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    3080ti - Unbearable coil whine through speakers

    I've had an EVGA 3080ti Hydro Copper for several months now. I've noticed slight coil whine from it before but faint enough that anything covers it up and not really an issue, nothing I haven't heard from a GPU before. However, this week I replaced my motherboard and also flashed new vBIOS...
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    ASUS AiMesh: RT-AX88U vs RT-AX55 Performance?

    I've had a pair of RT-AX88U's in an AiMesh for a while now and performance has been great. Recently I added another node, this time an RT-AX55. This thing just isn't giving me the performance that I expect. It's getting a max of about 350Mbps but from looking at the hardware specs I cannot see...
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    USB sound device with 5.1 optical out for a Mac?

    Can anybody recommend a USB sound card that has a 5.1 optical output and Mac compatible that isn't crazy expensive? The headphone jack on my Mac Mini puts out a nasty low frequency tone and I just want to bypass it for the time being.
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    8TB HDD completely unrecognizable by one machine, fine in others

    I have an 8TB drive that I'm trying to initialize in my new unRaid box. It does not show up even in the motherboard, regardless of what port I plug it into. Tried cables, etc. When I throw it in my Synology or a USB enclosure to my Mac it shows up and initializes just fine and I can format it...
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    Humankind - 4x strategy game

    Anyone playing this yet? I like CIV games and was about to pull the trigger on this one when I noticed it is made by Amplitude, the creators of the Endless games. I've tried really hard to get into Endless Space and and Endless Legends but just can't. Does Humankind fall closer to Civ or Endless?
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    Aliens Fireteam Elite

    Anyone else playing this game, especially on Playstation 5? I'm such a fan I bought it and played a few levels. Sound effects are spot on and its pretty fun overall. Also its only a $39.99 price of entry which ain't so bad these days. Ars Technica Review Written Review My PSN ID is...
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    Linux for Beginners type books, any suggestions?

    I'm not totally ignorant of Linux and the command line, but I need to finally become proficient in it. Have any of you used any instructional books that you could recommend? My goal is to knock out the CompTIA Linux+ exam before the end of the year but hopefully much sooner.
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    MSI Ventus 3090 x Corsair XG7

    Just got the newly released XG7 block for the MSI Ventus 3090. Took pics to share here in case it interests anyone. Here is a pic of the MSI backplate. Thought it was cool, never seen heatpipes on the backplate before. The Corsair XG7 has some heatpiping running through the front block as...
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    How essential is a “system prep” type of product?

    I just finished assembling my first custom loop yesterday. Have yet to fill and leak test and was wondering where everyone falls on stuff like Primochills Sysprep and the like. I have a bottle of Koolance that was my original plan but my tubing order got screwed and I had to order one of the...
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    MSI Afterburner/RTSS OSD problem

    I just started using this as my OSD. I love it now that I have it set up, but I have one issue that I cannot solve. After getting it all set up the first time and restarting the machine/app, I have a fifth line in the OSD and I don't know where it is coming from. It's one consolidated line of...
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    Lian-Li Lancool II Mesh Performance

    My previous case was a Lian-Li PC-O11 Dynamic in white. Not the best case in terms of heat airflow but a pleasure to work in and a real visual spectacle. Also made me a Lian-Li convert. I made some recent upgrades to my CPU/GPU that just overwhelmed the case both physically and thermally. I...
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    Slickwraps 60% off Sitewide 60% off, no code needed. Less than 24 hours remaining as of this posting. Their wraps are overpriced in my opinion but at this price its a no-brainer.
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    Keyboard buttons emulate joystick buttons?

    I have a Logitech G13 and while I find it to be useful tool it has one minor glaring flaw. All of the keys are only programmable as keyboard buttons. That doesn't really help me since I already have a keyboard. Ideally, I would love for all of the buttons to show up as generic joystick...
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    My Racing/Flight simpit

    This has been a recent pet project. VR has completely flipped my gaming preferences upside down. First, I played console racing games for a long time before getting burned out. The years of no cockpit view were the dark ages. Cockpit view made it last a little longer but ultimately playing on a...
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    Elite: Dangerous

    Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS I recently bought this HOTAS as my overall pick of the market. It was designed in conjunction with Elite: Dangerous, which didn't really sell me on the stick, but did sell me on Elite this weekend while I was looking for something else to test the HOTAS with...
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    Vive to Rift

    Just, like, my opinions man. I really enjoyed my Vive but moving to the Rift w/ Touch has been a profound improvement in every way. The touch controllers are dramatically better than the Vive. The thumbsticks are the reason I moved in the first place for the game I primarily play and I hate...
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    House of the Dying Sun

    Seated, Gamepad When I first got my Vive a year ago this was the game that kept me coming back. This is a very well done star fighter sim, with a dash of RTS in the mix. You assemble a small strike force as you level up. You can replay missions with increased difficulty for more rewards so you...
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    Seated/Hand Controllers Needed I cannot recommend this enough if you are a flight sim fan. This is a near-future version of the current V-22 Osprey, with jet engines. Understand, this is a bit of a pig compared to a fighter jet, so expect a slower pacing. But I was shocked at how much content...
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    Software for creating private cloud? (ownCloud, etc.)

    I'm looking to establish my own private Dropbox setup. I've been Googling around to see what my options are, and from what I can tell it is the following: ownCloud NextCloud Seafile It has proven difficult to find a lot of feedback on these three. ownCloud seems the most prolific. Just got a...
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    Windows 10 resets Power Plans on its own

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    Make mp3 sound bite from video file?

    I used to do this a long time ago, but cannot remember for the life of me what software to use to make a quick sound bite mp3 from a video file. Does anybody have any cheap/free suggestions? I want to make a text/ringtone from an mkv or mpeg4. Thanks!
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    Spyder or ColorMunki

    If anyone has a suggestion or some input on a colorimeter to buy I'd appreciate hearing it. I had a Spyder3Express a couple years ago and I suppose I didn't really have any complaints other than only being able to calibrate one monitor. My personal needs are pretty basic. Primarily a gamer, not...
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    XL Mousepad that is rigid?

    I just got this mousepad recently and I like the size, but hate the cloth. I haven't been able to find one with similar dimensions that isn't cloth. Anybody know of one that I missed? Thanks!
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    Cryorig customer service is fantastic

    Wanted to share a positive tale for once. I've used my share of cpu coolers but last year I got the Cryorig H7 because I wanted something effective on a budget and it was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made. Great cooler, great packaging, as well as one of the quicker and easier...
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    Samsung 950 Pro or OCZ RD400

    Obviously the Samsung is the king right now but as far as I can tell I would never know the difference between the two in real world, not what I'm asking, lol. And the price is close enough, at least for now, to not care between the two. OCZ has a nice looking warranty page that certainly is...
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    Any issues with Steam auto DL'ing?

    This has been going on for something like 6 months now. When I fire up Steam it never automatically starts downloads anymore. It will show the item in my Library as "Queued" and I have to go "Manage Downloads" or whatever to force them to start. Is anybody else having this problem? I googled...
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    Close our own threads?

    Apologies of course if this has already been answered. I can't seem to see how to close my own threads? I have two for sale threads open now and feel like the wrath is inevitable if I don't close the older one. Thanks!
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    SMS from desktop Hangouts client?

    I'm going to give Android another shot in the next couple of days, just waiting for my Project Fi activated Nexus 6P to show up. In the meantime I'm trying to check out Hangouts to see what has changed since I used it last. The desktop/chrome client looks great, but it doesn't appear that I...
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    MSI Z97 G43 Can't setup RAID

    I have the BIOS set to RAID but it never presents a single thing in the boot screen to actually configure it. From what I gather it is CTRL-I to do it but it doesn't work. The manual says nothing. I'm going to shit can this stupid motherboard. How the heck do I set up the RAID array? Thanks
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    I thought Win 10 was a free upgrade?

    So I bought a Win 8.1 key from someone here on [H] and it worked for a while, but I just moved to a new motherboard and windows will no longer activate (can't do the phone option). So I figured I would just download Win10 because I thought even non-genuine windows could upgrade? But Windows 10...
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    MSI Z97M G43 - How to RAID?

    What the heck? The board and chipset support RAID but how the heck do I configure it? There isn't anything in the boot sequence or BIOS about it and the drive CD isn't bootable. What gives?
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    Help pick a CPU cooler for 380t

    I'm looking at getting the Corsair 380t ITX case and MSI Z97I ITX motherboard. Looking for suggestions for CPU coolers. I would kind of prefer a tower cooler but it seems that the only thing that will fit is a 92mm tower, none of the 120mm. (Max in specs is 150mm in height) It looks like most...
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    Separate refresh rate for games vs. desktop?

    Not sure where to ask this. I have a pair of nVidia GTX 970's and an ASUS ROG Swift monitor. I obviously like to set it to the full 144Hz refresh rate but on the desktop that makes the primary card run at full clock just about. I know nVidia did that on purpose. I guess my question is...
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    Where to put SLI bridge?

    Got a pair of 970's and I've got to ask a dumb question. There are two connectors on the top of the card for plugging in the SLI bridge. Does it matter which one I use?
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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

    Game has a Steam listing now. They are seem pretty darn confident in this release, they are asking a full $60 for it! I'm shocked it is a penny more than $30. It is not by the Borderlands 2 development team, and Gearbox still has a black eye from Aliens: CM. I really hope it adds $60 worth of...
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    Synology, back up of the OS?

    I'm thinking of getting a synology. Can it make backups of itself? Not the data stored on the hard drives, but the OS itself in case something happens to the chassis? Basically, once I get it and set up the numerous programs on it I do not want to have to do it again if the chassis fails and...
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    FRAPS for Mac?

    Looking for something to give me a framerate counter like FRAPS does. When I google all I get is video capturing alternatives, nothing for the frame counter itself. Thanks!
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    OS X Support Custom 120Hz

    Does OS X have a way to set custom resolutions/timings? I have a monitor that overclocks to 120Hz and I'm wondering if I'll get the most of it with a Mac. Thanks!
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    VG248QE w/ G-Sync, ULMB or not?

    I guess I've read conflicting things about the G-Sync mod and whether or not you can still use light boost/ULMB after performing it. Can you? Thanks
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    Can't stay connected to online games.

    I'm a little stumped here. I have this wireless adapter: Its been great. Great throughput and signal strength. Pings in the 20's when I do a speedtest. But lately I've tried playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and just now Diablo 3 and I can't...