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    ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming ITXac, NO POST zen2 3700x, zen 1600 no issues.

    Figured I'd post here for any suggestions before blowing more $$ on a new board. System Info: 1600/3700x Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x8gb) 3000mhz C15 (samsung B-die) / G. Skill NT 2400mhz CL15? On clearing of bios it automatically sets my Corsair to 2133mhz @ CL15 which it should easily handle...
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    AMD going to cell phones? Thoughts? This has some arm cores and rdna 2 graphics... So may be good for high end? 3GHz + rdna 2 in a cell sounds pretty overkill.
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    Zen3, 5nm? Rumor, but would be crazy if this is true. Maybe this is why they are putting out the refresh in June because they have extra capacity at 7nm now?
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    Nvidia drivers

    Just venting, please feel free to ignore. I run AMD in all 6 of my desktops and both laptops. Everyone always talks of AMD drivers and how bad they are. Granted I've had a few minor issues, but nothing that lasted long or really affected my use. Got a sweet 9980hk laptop with an Nvidia...
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    AMD baits nVidia again

    They waited for Nvidia to cut 2060 prices before showing their hand on the 5600xt. Ok, I said baited, but it really felt that way to me to show it at a slower spec then after the competition responds with a price cut give it...
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    AMD possibly going to 4 threads per core Will be interesting as their SMT scales much better than Intel right now, wonder if it's diminishing returns or useful. Time will tell, but it makes some sense as cores get more and more...
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    A6 9500, AM4 under $5

    If you ever have to flash an older AM4 bios, this is the one you want.
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    And another vulnerability found.. They are recommending turning off this network feature (direct to cache from NIC) if it's not on a secured network. This could have an effect on servers that are...
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    Comet Lake-S new socket LGA1200,40221.html Still 14nm, still DDR4.... Yet, another new socket. Intel, pulling my defeat from the jaws of victory one step at a time. Edit:. Oh, and still pcie 3... So, what do we need another chipsets for?
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    Intel 18 core: disappointing early indications. This is a preview of the 18/36... Losing to the 3950x easily in both single and multi threading. Given Intel's track record on pricing, I'm sure it will cost at least twice as much. I wouldn't be surprised if it...
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    Next gen PS5, close to 2080 level According to the rumors, this should put it very close to 2080 level performance. This would be very good news for consoles, especially considering the entire console will cost about what a...
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    Custom 5700s start showing up

    Seems to be well received, slightly better performance, lower temps and quieter as expected.
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    AMD admits its Radeon RX 5700 series price cuts were a trap for Nvidia If this is actually true, that's funny