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    Better Budget Gaming Laptop then new 2021 Acer Nitro 5 with Ryzen 5

    Going to buy my wife her own computer and a laptop would be best for her. She mainly plays WoW, and will be playing the up-coming D2 remake. WoW is more CPU bound and the 4600H looks to be a great option. GTX 1650, 1080P screen, decent cooling. Looking to stay in the 850$ range. Wish List Ryzen...
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    pi-hole config gotcha

    I am just sharing this with others. If you want pi-hole to block adds, do not have a secondary DNS configured for clients. Even if you have your pi-hole DNS server setup as the primary DNS server, setting a secondary server to allowed queries to use this vs the primary. Also Highly...
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    If you had to pick which game to buy for Holiday Break

    What would you pick if you had just one game to play. Mostly looking for single player only games. Holiday means out today
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    LGA 1150 Socket retainer

    Not sure what to call it but I have a hard time tracking down an affordable Micro-ATX board. I found an HP made by MSI board off ebay. It used normal ATX connectors. First problem is the board shipped with a custom backplate to support HP's heatsink. Hair dryer and that poped off but they used...
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    Freenas Core 12.0 Beta

    Anyone running this in a home environment. I am on latest stable 11 build but I need to re-do my Pool due to getting 3 more drives. Thus after I add my backup and completed this I was thinking of upgrading to 12.0 beta's and run this for my production environment at home for media storage and...
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    Split UPS backup USB connection

    Is there such thing as an active/active usb splitter? I want to take advantage of auto shutdown for both my ESXi server and unraid server. CyberPower has something for esxi but I don't think it supports unraid.
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    ZFS Tunning help in FreeNas

    I have an AIO ESXi 6.7 host running plex and freenas. I am getting terrible read performance. 1-vdev 5x4TB HT Global 5400RPM Cool Spin drives 16GB ram and 2 vcores H200 pass through in IT mode Supermicro 1150x mobo Read I get a solid 300MB/s but write it starts out at 250-300 and falls to...
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    ZFS Storage Layout QUESTIONS

    I current have a single vdev on a raid 2z with 5 4TB SATA drives. I am building a new virtual freenas server with ESXi 6.7 and will be doing a direct pass-through(LSI card in IT mode H200 model). I have 8x3.5 SAS/SATA back-plane slots. Freenas and VMs will run on dedicated SSD for data-stores...
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    Apples new Iphone SE Man that thing packs alot of value in that price tag. Google and andriod manufactures thats how its done A13 chipset 64/128GB/256 Storage options 4.7 display IP68 dust/water Wireless charging Camera Quality unknown but...
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    wanted to share this Custom 3d Printed Unifi USG+Switch+Cloud Key 1U rack mount setup Looks to be a really sweet setup for the cost and a nice space saver. Was going to wait for the Dream Machine Pro but I already have the Switch 8 which is plenty for my needs, and with the Cloud Key Gen...
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    On Order ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD Best Budget 144hz IPS

    Its on back order but its coming in early April from Amazon. With my points it was 350$ with tax. Can't wait to feel higher refresh rates on a desktop. Currently rocking a 6-7 year old Catleap 60hz 1440P IPS aka the South Korea Craze monitors back in the day. Can't wait to play Doom Eternal on a...
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    Rebuilding Plex and NAS setup into single Host

    Current Build. All Parts ordered minus case. Less than haft the cost of my previous without case. Old purposed build was a 1000$ with a Ryzen 6 core and Server AM4 Mobo Intel Xeon E3-1265L V3 109$ has onboard GPU so I will pass this to my windows or Linux VM for hardware encoding Super Micro...
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    Unifi Guys need help with Guest Wifi and OpenDNS

    I am getting my USG setup and new unifi POE switch. Both my APs are seen as uplinks and I created the separate Guest Wifi network, IP range, DNS setting and set the VLAN. Wifi SSID is tagged with same VLAN. My uplinks are tagged for this VLAN (aka set as a trunk port) and my guest clients get...
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    27GL850-B any solid leads on stock

    Looks to be sold out everywhere... B&H has November for a stock date. BTW from a feel prospective how much different is 144hz vs 60 in day to day and gaming feel. I am itching to upgrade my old Catleap 1440p IPS display. Getting back into gaming and moving to 90hz on my phone was a big jump so...
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    bykski products

    I am mulling over the idea to move back into a Custom W/Cing loop but man things have gotten expensive. Looking on ALiExpress they seems to have some quality parts at affordable prices. Anyone have any experience with the company. Looks like I can get a full system with CPU, GPU full cover...
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    Gigabyte 1070TI Gamer and Accelero Xtreme III

    Can anyone who has this combo confirm all is good? Gigabyte has a very funky pbc layout and I want to be sure it fits. With my new Ryzen 3600 during gaming the system is pretty quiet minus the super loud GPU fans. I am happy with my 1070TI as thus replacing the card would be silly on top of my...
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    Asus Dropped agesa

    Noticed a new Bios update for my ROG B450-I board. Dated 8/12 and here are the notes Version 26022019/08/129.49 MBytes ROG STRIX B450-I GAMING BIOS 2602 1.Update AM4 Combo PI Patch AB. 2.Improve compatibility for Ryzen 3000 CPUs. Gonna give it a shot. Looking for the following...
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    2700 vs 3600

    My micro center had a bunch of 3600's in stock but they quickly disappeared. Now they have the 2700 in stock for 179$ which is cheaper then 3600. Plus my board needs a bios flash and does not support flash back. Coming from 2500k even a stock 2700 will be a huge set up. O/C and we are talking...
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    New Ryzen 3600 Build, PSU question

    I am finally upgrading my 2500K build to a 3600. I Mostly use my desktop for gaming and remote work. Hence the 3600 O/Ced will trounce my 2500K at 4.2GHZ and slow DDR3. Looking to slim down and I want to move to an ITX case but I want to know if you guys think a Seasonic FOCUS SGX-450 SSR Gold...
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    Ryzen 3XXX Memory Kits(Best Bang for Buck)

    I am looking to finally upgrade my aging 2500K to a 3600. Waiting for Mobo reviews and performance comparisons between the 470 and new 570 boards but memory kits I have no clue. I keep hearing Samsung Die Bs chips are great, but I figure I start gathering a some parts now before NAND prices...
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    Tmobile Free Phone offers and Selling them

    Does anyone have experience with this... I am going to bring my mother-in Law on to my t-mobile account. They have a promo going to get a free Iphone XR with new line activation(which a port in should count) via 24 month bill credits. She already has a Honor SE which she is used too. I was...
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    Best ZFS/Linux Storage Solution for HP Microserver NL36

    I am currently using freenas and old 5x1TB ZFS array. I am looking to upgrade to 5x4TB drives. Should give me plenty of room for media going forward seeing how 4TBs have lasted me 6-7 years. The problem is the newer Freenas needs an x64 bit cpu and I believe Turion in the NL-36 can't support...
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    1700x vs 2600

    Micro center has the 1700x in-store for 140$ brand new. I am looking to retire my 2500K setup finally. I was looking to pair this with an Asus Asus ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming board and some decent 16GB Kit of DDR4 using the ebay Coupon deal. So the board and CPU is 290$ out the door with tax for...
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    TMobile note 9 pre order deal

    TMobile is offering up to 500$ for trade in for older s7 Samsung phones and up. 24 month bill credits but that will make a note 9 only 500$ after 2 years. Thinking of jumping on this for the wife. She has an aging s7 edge which could stand an upgrade. As much as I dislike Samsung she would love...
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    Replacement all-in one NAS/VM Server

    I am currently running an old school HP Micro Server NL-40 4 bay server with 5x1TB HDDs on a pretty old Freenas build. I run a Windows 7 Pro build that used to server as my HTPC+Plex and Mics hosting duties. Simple Dual Core Celeron Haswel Generation and 8GB of ram. Both work just fine still but...
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    Bit the bullet and got a 5T 64GB

    I just can't stand my S7 edge anymore. I hate all the bloat, I hate the poor battery life(now), and most of all the inconsistent performance. After installing Linage 14.1 on my old LG G3 so my daughter can stop stealing me and my wife's phones, I forgot how nice it is to have the latest versions...
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    BH PhotoVideo has EVGA 1070ti in stock @ MSRP

    If you like me who gets charged tax by newegg etc.... They have them in stock starting 30th with free 3 day shipping at 464$ Its crazy how regular 1070's are still over 400$....
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    Upgrade cooling on Ref 290 or sell to get new card

    I have had my 290 Reference based card for 2-3 years now. After taking a break from gaming, I am starting to get the itch again. Been playing Doom and with the new Vulcan API 1440P max out runs smooth enough for me(50-85FPS) but the poor card gets pushed. I can keep it from throttling, but I had...
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    27inch QHD IPS 144HZ vs 4K 27inch IPS

    Here are the 3 monitors I am looking at: acer xf270hu dell p2715q lg 27ud58-b I can not go any bigger then 27inch due my Monitor Arm and new desk(hutch messed that up) No TN or VA based monitors. Only IPS Current Specs: 2500K@4.2GHZ and a 290 Reference based card. I am leaning towards the...
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    New LCD setup, need some reqs

    My Korean 1440P IPS display kicked the bucket 5-6 years latter. So I am in need of a new monitor. Mostly for desktop, Work, and some minor gaming.. The issue is with my new desk/hutch I am stuck with a height of about 19.5" unless I get a mounting arm and even then I am not sure I can go much...
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    PFSense hardware help me decide

    I am looking for something small, low powered but with some room to grow to support high end fiber connections as my new house is served by Frontier aka Verizon Fios in the future. They only offer 150/150 max atm, but I can see them adding more speeds as charter rolls out the new 3.1 cable...
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    Tmoblie offers samsung gs7 edge for only 420$

    Anyone who is a tmoblie customer looking for a good phone without breaking the bank it's not a bad deal. Only online and only coral blue is avaible. To me at this price it's hard to match the features.
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    Could not wait, Got a near Mint GS7 Edge on swappa

    I really need my work email on my phone. My G3 is really starting to show its age. Its rooted and due to this can not be encrypted plus its storage is not up to the task for FDE. I scored a GS7 Edge for 470$ shipped off of swappa. I was going to wait for the new HTC Pixel phones but I could not...
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    New Phone; OnePlus 3 vs Nexus 6P which would get

    I am in a need of a new phone as my new job requires full disk encryption for email. Seeing as I am a sys Admin I kinda need this. Thus my poor LG G3 just can't hang. Plus getting only 3-3.5 hours of SOT is not really cutting it any more. I have ruled out the ZTE due to unknown rom support...
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    Vizio's 2016 M Model refresh and integrated Sreencast questions

    Updated: Vizio M series TV includes free tablet remote and Dolby Vision HDR, starts at $850 Does anyone know if this is just an integrated Chromecast? I am mainly trying to figure out if casting to this new "screencast" will force a transcode for most MKV movies having DD or DTS Audio tracks...
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    Convert 2500K to ITX or build new 6600K

    I am looking at down sizing my current full-ATX system down to a mini-ITX. Here is what I am looking at for components. I am leaning towards the 6600K due to USB 3.0, M.2 SATA Port, PCI Express 3.0 Common components: Case: SilverStone ML08 Mini-ITX PSU: Corsair SFX 450 Watt Video card...
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    Who is still using a Sandy Bridge era chip

    I am still rocking a P67 MSI board, 16GB ram and a 2500K@ 4.2GHZ. I think I have had this setup for 3 years now. Zero intention of upgrading. Granted I hardly use this computer anymore.
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    Keep 2 year old S3, upgrade to LG G3 or wait

    I dropped my S3 a week ago and while the touch screen works 100%, the glass is now cracked in several places. I had my S3 for 2 years and starting to show its age a bit. I really like the G3 and that would be my pick for a new phone. But I am really not wanting to pay 600$ for a phone(T-mobile...
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    ASUS Transformer Book T100 with baytrail

    Anyone using this little gem? I am trying to find a good cheap hybrid small notebook/tablet that can do normal day to day task, handle minecraft and don't starve style games. This Asus T100 looks really solid. Full 8.1, includes Office 2013, reviews say the keyboard is decent, IPS screen, and...
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    Looking for a laptop for the wife

    I am selling my desktop and her's because I just don't game like I used to and when I do, its via steam with a controller on my HTPC and HDTV. I have a Macbook Pro Core 2 for a laptop. Thus she is requesting one. I am thinking the following specs for around 500$(don't mind refurbs) 13-14 inch...