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    How to get cigarette smoke smell out of video card?

    I tried that. Now, instead of smelling like tobacco, it smells like beer. I did use an IPA known for extra hops. Is that okay? ;)
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    Auctioneer puts Space Shuttle CPUs under the hammer

    Hmm...if they had workable GPUs in them, I would've made a bid. ;)
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    5800X3D gaming review

    Glad to hear that the 5800x3d seems to be another AMD hit. See my sig: I have a forlorn 2700x that is just begging to be replaced. Obviously, using the Trickle Down Upgrade Path (TDUP), I'll drop a new 5800x3d into my 5800x rig, use THAT in one of the 3700x, and then the 3700x replaces the...
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    5800x most popular processor?

    Look at my sig: I am very happy to do a drop-in replacement/upgrade. I'll be buying more of these. That gives AMD a huge advantage, to me, over Intel.
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    Time for a new card should I wait or grab one?

    Which one, and was it in stock or did you use N.E. shuffle?
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    3060 Ti Heat ... normal or did I just turn on the oven?

    Exactly. How many crotches are burning? How many times has YOUR crotch been on fire? What color is the smoke? Details, man, details...
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    3060 Ti Heat ... normal or did I just turn on the oven?

    Well, Fire Crotch, after being roasted by this hot reception, have you warmed up to this crowd yet? (I'll be here all week. Try the veal and tip the waitresses.)
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    The 6500xt and 6400: Meet your next gpu, PC gaming peasants.

    Am I thinking about these cards? Yes. I have new motherboards and processors, and old gpus. One is a GTX670. (See sig.)
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    Intel Arc Alchemist Xe-HPG Graphics Card with 512 EUs Outperforms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (Leak)

    Jim at AdoredTV came back online within the last few weeks and produced a video documenting his outlook on Intel...and it's optimistic.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Right now? My GTX 670, rocking the extra vRAM: 4GB, baby. Oh, you noticed I said, "GTX 670"? Yeah, that's right. It's running my basement streaming rig...because the prices on new GPUs are ridiculous. So, it's my oldest GPU that's still running and it's doing a fine job.
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    DEAD - Seasonic 750 platinum $90 after rebate

    Thanks. I saw that on my Newegg email and grabbed one. I had wanted a Gold, but that Platinum deal makes it even cheaper than a brainer. Waiting on the UPS man.
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    **It's DEAD, Jim!** Logitech MX518 $19.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    LOL... I literally had to shove a still-boxed MX518 out of the way of my G502 to open a new window for that ad. I may have a mouse fetish...
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    Chip or not

    While this seems correct, there are some additions/factors. A "basic American car" now has more speakers than the highest home stereo used to have. It has satellite navigation, lane-keeping, etc. It's performance, even for a minivan, exceeds what a muscle-car or high-performance car of that era...
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    X570 Motherboard Recommendations

    I'd love to see a link for that at $210. (Not being snarky. I've used 3 of them for builds.)
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    How bad is this blem?

    Your card is destroyed. If you keep using it, it'll short out your mobo, send a current into your cpu, and then back-fry your psu. Send it all to me. I'll dispose of it properly. ;) the above guys have said, a little smoothing of the backplate wouldn't hurt. As for that...
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I'm waiting for the shortages and price-jacking to end. Supply and Demand is a thing. I'm removing my Demand.
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    Ditto. I have a 2-4 gpu replacement/upgrade need. I'm sure not throwing money at them right now. I'm happy to wait another year or three. I've got enough unplayed games to last me until then...
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    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    I have decided to build my own. Obviously, I cannot use nanometer scaling. Hell, I can't even use lithography. Instead, I bought a sheet of plywood (you think GPUs are expensive? Try lumber!!!), and I opened an account with I've got boxes of transistors and diodes and spools of 20...
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    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    Look, these other guys are not being helpful. Those pics clarified things. Here's what you need to do... 1. Repair the card. 2. This is not that hard (conceptually: your skills/toolset is what may not be up to the task). 3. Put the GPU on a flat surface. 4. You've got some damaged substrate...
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    300 Nvidia GPUs Seized After High Speed Boat Chase

    I'm not sure if that's funny, sad, ironic, or...something else. Imagine the scene at the smuggler's cove: a shanty town, dark, torches and lanterns flickering. We move inside the wooden hut where mandolin music, accompanied by off-pitch Mandarin crooning is heard (because mandolins and...
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    Is there a good strategy to getting a 6700xt?

    Thanks. Doing a search on Newegg of "shuffle" gives nothing but ipod hits. How do you access it?
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    Is there a good strategy to getting a 6700xt?

    I've been buying from Newegg for over 20 years. I've never even heard of this "shuffle". WTF.
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    Is there a good strategy to getting a 6700xt?

    Yeah...great. If only they were (wait for it...) AVAILABLE.
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    Is there a good strategy to getting a 6700xt?

    I got my email from Newegg, promising "great pricing" on 6700XTs. Silly me: I thought the "great pricing" comment was referencing consumers, not retailers. Gah. Nearly 60% markup? (No, I didn't do the math. $479 MSRP vs. there up to $800.)
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    PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics cards already available on second hand market

    $1250??? Another card of the current generation which I won't be able to buy.
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    Is there a good strategy to getting a 6700xt?

    LOL...we all know that AMD is watching you and, VPN or no, opened the "golden portal" for you as soon as your machine pinged their server. ;)
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    What is an Ethernet cable? Here's how to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi and get a speedier connection

    That was funny. Yesterday, I just ran my 36th and 37th Cat6e ethernet cable to my patch panel in my basement. Gotta laugh at the "wifi" is better. I may have gone overboard with hardwiring my home internet, but my LAN all my devices love it.
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    Giving up on buying a new card

    Gents, I've been poking into the current gen AMD 6000 series, hoping to pick up one or two...or three. Sigh. No longer. Instead, I'll spend my money on other hobbies and continue using the GPUs I have. Perhaps this fall the supply situation will ease. Kinda frustrating that there are good...
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    AMD Ryzen 5000 ‘Zen 3’ Desktop CPUs & X570 Motherboards Have High Failure Rates, Reports PowerGPU

    I had an i7-6700k that exhibited an odd crash or two, especially when stressed in certain games. I had run the usual suite of tests after building, and all had seemed okay. It took a year (or two?) to figure it out, and I got lucky to do so. Running the entire Intel cpu test suite took ~45...
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    Nvidia bringing the 1050 ti back from the dead to meet demand

    A few more months and they'll bring back the 970 GTX line...then I'll be cutting edge again. This is not what one would call "progress". :(
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    Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 Cables Now Entering Wide Market Availability

    When I did my basement and set it up for a home theater, I left allowance for newer cables, etc. I did not run conduit: instead, I laid the wiring from the AV to the projector on U brackets. I ran 2 hdmi and one component video cable. (Lol...component video was a thing then. ;) ) I tied them...
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    Windows can't find Radeon RX5500 XT

    Bake it. /s ;)
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    Australian invention will see 'transformational' scaling up of quantum computers, experts say

    Huh. These Australian qubits won't work north of the equator: they spin the wrong way.
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    A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible

    Well, duh: the only reason this math works out like this is because I went back and fixed it. Then, my time machine was destroyed and I've been stuck here with you lot ever since.
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    NVIDIA to Re-introduce GeForce RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER GPUs

    Someone with more business acumen and who is more tech savvy than I am will be able to analyze this move. Me? Reopening an "obsolete" product line reeks of being the precursor of large-scale economic problems. Supply chain, spending ability, market demand...something's broken.
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    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    I'm thinking any video card that can actually be purchased is in the running. But, GOAT? My 8800GTX and my GTX970 both gave me far more years of good (great?) service than I'd hoped for. Buy a card for a three-year life and still have it running for double (triple?) that time and it looks...
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    It seems ASUS have increased their MSRP of their 3000 series

    Hmm. I wonder how much of that is due to the Trillions of $US being printed? (Not trying to start a flame-fest!) A lot of that inventory is manufactured in countries foreign to the US/Europe. I don't know what's going on with the Euro atm, but I do know that the US government has been flooding...
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    AMD patents GPU chiplet designs

    Ah...Ryzen for GPU? Meaning, Chiplets scattered about on the PCB? Much more yield per wafer and thereby lower prices, AND higher performance? Hoping the 7000 series come out soon. ;)
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    AMD patents GPU chiplet designs

    Uhh...this is tech beyond my understanding. Does this mean I can find an AMD video card soon? ;)
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    Why is it in any company's interest to seed samples to reviewers before public availability? Glad you asked that. Here are some reasons: 1. It shows the company's confidence in their product. 2. It allows reviews to be posted that are not from the company. (These have varying levels of...