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    D5 pump life? Replace?

    I also got mine back in the good old days of 2005. It's ran 24/7 folding now mining for the last 8 or so. If it dies, it will likely be noisy first. Worst case your pc starts over heating and rebooting and you have to take it apart anyway. I wouldn't bother dual pumping unless you are...
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    Asus AI suite 2 for Z77 boards

    This actually worked. Disabling the bios control let speedfan take over. That was super helpful, thanks. I'll miss some of the other utilities but the fan speeds were what i was looking to fix the most!
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    Asus AI suite 2 for Z77 boards

    I'll try that out. Reading thru the ROG forums, there doesn't seem to be much resolution there, some ppl have posted emails saying the mobo is too old, there won't be an update.
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    Asus AI suite 2 for Z77 boards

    So apparently a win10 update a few months ago borked the AI suite 2 on these older boards like my maximus V gene. I've looked around and haven't found much info on if asus is going to fix version 2 of the software, they already fixed version 3, but it won't install saying I have the wrong board...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Free stuff is usually the best stuff!
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    Been out of the WC game a while, what are the best retailers now?

    Ah modmymods is new to me, i'll take a look there as well. Thanks
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    Been out of the WC game a while, what are the best retailers now?

    It's been 3+ years since I've had to buy anything WC related. It looks like sidewinder hasn't been getting new inventory, where should I be shopping these days? I'm in the US btw, I'd prefer not to be shipping across the pond.
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    [Project] F.R.A.M.E

    Cool build man! What speakers are you running there?
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    Team [H]ardOCP races the iRacing 6 hours at The Glen

    I'm secretly crossing my fingers amazon lowers the price of the g27 for prime day and I'll pick one up and start up some iracing. Sadly the new 920 announced that works for pc and xbone is gonna be 400 bucks, and not due on sale till fall! I'm not sure being able to drive in the living room...
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    Team [H]ardOCP races the iRacing 6 hours at The Glen

    Woot I'll fire up the stream in just a minute!
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    The wife claims that's what she prefers.
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    Back in the AMD days my Asus nforce 2 board overclocked my 2500+ about 100mhz further than my buddy's abit board! He was pissed!
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    I'll replace my 670, and run BF4 maxed out. The noobs will tremble in front of the sheer FPS!
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    GPU water cooling worth while when upgrading every generation?

    The universal blocks have been out and about for a long time. I've got an old MCW-60 from swiftech that I'm still using. I think it's 7 years old now. Still cools my 670 better and more quietly than any air cooling solution. The only issue at this point is that the mosfets on newer cards...
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    What could be wrong with my loop

    I'd agree, it's either air bubbles or gunk in one of the blocks. Properly getting the air out of top mounted rads is a pain in the butt. But with an older loop if you haven't cracked open either block to check it I'm going to lean toward gunk. I was running pentosin and distilled and(i think)...
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    Who's left crunching f@h?

    I'm still running a gpu client on my 670 and getting a little more than my cpu puts out on SMP. I think the only reason i've kept it up is well, because I've folded FAH for just over 9 years now. But honestly with the way the team has gone recently i've thought about hanging it up or switching...
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    [Bundymania User Review] Triple Radiator (360) Roundup with 26 Rads !

    Nice review! So i'm seeing a 3-4C difference between the best and worst rad depending on the fan speed? Discounting the koolances at the lower speeds of course. Those are clearly not geared for those types of fan speeds. That's not much disparity, it makes it tougher for me personally to...
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    F@H is a good way to quickly cook a laptop...

    Haha I had an old laptop that was a P4 that I folded on back in the day when we had those special P4 only bonus WU's. 3.06ghz of P4 power! That fan was a screamer, i couldn't hardly work with it next to me. This new laptop is 3 years old as well, and i think the only reason work hasn't...
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    RIP MCP 655

    Damn, i don't think i've ever heard of one dieing as of late. That sucks man. Mine has been going strong for about 8 years now.
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    Help in cooling mother board.

    Yeah you're probly better off putting a low speed fan over it if you think its getting too hot. Otherwise if you HAVE to, you can always buy some 3/8 tubing and swap 2 connectors in your loop that go to and from the mobo to be 3/8 as well. That would be cleaner i think than reducers or...
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    Wanting to take my 290x for a swim...

    I realized I didn't supply anything constructive with my previous post. OP, looks like from your screenshot that the heatkiller blocks are on backorder. I'm sure there's other blocks available if you want more instant gratification. And 75 bucks for 2 backplates? ouch, that seems a little...
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    Wanting to take my 290x for a swim...

    How can you say it doesn't perform as well and not built well when it's not on the market yet? He said its not out till the end of this month.
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    Flow rate issues (Pump not the problem)

    Glad you got it sorted out, top mount radiators can be a bitch to get all the air out of. When I had one I would actually set the case on its back so the barbs were at the top of the rad then turn on the pump to help it push that air out. It also helps to not have the loop sealed off...
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    Flow rate issues (Pump not the problem)

    Do the temps rise as the flow drops? If you're still seeing good temps over a long run at full load on the system i'd say either the flow meter is borked or the fan controller can't handle the data. Can you visually see the flow in the res? Does it appear to stay consistent? That is a...
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    New to watercooling! I have questions....I bet you can answer them!

    Ahh well if you're moving to the 800D you'll be in great shape and i'd suggest adding another 240mm rad while you're at it. It will increase your cooling capacity by quite a bit so you can run the fans slower. Otherwise you have to tear the loop down later to add if you don't think the 360 is...
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    New to watercooling! I have questions....I bet you can answer them!

    Are you planning on cutting up the case to fit that rad internally or already know you can squeeze it in? Or are you going for the off the back mount?
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    watercooling on graphics card - just the gpu or gpu and memory

    I think it depends on your card. For instance most gtx670's and 760's have ram on the back that has no cooling what so ever. VRM cooling is a bigger deal though, those get MUCH toastier than RAM chips. My 670 ram chips are warm to the touch during gaming, but the vrm's with sinks and active...
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    gtx670 ppd low?

    Unfortunately yes i think it will. There was a patch to bf4 that pretty much forced users to go to the latest drivers from nvidia because the game was very crash prone before the patch on old drivers.
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    gtx670 ppd low?

    Hmm, that's gonna cause an issue with bf4 i think. I might have to just suck it up until someone fixes it. Guess i'll just hang out. I think my gpu is more efficient power wise than my overclocked cpu is. Thanks guys.
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    gtx670 ppd low?

    So about 2 weeks ago i switched from the smp client to gpu since I finally got my 670 watercooled. I deleted the cpu slot, and the associated extra client options in the expert tab then added a stock gpu slot. Seems like the only wu i've been assigned is 8900 that is worth 6k base, with 19300...
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    Do I need a new pump?

    rads are fairly low restriction overall. These pumps have more than sufficient power to handle all but the biggest loops. Maybe if u were cooling an SR-2 with 4 gpu's with quick disconnects everywhere i'd consider it otherwise i'd say its mostly redundant, and these pumps aren't prone to...
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    My new wc pc.

    How do you like that xspc bay res? I'm using the same one and yours doesn't look like it fits flush either?
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    Should radiators always have the water intake on the bottom?

    Glad you got it sorted out. The same thing somewhat occurs when you have a top mounted rad like in the 800D. It's a bitch to get some of the more stubborn bubbles out but they eventually will work their way out. Just takes some time. You can always help by tipping the case some.
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    A little help? Will it cool?

    I had a top mounted rad in my last machine, it does take longer to bleed but tilting it back and forth a couple times usually gets the biggest bubbles out in a few minutes.
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    A little help? Will it cool?

    Agreed 110%, otherwise you run an increased risk of clogging up your loop and wasting that money on coolant. I've seen countless threads about clogged blocks due to non distilled coolants. distilled is super cheap too.
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    A little help? Will it cool?

    I've got one of these exact cards and I'm not so sure the vrm plate will be able to cool the VRM's passively. I've got a couple options here for sinks but I'm not sure the plate will handle them without a fan actively blowing over it, kind of defeating the purpose of taking those somewhat loud...
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    Water cooling CF 290s?

    That one is just a res, this one allows you to mount the pump to the back of it, which I think its a better use of space, esp in the ft-02. As for fittings, going compression is...
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    Water cooling CF 290s?

    I've got an ft02, IMO there's not room for that style of res unless you're running a matx mobo. I went with a bay res. I'm using this one: BUT, it doesn't fit flush, somehow the ft02's...
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    Confused on liquid to use/add

    Yeah agreed. honestly i'd say you're better off replacing the aluminum rad with something else. You'll likely see a bit of a bump in cooling performance as well.
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    Finally! Help me with my first w/c setup!

    Those will be fine but I prefer the worm clamp style that use a screw to tighten instead. The worm clamps are also much cheaper than those koolance ones. I bought mine from lowes instead.