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    Setting up Lan Cache Docker DNS in windows server hyper V?

    i’m trying to get lan cache working in docker on an Ubuntu VM in hyper V. i’ve figured out that the network in hyper V needs to reach out side as does the docker network! i’m just not sure how to navigate and configure the docket network. last time i tried this, i could ping the ubuntu VM but...
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    How to identify old Core @s that were lapped?

    they seems to have a number at the base of the heat spreader but, google brings up nil. Do I HAVE to clean them up and post test?
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    primchill rad clean ...just repackaged citric acid?

    anyone figured out if primochill rad clean is just repackaged citric acid or some kind of concentrate version or other chemical?
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    does anyone else use LG TV Channels on their LG TVs?

    Do the LG channels freeze every 30 seconds for you too? i have wired ethernet on 300meg service and i know smart TVs can only pull 100meg. i think it's too high of a bitrate and the TV can't always decode or the TV lacks enough RAM
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    a thick boi 120mm rad with fine fins?

    i see thicc radiators but, they all have low fin count. are there thick 120mm rads with finer fins?
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    Fastest CPU/APU for FM2+?

    whats the fastest APU or CPU i can get for the Asrock FM2A88M Extreme4+? The A10 -7870K? i wonder how much faster that is than an A8 6600K?
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    how do i get a hold of an admin?

    this one is wierd. i wanted to get a hold of an admin to find a thread that i was repremanded in. long story short i wound up with a nice set of flash drives and i need more and don't have the old PM to find the OP's user name/handle. its the only thread and time i've been repremanded
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    old school SLI on Ryzen mobo?

    do any of the ryzen mobos or chipset support old school cable driven SLI? i have a pair of old water cool GTX 480s and stock pile of hardware and machines and cases. i though aobut building an older ryzen in an atx htpc case pr atx tower for fun and playing with the gtx 480s especially given the...
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    The gtx 1650 non Ti, is still the latest low profile GPU?

    Or are those with low profile GPU only HTPC cases and OEM PCs to be shunned and stoned with the rest of the non believers?
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    asus RS926-E7/RS8 server does not post or show post code with more than 1 cpu

    with one cpu the post code starts immediately with more than cpu, it flashs a red light on the mobo for a split second then, spins fans up with nothing at all. SO i figured i had the ram wrong or the wrong cpu in the wrong socket. posts fine with cpu in socket 1 but, once i add an exact matching...
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    anyone put a block on an FE 2070?

    i got a bykski water block for a stock non branded RTX 2070 but, it does not fit right. the screw holes line and up and the block goes on but, it does not touch all of the components. the gap is too big for thermal pads. even the spots in the instructions for the VRMs do not touch with the...
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    what kind of speeds is a modern RAM drive capable of?

    theoretically speaking what be IRL speeds of a modern ram drive. my google fu failed me.
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    what do you think of PIA

    my heart sank i saw that i had forgot to turn off auto pay for the yearly. it think the buy out is kind of shady but, have not heard any word of shady doings yet.
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    Rosewill 2 port DisplayPort KVM Switch $49.99

    I got another brand on sale @ $75 so $50 is pretty darned good deal if it isn't hot garbage.
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    Any decent VA screens out there with decent blacks?

    Any decent VA screens out there with decent blacks and acceptable latency?
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    is DRAM:FSB Ratio still a thing with Ryzen, what should it be?

    is DRAM:FSB Ratio still a thing with Ryzen, what should it be?
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    Drobo sized 4/5 bay DAS that doesn’t suck?

    I got a drobo 4 bay USB3 unit some time ago pretty cheap as busted doa unit (spoiler it isn’t broke) got my monies worth but, BOY is it slow. i have 2x 12tb SeaGate irons wolfs and some mismatched WD purples 4/5TBs. i do have 2 WD 10TB drives sitting around. none of my stuff matches. However i...
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    finding a 1000 watt psu

    I thought 850 watts would be enough but, after some calculations the other day, from what i can calculate maximum load is at or over 850watts, these servers put a dent in a power bill just idling. Dual CPUs, 10G and RAID cards, 6 hard drives, 2 - 2+ GPUs, mobo, ram, fans, etc etc this/these...
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    Anyone testing Ryzen with ESXi yet?

    Anyone testing Ryzen with ESXi yet?
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    Linux Suck 2014

    Good video with some great points, DO NOT let the title fool you.
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    Computers and gadgets in the 1960s pretty cool watch. i didn't even know they had graphic interfaces like thin the 60s.