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  1. 4RunnerTE

    "upgrade path" from Asus PG279Q?

    I've had this monitor for coming up on 3 years soon, and it has served me well minus some IPS glow, but starting to feel (unnecessarily?) an upgrade itch/looking to try something new. Looking at either the Acer Z1 321QU or LG 32GK850G, even the 34" ROG 21:9 widescreen. Not really interested in...
  2. 4RunnerTE

    Slow Powerline speeds

    Hey all, I realize that powerline adapters can be a bit hit or miss depending on the wiring in the house, which outlet you're using, etc...but I was wondering if I could get some help. I have 60 Mbps internet and up until now, only one powerline adapter (TP-Link AV1200) in the home that was...
  3. 4RunnerTE

    Gsync vs vsync settings

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but several nvidia driver releases ago g-sync and v-sync became separate settings (before you could enable g-sync as your v-sync option). From what I understand this was done to be able to allow you to have v-sync enabled if you exceeded your...
  4. 4RunnerTE

    1080p OLED vs 4K...which would you buy TODAY

    I have not (yet) seen a side-by-side comparison...will check it out later hopefully at the store but wanted some opinions first. The TV will be mainly used for watching sports and general TV. We don't watch much movies...maybe once every other month. Also a PS4 will be hooked up. Viewing...
  5. 4RunnerTE

    SLI and Windows 10

    True that by all accounts SLI is not working with Windows 10, regardless of driver version? Was able to find a handful of people on the geforce forums complaining about memory issues, just wanted to see if people here were running into the same problems.
  6. 4RunnerTE

    XB1 vs PS4 netcode?

    Can anybody that has extensively played online with both consoles over the past year or so comment on the general smoothness of online play between the two? I'm looking at picking up a console mainly for Madden 16 and looking to play online more than I would offline. Right now I'm slightly...