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    6870 or 6950 at 1920x1200: Worth $100 more?

    Just got this thing install yesterday. It worked fine for two boots, but now I can't get a signal on either DVI output ... the computer does boot, though. Tried reseating it and the PCI-E power connectors multiple times, using a different DVI cable, and resetting CMOS. I put my 9600 GT back in...
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    6870 or 6950 at 1920x1200: Worth $100 more?

    I'll be picking up a 2GB 6950 later today since I upgrade rather infrequently (currently using a Q6600/9600 GT) and I'm not interested in going Crossfire due to the additional heat and noise. Thanks everyone!
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    6870 or 6950 at 1920x1200: Worth $100 more?

    Hey all, I'm looking to get a new video card to go along with my new Dell U2412M and eventually a Core i5 2500k. I've got it narrowed down to the XFX 6870 stock dual fan (possibly Black Edition, same price) and the XFX 6950 2GB stock dual fan. In Canada, the after tax, after rebate price gap...
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    Dell U2412M

    I just ordered this monitor for $300 Canadian before tax ($346 after) through a sales rep over the phone. PM me if you want his number.
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    Dell U2412M

    For those in Canada, this monitor is now on sale through August 16 for $349.99:
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    I'm in dire need of an upgrade from my 9600 GT. :)
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    Forte or Xonar Essence STX for 2.1 Speakers?

    Thanks guys; picked up the Xonar Essence ST earlier today. I'm having trouble getting the digital out to work, though: I get no sound, but it shows volume activity on the sound menu. I'm using a coaxial cable and I've set the S/PDIF pass-through as the default playback device. Am I missing...
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    Forte or Xonar Essence STX for 2.1 Speakers?

    Hey all, Here's another "Which sound card should I get?" thread to bore you with. :) I'm currently listening to my Edifier S330D 2.1 speakers ( through my Audigy 1 (with Daniel K's drivers) on Windows 7 Profession x64. Some driver...
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    The Official Animal Crossing Friends List

    Name: Steven Town: Seaside 5326-3797-0705 I've got pears, apples and oranges; so let me know if you want to visit.
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    Damage per second.
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    What's the funniest WoW Bug?

    Ah, the loot lag... always a classic. :D This one has only happened once to me, way back when I was in the 30s, but is my favorite. Helicoper with corpses, anyone...
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    Here's a link to my character profile.
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    WoW [H] Roll Call [Trading/Questing]

    Main character: Server: Shattered Hand (PvP) Name: Vap Race: Tauren Class: Shaman Level: 27 Mount: No Guild: Expletive Deleted Trade Skills: Leatherworking (150) and Skinning (200) Favorite Activity: Killing Alliance who attack me while mobbed :D Retired character; thought the...
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    Game Card and WoW?

    EBGames has them.
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    Game Card and WoW?

    No idea, guess it was just the usual Walmart slipup. Apparently, Amazon also shipped some early. How I wish I could admire the Collectors Edition contents before the servers go up :D.
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    Nausea while playing HL2?

    I had that same problem, but it's less severe now, barely noticeable. I didn't do anything to fix it, I just got passed the first few chapters and it was gone. Weird.
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    Game Card and WoW?

    My friend contacted Blizzard about that same question, and yes, you do need a credit card or game card to use the free month. From the screenshots of those early Collectors Editions that got out, it doesn't look like there is a game card for that first free month- probably just gets added on...
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    Firefox 1.0PR + applet "JcasterClient" = dead browser

    Got that one too. First time I've seen a Firefox-incompatible page :mad:
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    Poll: How're you getting HL2?

    Standard edition from the store. I preordered before the first, um, official release date :D
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    Does the Samsung 710T use exactly the same panel as the 172X?

    The 710T is cheaper.
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    $1200.00 CDN budget gaming rig

    Overclocking or not? I recommend NCIX; in my dealings with them I have never had a problem. Price matching is great too.
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    Athlon 64 system build: advice redux?

    The features: On-chip SATA and and Gigabit LAN that do not use the PCI bus and the firewall. They perform almost exactly the same, if one outperforms the other you won't be noticing it.
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    What ram too get?

    Hard to beat Crucial if you want absolute stability.
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    Athlon 64 system build: advice redux?

    I say take the Leadtek 6800. It's got a copper heatsink that's better than the PNY and XFX reference cooler while being quieter. It also comes with Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Prince of Persia. I'll also ask why not get an nF3 250GB mobo, but with the Chaintech being $26 less, I don't...
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    What temperature does your 6800 GT run at?

    61C idle 70C load with my Leadtek.
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    I own both, and I prefer the fUnc. The Ratpadz GS lasted all of three months before developing a huge smooth spot in the middle. I applied Pledge weekly and used teflon tape. I now use the fUnc and I couldn't be happier: it shows no signs of wear, and my mouse feet that aren't covered with...
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    Need help finding the following in Canada on online stores

    PriceNetwork is the site you're looking for. It's the Canadian equivalent of Pricewatch. Epox 8KDA3J at Genitech for $164.99 Corsair Value Select Dual Channel 1GB Kit at VibeComputers for $243.79
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    Wanted: 15-17" LCD @ 1600x1200

    That would be me! :D I preordered the last Leadtek 6800GT from NCIX.
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    Wanted: 15-17" LCD @ 1600x1200

    Most 17" CRTs are 16" viewable and 19" CRTs are 18" viewable.
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    Help on a good value AMD64/Mobo/Ram/Vid Card combo (just think of it as a challenge)

    I'm not overclocking my rig, plus it was CAD$4 more than the K8N Neo.
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    bfg vs leadtek

    That's true, the pic on the Leadtek site of the 6800 is incorrect. Pics
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    Help on a good value AMD64/Mobo/Ram/Vid Card combo (just think of it as a challenge)

    It's perfectly fine for a stock or slightly overclocked computer. Those MSI K8N Neo Plat boards seem to have some serious quality control issues, so I steered clear of them. It seems all of these nF3 250GB boards have their own little quirks :(
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    Around $175 to spend on 1 gig...what kind?

    Corsair Value Select, Crucial, and Kingston ValueRAM are all very good choices for that price range.
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    Help on a good value AMD64/Mobo/Ram/Vid Card combo (just think of it as a challenge)

    1. Both of them will show their benefits in certain programs. I can't really find any 3400+ 1MB vs 3500+ benchmarks, but Anandtech has a nice article comparing S754 and S939. That specific link compares the 3400+ 512KB and the 3500+. Xbit has this to say about the S939 dual channel capability...
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    Help on a good value AMD64/Mobo/Ram/Vid Card combo (just think of it as a challenge)

    Usually 18A on the 12V line is a minimum for stability with A64s.
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    Help on a good value AMD64/Mobo/Ram/Vid Card combo (just think of it as a challenge)

    To answer your question about dual channel on socket 754, no, you have to go 939 for that. The S939 non-FX CPUs only have 512KB L2 cache. I bought my PC yesterday (see sig) with all the parts from NCIX. Great place; they have good service and they price match. If you don't want to...
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    Quiet OC PSU

    The Enermax Noisetaker line. SilentPCReview had this PSU running at 21dB at 200W load, plus they're very efficient and feature solid dual 12V rails. I've got one coming in this Saturday. Some bad things about the Noisetakers are that there are only five molex connectors (plus one for the...
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    What is the quietest geforce 6800 GT?

    The Gainward cards also have a non-reference cooler with a dual fan configuration.
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    What is the quietest geforce 6800 GT?

    Supposedly the Leadtek card is quieter than the rest at 30dB. I haven't heard it yet, but I am getting mine this Saturday. MSI is using a custom all copper cooler with their 6800GT, but I don't know if it's any quieter than the reference coolers. The nV Silencer 4 should be out within a...