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    NEC 20WMGX2 (AS-IPS) still available..

    But as a refurb of course. The price makes it worth the risk though..$164.54 from here I have one of these already that I bought nearly 2 years ago and will keep until it goes belly up. This is the one with the analog tv
  2. J

    PS3 data back-up question..

    I'll be swapping out my harddrive later today for a 160GB model....can I backup my settings/game saves on a 4GB SD card using a usb reader? How about a thumb drive? I don't don't have an external drive..
  3. J

    Now that the ATI 3800 series officially rocks..

    Will this end the price gouging by retailers for the 8800GT's or will they simply price the 3800's accordingly? I understand trying to make a profit...but charging more than MSRP (which is pretty high above volume wholesale to begin with) is simply price gouging in my book..
  4. J

    NFS Pro street demo on XBL..

    Holy carp....was this made by EA? I swear I was playing the street racing version of Forza Motorsport. Looks like EA is trying to go for the realism (somewhat) with this one but they totally ripped off the racing line from Forza. To me it seems like the result if Juiced 2 HIN and Forza 2 got...
  5. J

    Flatout UC demo..

    Is it just me or is this the same game as Flatout 2 with a "deathmatch race" mode thrown in? I swear I've driven those same tracks before..:confused:
  6. J

    Need help from 20WMGX2 owners..

    I've had mine for less than a week now so I'm still a n00b...(and is it just me or did the big thread on this monitor disappear?) but what I want to know is how to get rid of the "optimal resolution" pop-up warning whenever I switch to the VGA input to play Xbox 360. I use 1366x760 stretched...
  7. J

    Cooling solution for horizontal 360?

    The temps almost reaching 90F today reminded me that summer in Texas is fast approaching and I don't want to fry my Nov 06 360. The problem is that all the cooling solutions that don't involve cracking open the case are either in the form of a vertical stand or a crappy intercooler that fits on...
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    Buggiest console game you have played

    I've played pc games that are so buggy they were nearly unplayable...but you really don't expect that sort of thing with consoles. By far the buggiest console game I've ever played is.. Saints Row- Xbox 360 I got so tired of mission ending bugs, corrupted saves, disappearing cars and such that...
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    Simple request from a semi-hardcore gamer..

    I know I'm not the only one annoyed to click on a thread and either have no idea what game is being discussed or think of the wrong game. Abbreviations and acronyms are popular I know..I use them myself because it saves a lot of typing. However..when making a thread or post it is best not to...
  10. J

    Anybody remember playing Majesty?

    In case the name doesn't ring a bell, it was a RTS (sort of) set in a fantasy world with the usual assortment of knights, rangers, elves, goblins, trolls etc.. but what made it so different was that instead of directly controlling your hero/troops you played the part of "Majesty" that influenced...
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    Surprising console noise comparison..

    I have a 360 and don't find it particularly loud...but then again I have it on a shelf under my desk along with my pc which is considered loud to most people. (9 fans total including chipset cooler) But......the Wii is the loudest out of the 3 consoles???:confused: This guy has all 3 consoles...
  12. J

    Can't install Far Cry :mad:

  13. J

    The Xbox live marketplace is fantastic..

    Only 3 days and 4 or 5 "re-downloads" later and I've got 51% of Poseiden HD. WOO FRICKEN HOO!!!!1 I saw a news article saying they were "working non-stop" to try to fix the problems with meeting the demand....did they really think there wouldn't be a problem? :rolleyes: Just wondering if...
  14. J

    NY Times PS3 article.. So is it true that downloading video clips/game demos you have to wait for it to finish before you can move on to something else? Is it also true that the "wireless" controllers must first be...
  15. J

    Mini review Dell 2007WFP vs. Acer F-20

    I just recieved the Dell 2007WFP this afternoon..I've had the F-20 about 5 months. I was going to wait until I spent more time with the Dell to post this comparison but I don't think anything will change. When the Dell arrived today the first thing I did was check the service...
  16. J

    Acer owners..figured out how to access service menu

    I don't know if this will work for all Acer models but on my F-20 (same as AL2032W) you simply hold in the "auto" button while turning on and the power light will be amber instead of blue....just hit "menu" and you be at the "factory screen". I saw where I can fine adjust the colors if I want...
  17. J

    I guess no more classic rock riffs in Guitar hero 3..

    And more great music from awesome bands like Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, Switchfoot and the like :p MTV buys Harmonix...maker of Guitar Hero This can't be good..
  18. J

    Possible to install XP Pro on top of XP home?

    What I would like to do is a repair install of Pro Sp2 on top of Home Sp2....without formatting and losing installed programs. Can I do this?
  19. J

    Article on modular power supplies..

    Three modular psu's were tested for resistance and voltage drop Corsair HX620W Ultra X2 550W Antec NeoHE 430W and also 2 non-modular for comparison Fortron FSP600-80GLC Silverstone ST65ZF The article is linked on the [H] main page but if you haven't seen it here it is...
  20. J

    Whatever happened to Alpha?

    Old timers like me remember when Alpha was the top of the line, undisputed king of heatsinks for aircooling (dual fan slot-1 cooler anyone? :cool: ) but you never hear anything about them anymore. I wonder how the champ could fall so far? I guess they're still around because I found this...
  21. J

    ZZF gave me the wrong X2 4400+...

    I ditched work a couple hours early today to catch the Fedex dude....ripped open the box and was horrified to see "ADA4400CDBOX" on the sticker...looked at the proc itself and sure enough they gave me an ADA when I specifically ordered an ADV. Well, even though I was disappointed I opened it up...
  22. J

    Where to find a 250mm fan?

    I asked this question in the overclocking and cooling forum and nobody seemed to know. If you don't know what I'm talking about look here isn't that an awesome idea? I want to cut...
  23. J

    Where to find a 250mm fan?

    I've seen Thermaltake armor and some new Enermax cases with a giant 250mm fan on the side. I have a Ultra Aluminus and would love to cut the plexi and replace the useless 80mm duct and "gpu vent" with one of these bad boys. None of the usual suspects have it in stock. :(
  24. J

    So if the U.S. mint stops making pennies..

    Do you think the price of copper hsf's will go down and will we see more elaborate copper designs? Copper being integrated into case designs?:eek: Stopping penny production should make a decent reduction on the worlds copper demand..
  25. J

    7900 owners...replace your cooler

    Especially if you have one that doesn't cover the ram. This weekend I replaced the cooler on my EVGA 7900GT KO Superclock with a Zalman VF900cu and idle temps dropped from 50c to 38c. Yes, that's right a 12c drop! 5 minutes of Ati tool used to get me about 82c and now the highest I've seen is...
  26. J

    How badly will Starforce mess up my rig?

    I really want to download Cross racing championship because I loved 1nsane also made by Invictus...but it has Starforce. Is it easy to get rid of it hoses my box?
  27. J

    Simple question for Asus owners..

    Or specifically A8N-SLI and it's variants....what freaking key do I push to get into XP safemode? Also..what genius decided F8 should be a device boot menu :mad:
  28. J

    Help please..can't install NFSMW

    I recently overhauled my gaming rig with a Asus A8N-SLI deluxe, Opteron 148 and a 7900GT...everything works great except for the fact that I cannot get NFSMW to get past the first install disk. It stops @26% and asks for disk 2 and then when I pop it in it won't go any further. No...I don't have...
  29. J

    Should I rma my 7900GT?

    I recieved my eVGA 7900GT KO Superclock last week and everything has been fine until last night. I ran 3DMark 06 the day I got it and it finished fine..decent score...installed AOE3 that came with the card and played a couple of hours no problem. Reinstalled NFSMW this past weekend and it looks...
  30. J

    Help a n00b with new Rivatuner..

    Actually I've been using Rivatuner for quite some time for oc'ing/turning off do I check my number of pixel pipes? I have a GT so if I have less than 16 pipes ( :mad: ) how do I go about enabling the missing pipes? Maybe this version just shows you how many are activated but...
  31. J

    Am I the only one who gets a chubby when..

    I see a review for a 6800 GT pci-express and notice the little Sli connector at the top of the card? The lower end pci-e cards don't excite me but something like this could cause me to severly damage my credit card with an all around system upgrade. :eek:
  32. J

    Where can I still download far Cry 1.2?

    I just installed it and I want to try out the sm3.0 on my 6800GT :cool:
  33. J

    Those of you still looking for a BFG 6800GT..

    might want to check this out. I've never dealt with this company before so I can't really say anything other than it says "in stock, ships in 1-2 days".
  34. J

    Temps actually go down while playing games?

    My eVGA 6800GT @400/1100 sits at around 58c idle but when I check temps immediately after playing a game the temps are around 55-56c? I'm guessing that when it goes into 3d mode the fan speeds up and stays that way for a while after playing a game..
  35. J

    Anybody try the new 62.20 beta yet?

    I'm just wondering if there is native SM3.0 support in these.. I'll try them later when I get home. ;)
  36. J

    Can't install Far Cry :mad:

    Okay, so I got my eVGA 6800GT yesterday with a full version of Far Cry but It won't install on my system. Of course it goes through all 5 cds and at the very end it puts a shortcut on my desktop then takes it away saying "installshield interrupted" and asking me to start over. :rolleyes: My...
  37. J

    Whats the story on the "X600XT"?

    I was just cruising pricewatch out of boredom at work and saw listings for X600XT's yet I've never heard any talk here about them....crippled X800's? edit- just noticed they are pci-express, but they sell for under $200
  38. J

    9800pro for $194 free shipping..

    and no tax unless you're in Cali or NJ. It's a brand new retail Sapphire (not refurb) from Newegg but it's only good for today if your looking to grab one. edit- sub $200 9800pros from reputable vendors may be common...
  39. J

    Need more General Mayhem only smiley's

    We really need a :wtf: smiley at least. The main forums can keep the standard smileys for overly sensitive and no sense of humor people. ;)
  40. J

    Don't know if this has been covered already..

    But why the time limit when making a poll in General Mayhem? I like to make sure my spelling and grammar are correct before posting something like that and now I just end up looking like an idiot :( For those who don't know what I'm talking have under a minute to make a poll or...