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    Warm - 2TB Seagate ST2000DM001 $89.99

    Amazon, so tax for some. It was cheaper prior to Christmas, but not a bad price if you need some storage. $20 less than Newegg.
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    Artic Cooling Accelero Hybrid GPU all-in-one WC - $99.99 shipped

    "Arctic" Cooling Accelero Hybrid - typo in subject. Seems at least warm. This is the one that fits on most everything but the 7970 (fits on GTX 670, 680, etc.). Normally $169.99, use coupon code EMCJJNJ25 for $70 discount. Good until 11/7...
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    FreeNAS build (ZFS)

    I'm building up a FreeNAS box this weekend. Anyone see problems with this setup? Asus E35M1-I Chenbro ES34069 (120W version) 4x3TB Seagate ST3000DM001 7200RPM HDDs 128GB OCZ Vertex Plus (L2ARC - FreeNAS calls this "cache") 8GB Ripjaw 1333MHz DDR3 Onboard NIC + Intel PRO/1000 PCI-e NIC...
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    PCI-e 1x ribbon to reclaim covered slot

    I've done some searching and I can't find any threads that answer this question, so I figured I'd ask here. I have a 6970 in a 16x slot which hangs over and thus covers a PCI-e 1x slot. The 1x slot is the last slot on the board, but the case has another slot opening next to it (p9x79 in a...
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    NAS recommendations

    So, I have an old Infrant (pre-Netgear) ReadyNas NV+. It's served me well, but it's pretty slow, so I'm looking for upgrade. I'm looking for a 6-8 drive stand alone NAS and I wanted to see what people suggest. I'm not looking to "roll my own," because I'd like to have both small form factor...
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    Noisy H100

    I just installed an H100 in a new SB-E build (Corsair 650D case). How noisy is the pump in this thing? Mine is rattling something fierce. I've tried laying the case on its side, tipping it forward to no avail. I also found a note that holding the fan speed selector for 3-4 seconds on...
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    New build - should I buy some parts now while I wait for x79

    I need to build two identical top-end machines. I'm planning on waiting for x79 for the motherboard/CPU, but I was thinking of buying the remaining parts, just so I can get this stuff in the house and give myself the most time to build this up. So the question is - is there any reason not to...
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    [WARM] - C300 256GB - $364 shipped

    Crucial C300 256GB SSD - $379.95: Not sure why it's marked c330, but the manufacturer's part number (CTFDDAC256MAG-1G1) is for a 256GB C300. There are $15 off coupons...
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    shot in the dark - OST recovery

    Anyone aware of any low-cost/free OST recovery tools? I've got some systems where the Exchange server is no longer available (company went out of business) and all I have for the clients are v2i images. I want to recover outlooks offline folders (OST) files and convert those into PST or...
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    Got my RMA from Asus (p8p67pro) - Free Headphones...

    Just got the RMA from Asus. They included a free set of HS-101's "as a token of their appreciation." Nice. They've taken some badmouthing on this forum (and others, undoubtedly), but I can't imagine that they could have done a much better job with this whole situation.
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    2500k or 1055t for ESXi server

    I currently have an AMD 9350e (65w quad core) based ESXi system, running both WHS and SBS 2003 R2. This system runs ESXi 3.5 and I want to upgrade to 4, but I figure I might as well update the hardware along with the software. I'll be moving from SBS 2003 R2 to SBS 2011 essentials, but the WHS...
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    Good buy?

    Picked up an intel x-25m 160 g2 for $180 on craigslist. Crystaldisk shows power-on time of 12 hours. It's the drive without the spacers, but otherwise, it seemed like a good deal. Anyone know if you can buy the spacer?
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    RMA for Turbo Cool 510 ATX-PFC?

    So basically, I have a 4 year old turbo cool 510. It's dead, but under warranty. I haven't used it in some time (because it's broken), so if I RMA'ed it, it would still just be a spare PSU. At the time, I recall I spent about $200 on the PSU, but now I'm wondering if it's worth the $10-15...
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    $40 Active DP adapter from Monoprice - Anyone tried?

    I did some searching on the forum (active displayport monoprice) and I didn't see a post for this adapter (only the $9 non-active version). Has anyone has tried this new active displayport adapter from Monoprice? It's less than $40 which makes it the cheapest active adapter I'm aware of...
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    Should I or shouldn't I - a question about my mac pro

    About two years ago, my father in law decided that Apple products were the way to go. He promptly purchased a couple macbooks, a macbook air, and a mac pro. About 6 months ago, he determined that he no longer liked macs and gave pretty much all of it to me. The Mac Pro is a first-gen 2x3.0Ghz...
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    ST31000340AS - certified repaired - Are they sure?

    Here's the story - sometime in October, I order an ST31000340AS from ZZF. Drive comes and fails just after the two week return period that ZZF offers. I return said drive to Seagate and receive a "certified repaired" ST31000340AS. That drive failed yesterday and I am again returning to...
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    Potential resolution to Seagate 1.5TB issues

    Looks like there is a firmware upgrade for the Seagate 1.5TB issues. As of today, there is an "official Seagate announcement" Apologies if this was posted somewhere else - I did...
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    AM2/AM2+ motherboard for ESXi?

    I've done some searching and not found a lot on this topic. Basically, can anyone give me a good pointer to a good motherboard for running ESXi (preferably with SATA and NIC supported)? I've checked the whitebox lists and there is precious little AMD and about half of that is dated 939...
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    Warm - Seagate ST31000340AS - $140 w/ free ship

    PC Connection has Seagate 1TB 7200.11's for $139.95 with free shipping. I get charged tax (TX), but I'm not sure if they do that on all orders or not. If not, it's the same deal as ZZF offers from time to time (but is currently not offering). I'd love to see Newegg start to price this drive...
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    reality of 4GB in A8N-SLI Premium

    I'm currently running an FX-60 in an Asus A8N-SLI Premium. I would like to load this machine up with 4G for Vista 64-bit. I tried this once with this board, a 4800+, and 2 sets of PQI3200-2048DP (4 sticks), but the best I could get the board to do was 333Mhz, 2T. I could not get it to run at...