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    SageTV crash issue

    I use SageTV 2.0 with an Hauppauge PVR 250MCE with rig in sig. The issue is that when trying to watch live tv with sage, the program will allow a few changes of channel (it varies, but usually around 4-5) and then it will freeze and I have to ctrl+alt+del to end the process. Nothing except...
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    SageTV + Hauppauge pvr250 problem

    Running this combo in the rig in my sig with regular cable tv hooked up. The issue is this: one show will record fine and play in any media player I use (wmp 9, powerdvd, or sagetv itself) but if I have it scheduled to record two in a row, the second show will not have audio when played in wmp...
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    Can you replace a mobo and cpu without reinstalling windows?

    Title says it all. The rig in my sig is great, but I feel like I could get a whole lot more if I just spent another $350 on a 3.0C and a nice 800 fsb mobo so I could really put that corsair ram to use. Would it be possible to just swap out the mobo with the new cpu in it, reconnect the same...
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    Has anyone used/heard about this tv tuner and encoder?

    Didn't know where else to throw this thread, but does anyone know anything about this particular tv tuner/encoder? I'm looking to watch cable on my lcd and record some of my favorite shows with the least amount of...
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    eVGA vanilla 6800 for $283 on Newegg In stock, good retailer, damn good price. I think I gotta jump on this one.
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    Which upgrade path would you choose?

    Well guys, this would be the first time I have asked for advice about what to do. With the rig in my sig, I am faced with a dilemna. I game a lot and since I run an lcd @ 1280x1024, I require a lot of hardware power to get good iq and fps. I want my next rig to be amd939 + pci-e + ddr2, which...
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    Anyone else hate the stock p4 hsf?

    I just thought I would share how much I HATE the stock p4 hsf. I had to take it off this past weekend to put on some as5 and omfg! It is locked in by 4 plastic clips that are not only a bitch to pry open, as soon as you get one off the other ones tighten and become almost impossible to get...
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    Asus p4g8x Deluxe question

    I have an Asus p4g8x Deluxe with a p4 2.8B (533 fsb if you recall). This mobo was originally designed to recognize up to p4 3.06B with BIOS rev 1003. I am oc'ing to 3.06 right now with stock voltage and cooling (44C idle 52C load), but it won't post anything above that. I tried flashing...
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    Internal audio cables necessary?

    This may seem like a strange question, but what exactly is the use of the internal audio cabling that goes from cd drives to a PCI sound card? I know they can be either analog or digital, but are they necessary? No important reason for asking, just curious.