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    A very newbie question regarding modem and router IP address

    Why not request a modem only from your ISP instead of the combo device? Or just buy your own and stop renting one.
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    Modest refurb on HD 7950

    Searching suggests 1mm thickness but you could measure with calipers I would think.
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Just putting my 2 cents in. Pfsense is very stable. I could go years without rebooting if not for updates. I have IPv6 turned off or set to none on WAN and LAN. No support from my ISP yet anyway.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    It looks like I was given 3 more invites. Anyone have indexer (preferably) or tracker invites they want to trade?
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    Best Buy: ryzen 2600 @ 159; 2600x=169 @ newegg

    This is a little less and also Samsung B Die.
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    I need an email. :) Also please read the rules they have carefully.

    I need an email. :) Also please read the rules they have carefully.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Since I received my invite here long ago 11/02/2013 to be exact I figured it is only fair I give some invites away here as well. If anyone that can keep a good ratio wants an invite I have 0.
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    EVGA 1000 WATT 80+ GOLD $89.99 - Best Buy

    don't need, bought one anyway....
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    [HOT] Fullsized RGB Mech. Keyboard with Outemu for $25.99 on Amazon!

    I have a Logitech G710+ now and that is my first mechanical. I believe I paid 70 for it which IMO already feels like a lot to me for a keyboard (I know mechanical can go for a lot more). If it's good enough I may need to get 2! I like that it has the numpad too.
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    [HOT] Fullsized RGB Mech. Keyboard with Outemu for $25.99 on Amazon!

    I might have to get one of these cheap mechanicals for work as well. You have a link?
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    Long Distance WiFi (1.3 Miles)

    You might be able to build a tower at one site and make it work as well.
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    pfSense help

    This should explain how to set it up. You need to have the default gateway set to the IP of the pfsense LAN IP or the IP to access the pfsense GUI. Like was said before, the modem and router should have a different IP.
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    pfSense help

    WAN goes to the modem. What is the DHCP server you have running on? It may be something with that as well. You could verify that by using the pfsense DHCP server to see if it works first then re-enable the one you are using. I actually have used pfsense for 10+ years now. I just don't use it...
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    pfSense help

    What he said. Also you need the DHCP server set on the IP of the pfsense router for the default gateway. I think in Windows server it defaults to the IP of the server. EDIT: What does it say if you try
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    pfSense help

    Did you disable the DHCP server in pfsense if you are using one elsewhere?
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    Router Upgrade for Gigabit Internet

    For hardware I'm using a Shuttle DH110 and Intel 6100T. Another option for around the same price is a Gigabyte GB-BSi3HAL-6100. I went with the 6100T option since...
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    Skull Canyon NUC (2016) w/ M.2 eGPU

    Are there any eGPU solutions even on the horizon? I see news about the Razer Core and and Asus one. I have seen them in the past, but it seems like they never actually released. Those would be awesome to increase the graphics performance of something like this or a laptop.
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    pfsense on a notebook

    Are you referring to the PCIE adapters? Sent you a PM.
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    Best Projector for $200 or less

    I would look for a something used with a $200 budget.
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    Are there any korean off brand panels that with freesync @ 27" 1440p?

    I was curious about this as well. Any firmware mods or new PCBs for them to make the monitor freesync compatible?
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    Nexus 6 still on 5.1.1 where's my 6 update?

    Yep, just make sure to use no wipe mode. Otherwise you will be starting fresh. ;)
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    Issues with Unfi UAP-PRO-AC

    That's surprising considering no one can even find them in stock anywhere. Where did you purchase?
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    pfsense server and wifi

    Using pfsense and a R7000 as an AP right now. I have also used the Unifi AP in the past and they are quite reliable.The R7000 is clearly better as far as speed and range are concerned though, so I would keep that IMO. I am thinking of getting the new Unifi AC PRO once it is readily available...
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    LG 27MU67 - 27" 4k Monitor with AMD Freesync

    Is it possible to game with this monitor with 1920x1080 @120Hz?
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    Need a recommendation for a 24 port 1U inexpensive managed or semi-managed switch

    What's weird is I thought they denied mine as well. I signed all of the documents though and said I could not find proof of purchase since it was long ago like you said, but I took pictures of the serials on the switch. Around 2 weeks later I randomly received a tacking number email and the new...
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    best bang for buck android under 200

    Probably the brand new LG G2 that could be had for under $200 new on ebay/best buy. I don't know if you can still find them though.
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    Need a recommendation for a 24 port 1U inexpensive managed or semi-managed switch

    It's for home, but I might just spend the extra money and get the newer one. I bought it off of ebay used. I tried to RMA it, but HP is asking for proof of purchase now. Have you had luck doing this? The funny thing is, the switch was already almost on my doorstep (overnight shipping) and...
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    Need a recommendation for a 24 port 1U inexpensive managed or semi-managed switch

    Do you think the 1920 is worth the extra $38? I really don't even need a managed switch, but the extra features would be nice. I am coming from a 1410-24g that was solid until it was hit by lightning. It took out my SB6121 modem and Ooma as well. :(
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    BIG 4K - LG vs Samsung vs Wasabi Mango

    We need a monitor like this that can do 1080p @120-144Hz with Lightboost or similar technology and FreeSync
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    Scaling of 1080P games on a 4K monitor

    Would it be possible to buy a 4K monitor and play games at 1080p 120/144Hz? You could use the desktop at 4k and have better performance in games if it still scaled correctly. Not that maintaining a constant 144Hz/FPS is going to be an easy task either.
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    What's the craziest thing you're virtualizing?

    Yep, I think that is the only reason people still need and use WMC. Fortunately my cable provider has pretty much everything as copy freely as far as I can tell You do have to do this for the VM to work properly...
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    What's the craziest thing you're virtualizing?

    Also look into ServerWMC. I believe it will allow you to watch live TV like an extender would. You can also do tuner sharing and give each computer that you want to watch live TV on a separate tuner. I have a win7 WMC vm as well and it just transfers all my recordings to my Server 2012 R2 VM.
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    What happens when my ESXi 60 trial expires?

    It didn't switch automatically for me. I had to request a key and enter it in to get it to switch to the free version after the trial expired.
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    Need a backup for Home VMs

    Anyone see a benefit to using something sure as Veaam to backup when I can just use the client backup feature in Server 2012? It doesn't take much to set up another VM if something were to go bad and just restore from the backups. Veaam free doesn't look to be automated like it is and can't...
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    Disable DHCP On Asus RT-N660

    It looks like in the manual it is Advanced Settings>LAN>Enable the DHCP server?>No.
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    Lookin to Build a PFsense Box

    I finally did try this and can't get it to work properly. I have 2 physical NICs pass through in ESXi to the pfsense VM. When I disconnected the my previous physcial pfsense router and put the one in ESXi into action I could no longer access the vcenter client without manual entering in the IP...
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    Need to connect one wifi network to another, wirelessly

    See if your WRT54G can run DD-WRT and do this.