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    Car Audio Amp in HT setup

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    Need alternative software for MacOS X

    You could dual boot xp and osx... keep using all your old programs in windows on your new mac. :cool:
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    1366x768 on OS X....How?

    1366x768 is the same ratio as 1280x720... the tv accepts 720p and will scale it. most likely.. :p
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    CompUSA match web price in store + $100 IR = ATI X1800XT 512 $399

    I wish I read the end of this thread... I just paid $499 + tax, expecting a pricematch to $399... Thinking about keeping it and using that $50 rebate...
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    ZyXel Wireless G router 19.99 at Compusa

    Thanks OP, great deal. Running wireless right now! WPA2 is better than WEP, right?
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    [H]ot - HTS3500mkII MonsterPower active line conditioner for $145 shipped

    If you cant hear the subtle noise of AC power, dont buy one.
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    Is .Mac useful?

    Screen Spanning on iMac
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    Garage Band Error

    yeah, for sure... click.
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    Garage Band Error

    I just remembered... you can lock the tracks that you aren't working on to take the load off the cpu...
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    Best value AGP video card ~ $200?

    extra ram and pipes = worth it
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    Garage Band Error

    I finally got Only to download and extract properly. It gives me the performance error even with the large buffer. I guess it is indeed ram and hdd speed... which is weird, because THTF is about as many tracks as Only. Maybe its time to up this thing to 1.25gb! edit: It actually ran...
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    Garage Band Error

    The Hand that Feeds for GarageBand ran well when I had my 1.25GHz mini, but it was upgraded to a hitachi 7200/8mb hdd and a 1gb stick. I'm about to try it on my ibook.. 1.33/512mb/4200rpm/2mb hdd - THTF runs pretty well on the ibook too.. Make sure to set the processor performance to...
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    Low Power Speakers to go with X-Fi?

    the br1's aren't powered (no built in amp) ( ahh you mentioned that) I've never tried a sonic impact, but it seems grossly underpowered. I don't have monitors myself (6.5" Infinity Bookshelf speakers on 100w/channel amp).. they have to be spaced fairly far apart to make a good sound stage...
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    Low Power Speakers to go with X-Fi?

    monitors are quality speakers, aiming for accurate reproduction of the source, for listening at close distances in an evenly spaced sound field. (ie, environment like a mix console, or pc desk) , potentially less fatiguing than headphones for extended usage. With proper arrangement and...
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    Low Power Speakers to go with X-Fi?

    Have you ever considered a pair of powered studio monitors? Something decent can be found at a fair price. ~6/6.5" Main drivers. near field sound... awesome for music, and everything else. edit: maybe the 6s are a bit pricy. I like the bass much better than on smaller drivers. 4" or...
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    Circuit City Black Friday Deals

    This one?
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    Silly nf4 question....

    Take a Look :cool:
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    Getting downloaded programs onto disc

    yes, there is a backup option for each game within the steam menu. right click and look around.
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    How did FEAR get such a great rating? Alternate view: 7 (Mini-review inside)

    Medium Textures, light and shadows. Max on most of the goodies like particles and fog, etc. Not slow anymore. Can't see a difference.
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    X800XT PE vs X850XT PE

    Why would he buy a 3200+ when he already owns a 3700+? I'd say just stick it out with what you have until the resolutions you run at become to slow to play.
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    Free Baller Pen

    Free pen! Sweet, thanks! Hope it writes well.. :p
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    Is there anyone else who can't stand the iBook keyboard?

    I hated mine for the first few weeks. It felt small, and I made alot of typos. Not any more. You just gotta adjust to it and you wont even notice it.
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    Terrible Nano battery life

    Trickle charge for a good time before the first use session. Drain, repeat. Free to cycle as you please after that.
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    Terrible Nano battery life

    What kind of break-in cycling did you do on the battery?
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    Enabling WEP on my Linksys router.

    I had the same problem, on a cheap AirLink router... Using WPA instead solved the problem.
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    how easily will os10 talk to xp?

    In sys preferences there is tab called "Sharing" there is a check box for Windows Sharing.. the description reads as follows... "Click Start to let selected Windows users access shared folders on this computer using SMB/CIFS. This will also let Windows users print to shared printers."
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    I have moved to the apple side of life...

    If you're mac is crashing.. something is up. Were you letting it do the sheduled maintenence or using an app to force them?... if you never tried, that can explain a little bit. I traded my souped up mini for a pc of greater value, but I soon lost interest in gaming, yet again. I now have a...
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    Who here cleans their PSU?

    Air Compressors work, just take the psu outside. Mushroom clouds of dust have been known to be unleashed.
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    F.E.A.R screenshot thread

    I was gonna ask about the Bay Area and the hella as well! It's been covered.... :p
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    new ipod video... wut kind of video?

    Nice TSS... within a few seconds.. heh
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    new ipod video... wut kind of video?

    HOWTO Rip DVD Movies to Your iPod and a quote, HOWTO Put Porn On Your iPod with links for free software.
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    Fry's and Processors

    I worked at compusa several years ago.. I had the same experience. Ignorant sales people for a mostly ignorant customer base... it works out ok. The only time I even talk to workers at Fry's is to have them get me something or write up a sales ticket.
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    5th generation iPod released

    nobody likes free software?
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    5th generation iPod released

    Free Video Format Conversion Software can be found here with instructions for use, here ("iPod Porn Conversion Guide") And how to rip DVDs to the ipod, here
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    Will we ever see a mid-point G5?

    Get a used dual processor G4 tower if you want cheap... or even a used older generation dual g5.
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    BattleField2 stuttering?

    Have you tried adjusting your AGP Aperature in the bios? 256 or 512 works well for me. I run a 3200+ on a K8N Neo2 Platinum, 2x512mb ram and a 6800 Ultra... setting the textures, lighting and shadows on medium, with everything else at high is a good compromise. You can try 2X/4X or 4X/4X...
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    Dirty iBook

    I used rubbing alcohol on mine... didn't seem to hurt the plastic at all.
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    I have 2 questions, 1 on networking, 1 on standby

    System Preferences - Network Under the Location Tab is the "Show" tab.. select Airport from "Show"
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    PC > Powerbook transition

    USB 5.1 Digital-to-Analog breakout boxes exist for OS X. Not sure if it actually does 5.1 in X though...