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    x58 storage help

    building a spare rig for video editing and dedicated streaming x5650 x58 classified non usb 3.0/sata 3 12gb ram not sure which route to go for storage, I've read m.2 ssd's like the samsung 950 pro can be used for a boot drive which would be ideal for me but it would run at 2x pcie speeds so...
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    X58 pc not posting.

    Hey guy's I'm currently having issues with my x58 system. Up until today and once it stopped posting I was running the following i7 920 evga x58 sli g.skill 1600mhz or corsair dominators 6990+6970 AX1200 vertex 3 240gb Few months ago -Getting BSOD's, issues persist with different ram or 1...
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    cheap gaming cpu/mobo

    Hey, a friend is looking for a new mobo/cpu for gaming and general usage. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $230 all in 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state...
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    Super efficient mining rig build.

    Hey, here I stand again before you awesome gen[H]ard guru's looking to build another system(s). I plan to use the system(s) for mining bitcoins so I want to be as efficient as possible wattage wise. I plan to use 4 unlocked 6950's, the rest of the hardware does not have to be high end at all...
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    Triple U2311H's DP config to stop vertical lines.

    Hey guys, I managed to get some U2311H's for a good price and will be side grading by replacing my 2407's with them since one of them only has VGA working and they are difficult to find. I've had issues with vertical lines on the current setup and am happy that the U2311H's have native DP...
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    mass effect 1 and eyefinity, anything changed?

    Hey guys, I picked mass effect 1 today from the steam sale and was really quite sad when I saw that the hud was all messed up at 3600x1920. I did some reading and it turns out it doesn't really work on anything other then portrait eyefinity and single monitor setups but like I said at 3600x1920...
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    resolution question

    Hey guy's I recently picked up a slightly damaged dell 2407, the dvi does not work and I have to use the VGA, my video card does not have a VGA connection so I use the VGA adapter the seller included, except it seems to be the only one that works. My question is that the monitor seems to only be...
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    For sale section thread titles.

    Hey, I was wondering why we can't change the titles for FS threads ourselves? I just changed a thread title in the display section. Is it to stop scammers from getting away with scams easier? Sorry if I missed it somewhere.
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    swapping out dell 2407's for something new.

    Hey, Well, I've currently got two 24" 2407's, and a 24" phillips, I've been searching for a third for a long time and they are just really hard to find for a good price (under $300) so I was thinking I could sell them and just get some new monitors that are easily available and be done with it...
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    portrait issues.

    Hey guys, currently have 3 monitors on a tri mount in eyefinity, I moved the very left one and replaced it with the very right monitor because I needed to, when I did I flipped it to the otherside because I don't want it's thick bezel part on the inside and would rather have it on the outside...
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    Dvi is broken.

    Hey guy's I'm picking up another a04 rev dell 2407 this weekend but the seller said the DVI does not work sometimes and gives of weird colors and such, VGA works fine though. I thought it might have something to do with the dvi connector and I could possibly FIX/REPLACE it? any thoughts on what...
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    3.5" hard drive blueprint?

    Hey guy's I was wondering if anyone had a proper 3.5" hard drive blueprint or something, I need to know the distance between the screw holes on the bottom of the drive (I assume that they are all the same distance apart on all hard drives)
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    5870 problems after installing aftermarket cooler

    Hey guys, I decided I wanted to install a aftermarket cooler on my 5870. After installing it the pc will give the post sound but nothing will show up on my monitors. I tried re-seating the heatsink multiple times and no dice. I also tried a different card and it works fine. I also noticed that...
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    dell 2407 and dell 2407 HC

    Hey, I am currently looking for a third dell 2407 04 revision but have been getting lots of 2407 HC offers, and since the prices have been similar I am thinking about picking one up, the only issue I have is since this will be used for a eyefinity gaming rig and the 2407 HC is said to have a lot...
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    Which should I keep?

    Hey guys, having a lot of trouble deciding which phone to keep. My unlocked htc legend with 2.1 or my unlocked xperia x10 with 2.1 Htc legend pros -better screen -very durable (unibody design) -smaller -2.2 update coming very soon -looks great -AMOLED screen Htc legend cons: -Screen is quite...
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    new pc won't post.

    Ok so I just recieved my evga x58 sli from EVGA (I rma'd the first one, it had bent pins) and I just put everything together, and it won't post. Light light up, fans are spinning, post LCD said FF and both the mouse and keyboards cap lock and etc lights are on. But no post. Everything seems to...
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    What to do?

    Ok, I've been on the hunt for a second 24" 1920x1200 LCD for a while now, and can't seem to find any for a decent price (under $200, used) it got me thinking and I realized I don't really need 1920x1200 that bad, I could be fine with 1920x1080. And I started looking and have found some very nice...
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    1336 socket pin question.

    Hey guys, I bought a 1336 MB a while ago and it was DOA. I'm about to send it to EVGA for a replacment. But I was wondering if all of the pins are supposed to be bent up. It almost looks like a row of pins on the top side are lower then the rest. Should it be like this? I googled pictures of the...
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    something wrong with the forums

    So I was browsing and I refreshed, and for some reason I was logged in as anthonyG, after trying to browse the forums, I was logged in as lethal and the administrative sub forum appeared. I was also logged in as another guy for a quick moment. I could not see their pm's becasue I could not go...
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    WD 640GB raid 0 with no TLER?

    Hey guys I purchased 2 of these for raid 0 These are the brand new revisions with 64mb cache but have TLER disabled. I hoped this would not be a problems exept I left my pc running and it...
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    socket 1336 build.

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming! and general use 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $500 3) Where do you live? Canada 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case, etc. Please be very specific. CPU...
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    Basic Build.

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Internet, general use. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $350 CAN with taxes. 3) Where do you live? Canada 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, case, etc. Please be very...
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    Canada: WD 640GB SATA 6GB S Desktop Storage 7200 RPM 64 MB Cache $59

    Hey guys, this is the newest version of this HD, it's fully SATA II backwards compatable. spec sheet.
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    Calling asus 4890 TOP owners

    Alright guys, so my asus 4890 TOP with the double red fan cooler and the fijitsu cap on the bottom of the pcb has been bricked for almost 2 months becaue I can't find the bios, I have checked techpowerup and so forth and have found every bios except this one. If someone has this card and can...
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    I post but my screen is black

    Ok well, about a month ago I flashed my asus 4890 top to a incorrect bios (or so I assume) in DOS, I managed to pick up a pci card today (so I can revive my 4890) and shoved it in, everything posts but my screen is black ( I've tried 2 different monitors with a DVI to VGA adapter) The only thing...
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    how can I reset my cards clock at boot?

    Hey, I was playing around with my 4890's overclock with asus smartdoctor. I set it to configure my last overclock when I enter windows, I remember it saying if needed to restart hold tab at boot if the overclock was unstable. I've been doing that over and over and the screen goes black and my...
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    socket 775 upgrade?

    Hey, I currently have a e7400 at 4.0, temps and voltages are fine. But I've always wanted to try a quad and figure it would slightly future proof my rig. I was thinking something like q9550. I was originally planning on getting and i5 setup when fermi hits but I figure why go with a whole new...
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    Weirdo problem

    Hey guys, I upgraded to a 4890 and MB in my sig right before I5 came out, it's been stable since then. The pc was out of the case sitting on a box for a long time because I was working on the case and just last week I finished a put everything back in, it would not post, and would restart after...
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    No sound

    Hi, I just recieved my new asus xonar DX and after installing the card and the floppy connector to the card. I booted up and installed the drivers on the CD, no sound. I even downloaded and installed the newest drivers from the website and still nothing.
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    Best cooling setup

    Hey,I hope this doesn't seem stupid. I'd like your opinions on my fan setup and if there's anyway I could make it more efficient. I don't have a camera around and my camera phone is junk so here's a paint pic. The black lines are the case ( lian li a05b) the red is the MB, the blue are...
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    Bootmnger is missing

    I hope this is in the correct section. Ok so last night I decided to clean my case up a little bit and re routed the IDE cable and the sata cables, it was late so I said I'd finish it up tommorow, before I went to sleep I hooked it all up and was pleased to find it turns on for a few seconds and...
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    new hard drive

    Hey, I got a 500gb seagate sata drive from a rma and I formatted it and it does not show up in my computer yet I see it in disk management
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    heatsink with no thermal strip

    Can I apply a heatsink on a GPU with no thermal tape? can I substitute thermal paste instead?
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    Video card section

    Was the ATI section just renamed to the AMD section? could've sworn it was ATI yesterday.
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    4850 to 4870x2?

    Hey, I have a 512mb 4850 right now and a 19 inch lcd. I play at 1280 x 1024. But i'm planning on upgrading to a 22"+ as soon as I find a decent price or next time im in costco. I can get a 4870x2 for 220$ plus my card, this seems like a good deal especially since i'm in canada. Would any of my...
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    random BSOD

    Hey, I just got a random BSOD, didin't get a chance to see what it was about, just a bsod and a restart, this happened when I opened up firefox and was really random. I haven't had a bsod for a week, last one was when I was activating a game on steam, I clicked activate and bam BSOD. last one...
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    random BSOD

    Hey, I just got a random BSOD, didin't get a chance to see what it was about, just a bsod and a restart, this happened when I opened up firefox and was really random. I haven't had a bsod for a week, last one was when I was activating a game on steam, I clicked activate and bam BSOD. last one...
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    New 4850 problem

    Ok, so I've have previous problems with the 4850 in windows 7, now I've moved on to vista and still the problem exists.... Ok so it all started with when I installed win7 it was on a clean PC, just built. I tried to OC via catalyst controller and everytime I tried to OC I'd press custom...
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    wtf is with my card

    Hey, I've had my sapphire 4850 for a week now in my new rig and it's been a pain in the ass so far. I've tried and tried to overclock my 4850 using multiple programs and all have been buggy and haven't let me overclock my 4850. For example in the standard ati catalyst control the test says fail...
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    Ati custom clock problem

    Hey, I recently got my 4850 and been liking it, But I decided to see how overclockable it is. I went into the overdrive section of the ati software and no matter which clock's I try it allways gives me failed test. This includes stock clocks and even the lowest. I'm using windows 7 as my Os, but...