game, and without the other parts of the game which are not included it contains practically no content. I'm a huge Majesty fan, and I've played both games absolutely to death...
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    Why is changing prices for Prime customers?

    A friend brought this to my attention tonight. I can't figure it out. This item: is 116.95 for my friend. But I see 121.57. Both have free shipping, but the...
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    Warm? XBOX 360 4gb + 1600 points card $200 w/50 Amazon credit = $150 then add: discount for card (free with purchase of 360) reflected at checkout and $50 dollars credited to your account within 2 days of purchase. I can't find perma-link to...
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    Sol Survivor awesome Tower Defense game 5 bucks STEAM

    or 15 bucks for the 4 pack. Sorry if this was posted before but it's sort of a stealth deal I didn't see it advertised. I came here after discovering the game today (I ended up buying the 4-pack as well as a couple more copies to pass out to friends). I love tower defense (in war3 as in burb...
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    [hot] XFX 650w modular PSU @ Egg $50 AR AC FS

    Surprised this wasn't posted earlier, I already picked one up as a backup unit. coupon: EMCKGJE53 Mail rebate is 30$
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    [warm] Samsung F4 2tb @ egg $75 AC FS coupon: EMCKGJK24 Already in for 2.
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    Free Amazon Prime with .edu email.

    Surprised this hasn't been posted already... and if it has I totally apologise. Any .edu email gives you free amazon prime for a year. A friend of mine did this earlier today and mentioned it to me, I'd heard about it but I already paid for amazon prime this year and I've not been in college...
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    [hot?] XFX 650w modular psu @ egg 65 AR FS I got my XFX 750w around a year ago for 90 or so and it was a killer deal, great PSU, I recommend them to everyone now. Not sure on current going prices but for 65 AR seems great. I got my rebate for the 750 without any issues...
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    [warm] 2tb Hitachi 5K3000 is back @ egg for 70 AR AC FS coupon: EMCKGKB34 MIR is 10 dollars Only warm because this drive was 70 with no rebate needed last week.
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    [hot] Toshiba 40" 1080p LCD HDTV $400 AC FS @ Newegg Won't last long. I'd buy but I already have two. :p coupon: EMCKHJB74
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    [hot] Zojirushi BB-CEC20-WB breadmaker @ Newegg 179.99 AC FS One of newegg's weekend eblast deals is this fantastic Japanese breadmaker. I have heard nothing but good things from every family and friend who has ever used or owned one, and I've been in the market for a breadmaker for a...
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    [warm] Gigabyte GTX 460 1gb 160 AR @ Newegg FS I used to have this one, it's nice. Long term reliability might be a bit suspect but do your own homework and decide for yourselves. It's popular and that's a great price. Rebate is 20.
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    Obsidian Entertainment discussion. Keep in mind as you read this post that I was a huge Obsidian fan when the company was formed, I had extremely high hopes for their future releases and was overjoyed when I heard they were doing the sequel to KOTOR...
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    [warm] DLINK DGL-4100 Gaming Router @ Newegg $70 AC FS Coupon: EMCZNYN59 I've used this router with my fiber for almost a year now and it's been awesome, never crashed once, rock solid, great interface, very flexible, tons of options, only downside some people cry about is WAN...
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    [hot] LG LCD HDTV 42" 1080p 120hz @ Newegg $550 AC FS I know TVs and this is hot. Rivals the black friday deals. How hot depends on your point of view but this is indeed a hot deal. Trust me. $100 coupon code: EMCZNYN62