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    Asus PRIME TRX40-PRO USB 3.2 Gen 2 2x2 Type C Support?

    Hey guys I am a bit confused, does anyone know if the Asus Prime TRX40-Pro mobo supports USB 3.2 Gen 2 2x2 Type C or just regular USB 3.2 Gen 2 type C?? In the motherboard manual it just says "Type C" without the "2x2" behind it, so I am assuming it does not support the 2x2 double speed...
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    USB extension cable for keyboard + mouse input lag?

    I need to use a USB extension cable for my mouse and keyboard to get them to fit onto my standing desk, do you guys know if doing so would cause input lag and degrade performance for competitive shooters like counter-strike?
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    Mouse input lag usb vs PS/2

    Does anyone know if using a ps/2 converter on a usb gaming mouse would reduce input lag? I heard that it's supposed to reduce input lag on a keyboard so was wondering if it would do the same thing for a mouse.
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    ps2 converter for mechanical keyboard for nkey rollover?

    Hey I have an old Filco Ninja Majetictouch 2 that I bought in 2012. Was wondering do you guys know if I can just plug it into the USB and the nkey rollover will work, or do I need to put on a ps2 converter onto the end of the USB and plug it into my mobo's ps2 slot for nkey to work??
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    Is my motherboard defective?

    I just put together a new system with a Asus Prime trx40-pro motherboard and a ThreadRipper 3970x. The system seems to be working fine but the chipset fan does not spin. Some times it appears to slightly sway back and forth as if its attempting to start but cant. Does the chipset fan only turn...
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    SonicWall TZ570

    A friend owns a small physical therapy office, his network has 1 server, 4 computers and 6 users. His vendor wants to charge him $5000 for a SonicWall TZ570 with 3 year subscription and $1500 for the install so $6500 total for 3 years of fire wall. Do you guys think this is worth it or is he...
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    Question about Threadripper Pro processors

    I'm confused about the Threadripper pro processors. I thought you were only supposed to be able to buy them directly from pre-built computer companies. How come at Microcenter they have the Pro versions for sale? Does this mean that you would be able to buy the Threadripper 5000 series for a...
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    Worst possible microphone

    Hey does anyone know where I can get the shittiest sounding possible microphone for my PC? I wan't it to sound like either Daffy Duck or I'm talking through a can.
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    Zen 3 Threadripper canceled according to latest leaks

    Their saying that only the Threadripper pro models will be available.
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    New Threadripper 5000 CPUs same RAM as 3000 series?

    Hey does anyone know if the new Threadripper 5000 CPUs will use the same ram as the Threadripper 3000 CPUs?
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    Deals on cyber monday / black friday?

    Hey I am building a new system and was wondering if you guys think it would be worth waiting for black friday / cyber monday to get parts on a discount? Do retailers like newegg even offer any deals worth waiting for? Mainly looking to grab a bunch of Ram and Sarbent nVME and maybe a computer case.
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    Will a RTX 3090 work with this old PCI Express x16 2.0 mother board?

    I have an old Asus P6X58D and just managed to get an RTX 3090, does anyone know if it will work in a PCI Express 2.0 even though it takes 4.0? Do I risk damaging the video card by plugging it in? I'm waiting for the new Threadrippers to come out before building a new system so I thought I'd...
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    Use ddWRT or OpenWRT for increased security?

    Will be starting a new job, remote work with a Chinese company that requires the use of WeChat and in the contract it literally says they spy on you. I'm using an Asus router and looking to increase security. Do you guys think flashing to either ddWRT or OpenWRT would be a good move to...
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    Grand theft GPU: $340,000 worth of RTX 3090s “fell off a truck” in China

    Grand theft GPU: $340,000 worth of RTX 3090s “fell off a truck” in China
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    Does "Threadripper Ready" actually mean anything?

    I'm looking for ram on Newegg for a Threadripper 3970x build. When sorting through the search options on the left one of the boxes you can check mark when looking through DDR4 ram says "Threadripper Ready" and then there are only a fraction of the ram options that qualify as that. Does anyone...
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    Best case for keeping dust out? aka best dust filter setup

    Hey does anyone know what is the best possible case for keeping dust out? Like which one has the best dust filter setup? Preferably also a silent case. I notice that for some reason they don't put dust filters on the exhaust on the rear of cases? I thought it would be a good idea to have a...
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    RTX 3080 watercooled w/ a Kraken G12, but what about a 3080ti?

    I found a video where this guy mounted a NZXT Kraken G12 onto a RTX 3080 so that he could water cool it with an NZXT x53, here is a link Was wondering do you guys think the same procedure would work with a 3080ti? I was thinking if the 3080ti turns out to be 20gb then some of the memory would...
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    Why don't they have blue tooth built into most mobos?

    Hey I'm trying to figure out which motherboard to get for a ThreadRipper 3970X. I was looking at the different boards on newegg and it looks like I could only find one with bluetooth built in. Does anyone know why bluetooth is not more commonly built into motherboards? What would be the best...
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    Been out of the loop for a while

    Hey guys I have been out of the loop for a while and am looking to buy a new power supply to power a ThreadRipper 3970X and RX 3080. I was wondering is Seasonic still the best power supply around? I see that EVGA now makes power supplies and was wondering if those are any good and worth...
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    Why is RAID 1 not popular any more?

    I'm looking to build a new work computer with NVME SSD drives in RAID 1. While researching parts and builds I noticed that people seem to not be using RAID 1 any more now a days, does anyone know why?
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    Intel Core i9-10980XE Successor

    Hey guys I am looking to build a new work computer some time in the coming months for professional art. I am using this computer for computer game development art programs such as Maya, KeyShot, Z Brush, Photoshop etc.... It looks like the Intel Core i9-10980XE is currently the best Intel CPU I...
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    AMD Threadripper 3970X Successor

    Hey guys I am looking to build a new work computer some time in the coming months for professional art. I am using this computer for computer game art programs such as Maya, KeyShot, Z Brush, Photoshop etc.... It looks like the 3970X is currently the best CPU I could get for this build, I was...
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    Help picking new SSD drive

    Hey guys I am trying to upgrade the hard drive on an old computer, here is a picture from the MOBO manual. It looks like M.2 wont work for this computer, but does anyone know if getting a AIC SSD like the Intel Optane would work? Right now it is using an old school 128gb SSD running Sata 6...
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    Liquid Wax for Mice ?

    Hey guys the mouse that I am using the instructions say to use liquid wax in order to make it operate better once it gets dusty. Here is their exact wording; "If the mouse movement becomes difficult, you may try to used some liquid wax to wiping it. Problem solved!" I searched liquid wax on...
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    Confused About RAM

    I have been out of the loop for a while, I am bout to pickup a Intel Core i9-7900X and I'm a bit confused as to which would be the proper RAM to get. So I believe DDR4-2666 would be the proper type of RAM to get. But what I am confused about is on Newegg it appears that ram goes all the way up...
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    Problem With Hard Drive; Is my data gone?

    Hello I am having some trouble with my hard drive. It is a 4 TB Seagate and it has 2 partitions on it. When I connect it to my desktop one of the paritions shows up no problem and it lets me go into its folders. The other partition which contains most of the data gives me the following error...
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    Corsair H50 & H55 CPU / GPU

    Hello I ordered a Corsair H50 and a H55 as well as a Kraken G10. I'm going to attach one of the coolers to my video card (GTX 670 EVGA FTW) and one of them to my CPU (2600K) Does anyone know if I would be better off attaching the H50 to the CPU or the GPU? Same goes for the H55. Or does it...
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    Watercooling a GTX 670?

    Does anyone know of an easy and inexpensive kit I could use to water cool my EVGA GTX 670? I wanted to use a Corsair H50 for my CPU and it would be nice to match it with something for my GPU.
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    Gaming Octacore Anytime Soon?

    I was reading about the Haswell and if I understand correctly the 8 core versions are not targeted towards gamers. Does anyone know when 8 core gaming oriented CPUs will begin popping out :confused:
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    Rainbow Keyboard for GF?

    Hey guys I want to make a cool rainbow keyboard for my girl friends birthday I found this thing on, I was also going to buy a Cherry MX White LED keyboard (tenkeyless) to use these on...
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    New Monoprice 30" IPS w/ 11-11-2013 Launch Revealed!

    Monoprice just listed a new 30" IPS on their website, this being a month or two after discontinuing their two older 30" models with no word of what to expect. Does anyone know what is different about...
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    Best 27" Light Boost 2 Monitor?

    Hey does anyone know which of the 27" Motion Blur Hack monitors is considered the best one? There is the Benq XL2720T, Asus VG278H, Asus VG278HE and Acer HN274H Right now I am leaning towards the Benq. Does anyone know if there are any new LightBoost 2 / Motion Blur Hack capable monitors...
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    What Happened to the 30" IPS Monoprice Monitors?

    Hey both of the 30" IPS monitors on Monoprice have disappeared, I called them and they said they were discontinued and wouldn't give me any further info upon that. I did a Google search but nothing showed up. Does anyone know what happened to the 30" IPS monitors? Will we never see them...
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    Best Panel for Reducing Eyestrain?

    Hey does anyone know what the best panel for reducing eyestrain would be? Here are the two I am mainly looking at. Would it be a BenQ xl2720t (TN panel) with the motion blur hack or the MonoPrice Crystalpro 30" (IPS panel) ? Thanks.
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    USB Extender Mouse Performance?

    Hey I have a Zowie EC2 and the cord is just a little too short for my standing desk. If I use a usb extender (came with my corsair flash drive) to extend the cable a bit does any one know if this will effect the performance in any way, or be detrimental? Thank you.
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    XL2720T Vista Premium?

    Hey I had a look at this page for the XL2720T, look under specifications it says Vista Premium? What is Vista Premium Exactly? Does that mean it works with Windows Vista Premium but not the other Windows Vistas'? Didn't even know...
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    27" Zero Motion Blur Monitors?

    Hey I haven't been keeping up with all the news on monitors for the past few months. Does anyone know if there are any new 27" or larger light boost 2 monitors on the horizon? I want to utilize the zero motion blur hack from Last I checked the only 27" or large monitor that...
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    Will upload speed affect ping?

    Hey does anyone know if upload speed would affect ping while gaming? I have the option of having 3 up instead of 1.5 up and I'm trying to determine if its worth the extra $15 a month. What about for games where the hit detection is server side and not client side?
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    SMS Won't Copy, Help Please

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Prevail the model number is SPH-M820-BST and I am having some serious problems with my phones ability to copy SMS text messages to my computer or send them to my e-mail. I am having some problems with my land lord and I am trying to get a record of the text messages that...
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    fiber optic is att bull poo-ing me?

    Just got off the phone with att and they are telling me that I am getting fiber optic internet that goes through a regular telephone line, does anyone know if this makes sense? One of their reps told me I was getting DSL, the other said cable, then one guy said static IP which he said is a...