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    multi-card problem - geforce4 + geforce 8800GT

    so, I have three monitors sitting here, and in order to use them, I need to use two video cards :( so I have a bunch of old video cards laying around, I figured I'd pop one in and hook the third monitor up to that. first victim was a geforce2 mx. i ran into the problem of the video card...
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    4GHz on AMD's 65nm process!

    This would be a first, no? :D Since it is, it's time for the story of how this came to be, with an excessive number of smilies. :cool: Before I get into it, here is the final result of my playtime for those who are lazy and don't want to read the whole post. :D...
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    2x2GB Fun: Mushkin HP2-6400

    I've had this kit sitting around for a while, but between finals week, going home, moving into a new apartment and starting new classes, I've had depressingly little time to dedicate towards overclocking. After much frustration and excitement, I have finally completed the testing for this 2x2GB...
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    EPP questions here

    all right guys.. I'm gonna try to write up an article of sorts on EPP, what does, and how to use it. i already have a little bit of info gathered based on my experiences with my dfi + tracers, both of which support EPP, but i am unsure if there are any issues that i am overlooking, simply...
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    check out what i got in today :) by far, the most sexy ram i've ever seen. i'll post screenshots as i get em ;)
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    crucial value ddr2-667

    so, some of you may be aware of how i picked up a kit of 2x1gb for $120 a week ago. well.. it ended up being single rank, 8 micron D9HNL chips per stick. i was hoping for some GMH, but i guess i wasn't that lucky. i think it's fairly safe to say that most of those sticks will come with these...
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    TeamGroup DDR2 sale @ TigerDirect

    $20 off 2x512mb and $40 off 2x1gb at TigerDirect.. not bad :p|c:10||c:2261|&Sort=3&Recs=10
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    AMD 65nm Overclocking Database

    Same idea as before :D old database thread - A64 overclocking guide in there, or an updated version in my sig Now, the rules. FOLLOW these rules! If you don't, don't complain when your cpu doesn't get added when I update the database. ;) 1)...
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    anyone up for some cold air?

    time to have some fun :p
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    TeamGroup DDR2-800 4-4-4-10 2x1GB kit

    So, I've seen a few people asking where the review is on this kit.... This will be a work in progress of sorts. I've been really busy lately, but when I get time, I try to run a few more benches. Still in the process of hashing out the maximum speeds.. Feel free to make specific requests...
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    mmmmm... so close to the WR

    so, the ddr2 world record at cas4 is 648mhz by hicookie. here's where i'm at. sadly cpu limited :rolleyes: :D hopefully i can figure out how to get the last 3mhz to take the record by tonight :eek: :D
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    amd's quad core

    some of you may be interested in this: basically, what we called "K8L" is still due mid'07
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    i <3 my new dfi

    so.. got a dfi lp nf590 sli-m2r/g in the mail the other day. previously, my modded k9n neo needed around 2.75v to get 8m stable at 600mhz. now i need 2.6v set in the bios. SG reports as 2.52v, as you'll see... this is gonna be a fun board to play with methinks :cool:
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    GOCA at it's finest

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    hehe, ram :)

    so i made a thread a while ago, and then kinda dissapeared. those of you who know me well probably know why i dissapeared......... first off, check out the SPD! quite cool then, some real overclocking results. no, i'm nowhere near done...
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    yay, new toys

    something came in the mail today. i <3 prize winnings ;) sticker says 3-4-4, but i'm told they're actually rated for 3-3-3 :cool:
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    Eclipse's OC'ing competition!

    All right, relatively simple. This has been done a while back, when robberbaron thought of it back when 130nm was still the norm.. Get the highest overclock at the lowest voltage! Only requirement is a screenshot showing both cpu speed in something like cpu-z and something that is reporting...
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    huh.. that's odd. AM2's strange quirk

    so you guys probably know about how intel can do 3-2-2 and AM2 can't because it doesn't support trcd 2 or trp 2? well, straight from an AMD tech document, AM2 supports CAS2 :confused:
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    AM2 memory tweaking - higher Tras is faster

    all scores are from superPI 1m, only thing changed between runs is the Tras. (for those who don't want to do the math, ram at 411mhz for dark blue line, 480mhz for light blue) while the performance improves with higher Tras, the stability also decreases.. so the maximum overclock will...
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    Eclipse's new bench rig

    well, i was getting sick of swapping stuff in and out of a case, plus, it's hard to do voltage measurements and stuff. after a bit of brainstorming, this is the result: test fitting parts onto 1/4" thick plywood. the little small piece of plywood standing up represents my radiator ;)...
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    sig length

    not that it really bothers me, but i've noticed that ever since the sigs were shrunk, there has been a significant increase in the number of people breaking the 10 lines or less rule. is it just not being enforced anymore or what? :p
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    the world is gonna end

    bet not very many of you guys that go into the amd forum from time to time expected to see me with one of these.. without being dead ;) waiting for my board to show up tomorrow (thanks again mav ;)) and some fun should be had on the dark side :p
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    45nm by mid-08

    according to AMD at least. this definitly comes as a surprise to me, as it means 65nm will be relatively short lived. oh well. one thing that's really tickling my brain though.. cold bugs first became a problem with 90nm. how will 65nm and 45nm act in that regard? :eek...
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    mmmmmm.... DDR2!

    i've waited way too long for this: lmk what you guys want to see, i'm about to put everything together. keep in mind that for now, i've only got 1 stick of 256mb ddr2.. this one: and a sempron
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    K8L vs Conroe

    all right guys. first off, keep it civil. i have the ability to lock this thread at any time, and i won't be afraid to use it. i want technical and/or factual posting only. opinions are ok, but posting negatively about someone else's is a no-no, and i will ask for that post to be removed/edited...
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    7600gt's are fun

    so, i needed to pick up a video card to replace my somewhat weak gf4mx.. ;) looked around. got a refurb x800pro. ended up being DOA, so scatch that plan. looked some more, decided that i'd pay the money for a 7600gt, the MSI one with a big heatsink...
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    help? <3

    all right, long story made short, i wanna be able to compare memory overclocking on both AM2 and LGA775. to do this, i need two rigs that are good at overclocking memory. for the intel side, this kinda means: low cpu multi that'll do high mhz. preferably cheap ;) i'm thinking something...
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    new smiley?

    it's meant to be. there's a 3x4 grid of smilies, and only 11 smilies. i think this one should be added as the 12th, because i find that i've been using it a lot ;) here goes....!
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    G[H]etto Cooling + Opteron 146 = FUN!

    first we need some motivational music! after getting pumped up, i walked to the store and bought two backs of ice. put them in a recycle bin with a bit of "insulation" around it. it's really dry, so condensation isn't a problem. the cpu in question: this opteron normally...
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    oooh, artifacts

    at stock :( x800gto: nice huh?
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    dfi board + 406BTA bios = read this

    ok, so it turns out that Tony added in an option called "odd divisor correct", which can either be enabled or disabled. as you all should know, the memory speed is set from the cpu speed with an integer divider. i usually denote this divider as "cpu/10" or "cpu/13" or something, meaning that...
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    mmm, pretty g.skill :D

    i must admit, these 1GBLE sticks are ill i know that TCCD is somewhat out of vouge these days with 2x1gb kits being the most popular, but i'm gonna have some fun with these guys anyway. any requests other than the standard "lets see how high they go!"? :D
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    TeamGroup Cronus Micron - Part TWO!

    Ok, to make a long story short, Ben (from TankGuys) and I were talking, and decided that one way or another, something needed to be done about the number of people having trouble with these Micron sticks... Nothing better than a little bit of "normal" testing, is there? That said, a HUGE Thank...
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    sorry guys, i don't feel like helping out for a while. just a heads up. why? i don't know. i think it's partially due to how much i help and how little i get in return: or maybe i'm just in a bad mood. who knows. lethal, i know this is...
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    Memory Overclock Database

    all right. this thing has been in the works for a long time, and will probably be tweaked for ease of updating over the next couple weeks, as i get more info and the limitations in the current setup arise ;) anyhow, let's break this down nice and simple, since ram is such a complicated topic...
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    it's gonna be a fun year :) and it turns out the mobile socket, S1 is gonna be dual channel too :D
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    HyperTransport Link Investigation

    so.. not too long ago, i explicitly recall someone here on this very forum telling me that memory performance dropped when the ht link speed was lowered. this didn't make any sense to me, as the ht link doesn't have anything to do with the ram. so, determined to find the truth myself, i...
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    need your help/opinions! :)

    all right guys. i kinda want to make a memory overclocking database of some sort.. a way to keep track of how various sticks are doing. we all know how many people keep asking how a certain set overclocks, and a bunch of guys have it.. why not try to make it easier? the real problem i'm...
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    Eclipse's February contest!

    sorry guys! i completely forgot to make a new one at the beginning of the month. this time, we're working on memory latency instead of bandwidth. those guys with bh-5 that were moaning and complaining at me before have a chance to shine :D simple premise. show 3 things, or you WILL NOT be put...