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    the motorola V600

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    my v600 is trashed...

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    looking for a dvd player

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    16bit to 32bit

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    native sata and nf2...

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    just bought the nec 2510a

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    the a64 and pc3200

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    we NEED a PPU faq..

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    motorola V3c?

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    cant get doom3 to run in linux..

    i copy all the files and run the install file... when i run doom3 i get this.. DOOM 1.3.1302 linux-x86 May 12 2005 14:56:44 found interface lo - loopback found interface eth0 - ------ Initializing File System ------ Loaded pk4...
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    where is edgy eft?

    anybody have links to the offical release?
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    identifing firefox as IE in linux?

    anyone know how to do this? i dont see anything obvious in the menus... plz help. thanks. :D
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    i finally figured something out..

    by myself... took me a day and a half to figure out why the right channel wasnt putting out any sound.. what was screweing me up was yast, it was reporting that both channels were operating at the same volume... finally saw somebody recommending to run alsamixer in another forum. for some...
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    XGL is tight...

    actually got it working perfectly on the first try thanks to a sweet howto.. anybody else use this?
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    only getting audio on left side in suse 10.1...

    ive tried screwing with all the settings i can find... none indicate the right channel is muted or anything weird.. the install did detect the card properly... showing "revolution 5.1" any ideas?
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    envy24 and vista 64

    are there any work arounds to get this chip running?
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    360 wireless controller wont connect?

    any steps for troubleshooting this crap? i hit the connect botton on the front and the light just keep spinning round and round... then the lights just blink on and off... the other controller i have works perfectly. wtf? any ideas or help would be awesome.
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    big suprise virus!

    commin at you in espanol! the mexicans have computers now! lol.. i contract for sprint.. seems as if this IM virus is running amuck.
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    altec lansing 641's

    i have been listening to the z-680's for a couple years after i bought the 641's... the 641 sounds SO much better... balance... nice, very nice bass... not too punchy or muddy. a great set of speakers, i currently have them running in 2.1.
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    installed over xp64..

    and now i cannot access a couple directories in the "documents and settings" folder... access is denied. i know the old admin password... ideas?
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    Wii to be $200?
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    considering powerline...

    what do you guys think of this? planning on sharing a net connection and dont quite have the money for a wireless router and adapter. would this be ok?
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    Opera 8.54 & SuSE 10.0

    ok this shouldnt be EXTREMELY difficult, i swear! ;) trying to make it the default browser over firefox.... when i try to click a link outside of the browser it doesnt quite work... now, i have tried going to preferred applications and using the manual command (no other choice afaik) ...
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    m-audio 5.1 vs 7.1

    well since i cannot use my x-fi in linux, im wanting to get rid of it. i thought about getting an audigy2, but that would mean getting another shitty creative product. (can u tell im a little upset? :p) so anyway.. on with the questioning. :) i know they both use the same chipset, but is...
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    you have to be KIDDING me! wtf!?
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    suse 10 oss dvd?

    any place that offers a dvd iso? i really dont wanna mess with 5 cd's.. i think they do that on purpose.
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    cant stream from work

    nvm... :(
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    revolution controllers...

    since this console isnt going to break the bank and i do not own an HD set. i will probably be getting this. however, im worried that i might not like this new controller much. will they offer a "traditional" controller to use?
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    motorola V3c?

    anybody have this phone? do you like it? is the camera any good?
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    UT2k7 or Ghost Recon for May?

    regarding the ppu release... i think i saw something specific about ghost recon (cant recall exactly where), and something else from pcper that was vague.
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    PhysX api Vs Havok api

    PhysX Runtime Platform State of the art, high-performance physics engine PhysX API™ Designed from the ground up for massively parallel hardware The most advanced simulation technology for games: Complex rigid body object physics system PhysX FX smart particle system Volumetric...
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    more 360s?

    are they starting to stay in stock yet?
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    we NEED a PPU faq..

    anyone care to help me out with putting one together? bah.. im too scatter brained atm.. firstly though, id like to comment on nvidia/ati's solutions. to me, these seem to be a hack, at best. the reason i say this is because in the first place the api they support is havoc. now from...
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    your 7900GT oc's!

    share! mine is at 595/1600 whats a good way to test for artifacts in windows?
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    7900 xp64 drivers....

    anybody know?
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    64bit computing..

    would anybody happen to have a good list of apps for xp64? ie.. burner, web browser (non-ie) and others...
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    64bit gaming...

    which games currently support it? i know farcry does..
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    stand alone cd player?

    any recommendations? im not really sure on my budget.. was sort of wanting to get an idea. something with a known good dac. i think i have the amp for my headphones picked out..
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    what do you think about this amp?

    i like the price..