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    Star Wars: Dark Forces (Unreal 4 Engine)

    A fan has decided to remake Star Wars: Dark Forces with the Unreal 4 Engine and it looks amazing. Still a WIP but what is done so far....WOW....well in my opinion anyway. Skip to the 5 min. mark if you want to see it in action.
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    Maybe...just maybe HL3

    is completed and all these so-called "leaks"over the years are actually clues we have to piece together to solve the puzzle and play the game. I've had 3 hours of sleep and my mind has wandered.
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    Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Has been confirmed for next-generation consoles. Link: Video from link: (I can't find a version with subtitles)
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    I Am Alive.

    So apparently this game has been released and is available on the XBL Market. Has anyone played it yet, if so, how is it? Worth the purchase? Gameplay footage: Release Trailer: This is not a...
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    Medal of Honor: Warfighter

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter The game is using the Frostbite 2 engine. Announce Trailer: I liked the last one that came out BUT I hope this one is MUCH better. What do you guys think?
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    The Last of Us.

    Wow! I finally got a chance to watch the trailer for this game and I can't wait to play it. Hopefully it turns out to be good. Trailer: Website:
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    How long did it take you to beat Modern Warfare 3?

    It took me exactly 4 hours 50 minutes and 34 seconds. Glad I only rented it from Gamefly. How long has it taken you to beat it?
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    BF3 squad setup for X360.

    So is it just me or does the squad setup suck for BF3 on the 360? It rarely works, like maybe 1 out of 10 tries. The invite system is fucked also. Barely works, if at all. The squad system is WAY better in BC2 IMO.:rolleyes: Is there something I missing?:confused:
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    Seriously, squad setup is borked....

    Holy crap, the squad setup SUCKS on the 360 for BF3. Worked so much better in BC2. The invite system works 1 out of 10 times. Then when we do join a game, it's never on the same team.:rolleyes:
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    Today: Sylvania 7-Inch Mini Tablet $69.99

    For today only: Sylvania 7-Inch Mini Tablet Express+ PC with Google Android OS, WiFi and MicroSD Card Slot $69.99 I ordered one. I'm not out much if it sucks or breaks.
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    Games you were looking forward to but were cancelled.

    For me? This video says it all.
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    Operation Flashpoint: Red River

    Anyone play this yet or at all? I have it coming from Gamefly next week so just curious if anyone has some info they would offer up. I'm mostly interested in it for the SP 4 player Co-op it offers.
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    New PS3 owner.

    So Saturday I am going to buy a PS3 for the bedroom to go along with the new Samsung 40in 1080P LCD I have in there (wife got it as my xmas gift). So to ensure I get the best BD playback, what are the optimal display settings for the PS3?
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    Dead Ops Arcade.

    Anyone else playing this? Found this little gem in COD: BO and I am having a blast playing it. I don't know the commands for the PC but for the 360: 1. When at the menu screen, press left and right triggers to make your character break free. 2. Walk over to the computer behind you and...
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    Anyone remember Tron 2.0?

    Man, I just watched a couple of videos and remembered how much of a blast that game was when it came out. I think it still looks good but I wonder if there are any hi-res mods for it?
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    Section 8 demo.

    Anyone else play this? I downloaded it over the weekend and was thoroughly disappointed. Horrible controls, gameplay AND graphics. I would elaborate more, but I am at work right now.
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    Wireless Router for X360.

    So I am in the market for a REALLY good wireless router with great coverage. RIght now I have a $25 Netgear with one antenna that is good for MAYBE 100ft. So I am looking to replace that for something better. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: I am considering this one...
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    Maybe I missed it....

    but was there any mention of singleplayer co-op for Modern Warfare 2?
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    Where are the dungeon crawlers?!

    I've been looking everywhere to see if there were any for the 360 or PS3 but have come up short. Do any of you know of some coming out in the future? Looking for something along the lines of: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 and 2 Dungeons and Dragons Heroes Champions of Norrath
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    Help me out here...

    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 for Xbox. I know both games will work on the 360, HOWEVER, I want to know if they support co-op play over Xbox Live? Anyone have the answer to this? My friend and I both had a BLAST playing through these games and would like to...
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    Tom Clancy's HAWX

    Anyone play the demo yet? I played it yesterday and I had a blast..even did some co-op with my brother. So today, I pre-ordered it at Your thoughts?
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    BF: Bad Company 2...

    Thinnk there is any chance that this one will have co-op? I had alot of fun playing the first one but I think it would have been even MORE fun with co-op..;
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    Tactical FPS for X360.

    My brother and I have been playing R6: Vegas 2 on Live! and have been having a blast. I started playing it when it was first released and only recently got my brother to play it with me. Well we are having a blast and was wondering if there were any other tactical shooters with co-op that we...
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    What Intel CPU do you miss?

    I saw a thread in the AMD forum that made me think about this. The thread was " I miss the AMD mobiles.". I wanted to reply with an Intel CPU but of course, wrong forum. I was going to say I miss my old P4 1.6A. Man those would overclock. I remember getting mine to 2.9Ghz air-cooled.:D So...
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    Worth it to upgrade to i7?

    Considering the system in my sig, would it be beneficial for me to make the move to an i7 setup or stick with what I have for a little longer?
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    Project Offset...

    I am sitting around today and got to thinking about this game. So I went to their website to look for some new info and nothing has been released since Feb. this year. Do any of you have any new/recent news on this game or is it going to end up like DNF?
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    Game suggestions for PS3.

    Well, after deliberating for a year or so, I finally bought a PS3 to go along with my X360. I bought the 80gb model and so far I like the menu ALOT...tons of functions. I have it hooked up to my Panasonic 65in. 1080P plasma.:D I have no games yet but I have tried a couple of demos and they look...
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    Because of you guys...

    and the new video cards that are out, I finally decided to build a new PC. Old and Busted: P4 3.0C@4.6ghz (phase-change cooled) Abit IC7 3gb Kingston HyperX PC4000 Maxtor 250gb HDD SB Live! X-Gamer Enermax 450W New Hotness: Core2 Extreme QX9770@4ghz DFI Lanparty UT X48-T3R 4gb OCZ...
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    Just curious...

    I was just curious what you guys could score in 3DM01 with the latest cards out there. Only reason I ask, is, because I saw a vid on youtube where someone hit 90K.:p
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    3850 AGP

    So I'm looking to pick one of these up for an older PC I have. Now I have been reading about you are only able to use the drivers that ship with the card. Is this still true or can I use the official Cat 8.5s? The PC this card will be going in is: P4 3.0C@4.2ghz Abit IC7 3gb PC4000
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    Dungeons and Dragons (paper/pencil)

    Do you still play? I do, as I am currently working on a Level 12 Thief/Assassin.:D Just to clear the air: 1. I've been playing since I was 12 and I'm 30 now. 2. No, I don't live with my parents. 3. Yes I have a girlfriend who does NOT play. 4. Yes I have a real job.
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    Super Mario Bros. 2

    Well I was surfing around the net and found this. This is for all of us old school gamers and musicians. Enjoy!
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    Probably a stupid question but...

    my X360 does NOT have a HDMI port. I am using the included component cables which nets me 1080i output. Is there a device/way for me to get 1080p output? I don't care what the cost is as long as it works.
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    Well I bought one...

    Went out this weekend and bought the 120gb HDD for my X360. Paid $160 for it at Wal-MArt. Their price was cheaper than anyone else, online included. Brought it home and followed the directions. Let me say, the operation was SEAMLESS. I had no issues other than it takes 1 hour to make the...
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    So let's say....

    I go and purchase the 120gb HDD for my X360. WIll it be possible for me to copy the contents of my 20gb HDD to the 120gb? If so, how will this be possible? Let me know as I am anxious to make the purchase.:)
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    Well I finally did it.

    I've been debating on whether or not to get a console system since I like gaming on my PC. Well this past Friday, I took the plunge. What I purchased: X360 Premium Package Extra Wireless Controller Lost Planet:Extreme Conditions Gears of War 1yr. Xbox Live 3600 MS Points. I must say...
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    Interim upgrade...little help please.

    Well, some stuff came up so I won't be able to do as big an upgrade as I had planned. So I've picked a couple of items for my new setup but I can't decide on a good motherboard. Any suggestions would be great. This is what I have selected so far: Intel C2D E6600 Corsair XMS2 2x1gb DDR2 800...
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    Game music ON/OFF?

    Do you play your games with the music ON or OFF? Personally, I turn the music off. I feel that if the game I am playing were a realistic situation, there would be no music IRL.:)
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    Tax Refund Upgrade.

    With my Tax Refund, I am updating my current PC: P4 3.0C@4ghz 1gb Kingston HyperX PC4000 Abit IC7-G ATi X800XTPE It's a little behind times but can handle most new games with max settings.:) My new upgrade choice: Intel C2D E6600 Asus P5B Deluxe 2Gb Geil Ultra DDR2 800 eVGA...
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    I hate computers....