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    NVidia XP Drivers on Media Center

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    Program to see Voltage?

    My bios doesn't specifically tell me what voltage i'm running the memory at. I can only set it +.1 or +.2. Does anyone know of a program to let me know what I'm running at?
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    IDE->SATA Boot Clone

    OK, so I'm trying to go from my 80 WD IDE drive to a WD 250 GIG SATA drive. I use the Acronis Migrate Easy Trial to clone the drive over and resize the partitions. That part works fine. I set the Serial ATA drive to be the boot drive and remove the old WD drive. The computer boots up ok...
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    Athlon64 4000+ $324

    WiredUpSolutions has an Athlon64 SanDiego for 324...about 10 cheaper than the Egg. These guys are an upstart company...placed an order with them last week and they seem pretty reliable.
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    NVidia XP Drivers on Media Center

    Is it possible to use the Nvidia XP Video drivers on Media Center? I'm not using any of the TV input functions of MCE, basically just playback of video, etc. I'd like the latest drivers though because of performance enhancements with certain games.
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    MCE2005 Gaming Performance

    Is there any performance comparisons out there between MCE2005 and Windows XP? I'm curious if MCE takes a slight hit in performance in gaming due to some of the software features. Thanks in advance.
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    Thunderbird Keeps Launching

    OK...this is a really weird problem. For some reason...every once a while...Thunderbird just spawns itself....over and over and over again. It'll have like 30 or 40 copies running in a minute. I don't even have Thunderbird open.... The only "software" i'm running is CPU Fan. The NV...
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    Vantec NexStar 3 LED Problem

    I have a 1 month old Vantec NexStar 3 external enclosure. Suddenly the blue LED stopped working so I can no longer see HD activity. Anybody else have this problem? Anybody figure a way out to fix it?
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    Dell Small business Servers Process Upgrade Free

    The Small business section of Dell's site offers an upgrade to a P4 2.8 for free on the low end models, or a free upgrade to a dual processor system on the higher end. The SC240 w/ a P4 2.8 1meg cache is only 299 bucks shipped...
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    I'm running an Athlon64 3200 Winchester right now with Kingston HyperX PC2700 2-2-2-5 Should I upgrade the memory to PC3200? Would it be worth it? I can get the HyperX 3200 for around $125 bucks.
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    Our Colony

    Not sure If I can post this here... Looks like Microsoft is starting another I Love Bees type game in order to hype the XBox 2/360 or whatever it's called. Head over to If you figure out how to get in, and want to join a colony, use team password 68059073 We are...
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    SS40G w/ Barton 2800

    I have an SS40G shuttle (one of the very first shuttles with only PCI slots) that's been running an 1800+ Athlon. I now have an extra Barton 2800+ CPU I'd like to put into it. Does anyone know if the shuttle supports it? I can't find anything on the Shuttle website.
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    Mx700 w/ another Keyboard

    Not sure where to post this. I've had a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo for a while. More specifically the Logitech Duo Elite. I have a MX700 mouse as well. These use two seperate wireless stations. Is there anyway I can just use the MX700 station as the receiver for the...
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    6200 Review by HardOCP

    I must say, excellent job on the review. But what I really liked was the last page, and how HardOCP showed what your money can get you in relation to direct in game features. ie "For 50 dollars more you can go from 800x600 to 1024x768 and from low to medium quality" very well done. This is...
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    FSB or Memory Timings?

    Which yields better performance? A higher FSB or lower memory timings. Say 350DDR w/ 3-3-3-6 vs 333DDR w/ 2-2-2-5?
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    AthlonXP 2800+ OC on Air?

    I have an XP 2800+ Barton core. Runs around 39-40C on Air cooling with an SLK-800 and a Panny fan. Right now it's running stock. I was thinking of picking up some DDR3200 memory and running it at full bus (12.5x200) instead of (12.5x166). 2.5ghz vs 2.08ghz Has anybody done this yet? Think...
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    6800 AA/AF Explained?

    Is there a guide up somewhere online that explains which types of AA/AF are available on the 6800 in the options menu. I've seen things about super sampling AA, etc, but how do I enable that/disable that, etc?
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    CoH and a 6800GT

    Just got a 6800GT OC . Great solid card. Fresh reformat. Runs Halo like a dream, 1280x1024 4AA 4AF at 60+FPS. For some reason City of Heroes runs about 10 FPS at this setting in the outdoor enviornments. I was getting a solid 20-30FPS on my 9800 Pro before, with 4aa 4af. Any ideas...
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    OTS 6800GTs?

    Anybody see any GTs in stock on the shelf in Best Buy, Circuit City, or the like yet?
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    This Koolance case any good? Just wondering if anyone has this case and what they think. I'd like to get into watercooling for the sake of quietness, don't feel like fussing with it to much. I figured this might be a decent way to break in...
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    "Silence" the Fan

    Ok, I have an SLK-800 with a Panaflo on top. I recently picked up some of those fan silencers (the rubber wraps that go around the fan). I decided to put on the bottom of the fan where it touches the heatsink. It did quiet it down somewhat. Anybody think this isn't safe? I wonder if the...
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    Attatching Ramsinks

    Ok, i ordered some OCZ Ramsinks. I also ordered some Artic Silver Adehisve. Anyway, the OCZ ramsinkshave a sticky substance on em, not like a pad either, just sticky like glue. Anybody try using adhesive over them? Any suggestion to attatch these? Or just use the sticky shit.... oh...
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    9800 Pro impressions

    Well, i made the switch to give ATI a chance, went from a Ti4200 to a 9800 Pro. Here's some impressions: 2D quality was better on the Nvidia, I can see lines in colors on my wallpaper now that wasn't apparant with the nvidia card. Also, color is very washed out now on my second monitor...
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    So confused!!!

    Ok, here's the dilemma. I have a GeForce4TI4200. It's decent, but it doesn't cut it anymore, Halo and Farcry just don't run well. I recently got a FP2001 Dell LCd, so i'd like to run games at it's native res of 1600x1200. I'm looking at a 9800XT: It's top of the line, fast, quieter, but...
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    How quiet is the 9800 XT?

    I'm torn over getting a regular 9800 Pro or an XT. I'm leaning towards the 9800 Pro (either the Tyan or the Sapphire that's 230 at newegg), but I'm not against spending for the XT. Question is, which is quieter, 9800 Pro or the XT?
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    Dual Monitor Question?

    Here's an interesting one. I want to run, dual DVI, from my previous thread it looks like the easiest thing to do is buy a secondary PCI card with DVI. I'm looking to pick up a 9800 PRO AIW and a ATI 9000 PCI for the secondary. If the AIW is on my main monitor, the 9000 on my secondary, can I...
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    FP2001 Driver?

    Just got my Dell FP2001. WOW. Definatly hot looking, but for some reason WIndows XP won't recognize it correctly, and i can't get the 75hz. Anyone know where i can download a driver? I Can't seem to find my service tag or find the driver downloads for monitors on Delll's site.
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    Dual DVI

    since search has been disabled, does anybody know of any dual DVI cards out there, preferably one of the newer ATI cards?
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    18" or bigger LCD

    I'm sure this questions gets asked all the time, I'd like a 18" or bigger LCD that's good for gaming. Hopefully something with <20ms response time. I currently have a viewsonic VG171b, and it's been great up until recently. It's sitting in a colder room and it's about 2 years old now...