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    How much of a real world difference between EVGA 2080's?

    I'm looking to replace my ATI 290 (I just can't take how loud the card is anymore) with a 2080. I'm leaning towards getting a 2080 FTW3 but I wanted to know how much of a real world difference can I expect from a slightly faster clock rate and an additional fan over say the XC gaming. I don't...
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    Need a help with a project that I am doing

    Ok so I don't visit the [H] that much, at least not as much as I used to but I remember a while back, I estimate around the time General Mayham was still just a forum over here, there was someone who did a poster of 50 of his favorite albums of all time and I wanted to know how to go about doing...
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    Worm is making me go insane

    Hello, basically I need a little help. I recently reformatted windows and I noticed right when reboated into windows (the first time) my road runner modem lights were going insane. So I run and net stat and a whole bunch of ports are listening and alot are also Syn_sent. Now I remembered that...
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    Quick Windows Question

    Hey I just wanted to know, how do you turn off auto complete in Windows XP? Thanks for the help
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    Windows XP Prob

    I just recently reformmated my computer and updated it and I started having this problem where I would listen to my mp3's and it would start skipping, my whole computer will just start skipping. It's like it's refreshing something. I wanted to know if there is any way I can stop this. When I...