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    Windows Logging

    Not sure if this is the right place for this or not, mods pleave move if it should go somewhere else. We suspect that one of our IT staff is abusing her privlidges and reading files she has no business looking at. I have no proof, of this, just suspicion. Is there a logging option on...
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    How do you deal with log files?

    Under the new NCUA exam guidelines I have to write and implement a policy on how we store, catalog, archive, and remove log files. This is a very broad topic, as it encompasses pretty much every log file we produce. The list includes manual change logs, syslogs, server error logs, and anything...
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    Change Control Software

    Not real sure if this is the right section of the forum for this software, but it was my best guess. I am looking for some suggestions for sofware to do change control tracking for all the patches, hardware upgrades, reboots etc we do on all of the equipment on our network, everything from...
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    Employee Internet usage tracking, reporting and blocking

    I have been given the task to implement Internet usage tracking with reporting, and website blocking\filtering based on group membership and a black list of some sort. I did the whole google search thing and found lots and lots of products that can do what I want, but to me all I see is...
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    Distro suggestion for specific server

    Looking for suggestions on what distro to use for just DHCP servers. The machines these will be running on have a 500mhz processor and 128 megs of ram with a 10 gig hdd. Looking for as small a footprint as I can get, but it needs to be a hdd based install as these machines will not have a CD...
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    does a list of free email websites exist?

    I want to block all free email websites at our firewall here at work. Does anyone know of a compiled list of all the free sites out there? I have the obvious gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc but I am looking for a more extensive list. Anyone know of a site that would have such a creature? Thanks
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    Job Listings Help network\telecom

    I have to write up a ad to put online and in the local newspapers to hire a person to act as a helpdesk position and backup for some currently staffed positions. Our HR department pretty much has been no help at all. The IT job market in this area is absolute garbage, I looked in the paper to...
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    LAN\WAN desktop video conference software

    Does anyone have any recomendations on desktop video conferencing software that runs on a server locally (I don't want a hosted solution), can use off the shelf web cams with audio, white board, text chat, can have "chat rooms" that are either open or require a password to enter, and will run...
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    Cheops and Cheops-ng replacement?

    I used Cheops ages ago to do a graphical diagram of a network I was working on. I am looking to do the same thing again but I was wondering if there were other programs out there that I can take a look at. Looking for something that runs on Linux, must be free, and organizes the data well...
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    Locking down IE or other browswer options

    One of our execs got the idea that putting a public access computer in our lobby for internet access was a great idea, even though i told him it was stupid and a huge security risk. So I'm looking for a little help on securing this box. What I would like to do is make it so the only thing that...
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    Monitoring Router Traffic

    We recently opened up our new headquarters and we have 6 T1 links to branch offices and 1 T1 internet link. I would like to monitor the bandwidth usage on each line and be able to keep historical traffic patterns for up to 3 years. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good program to track...