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    Haswell Mobo with ATA Password?

    Does anyone know which, if any 1150 motherboards support an ATA password (also called HDD password)? The ability to set an ATA password would allow one to use the built-in encryption feature of some SSDs. I cannot find any information about desktop motherboards supporting this feature. I...
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    MASSIVE Steam Summer Sale

    Question about countries: :confused: I'm an American living in Sweden. Steam makes me select Sweden as my country. Will this screw with my payment/card if it shows my US billing address as: 123 fake street faketown 12345 SE I actually just finished my studies and canceled my Swedish...
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    pseudoCAD software

    What I looking to do is make CAD-like drawings, but not necessary to any scale. It's easiest to just show a few examples. damped mass spring system closed loop slice of transistor micromachining process Is there any one program suited to all these tasks? What software would you...
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    Students Take File Swapping Quiz Before Using P2P

    I just graduated from UMR (err, MST), and they have been having issues with the dorm internet access (campus internet is very fast) since my first year. Originally, a few a-holes were torrenting all the time resulting in 20 people using half of the capacity resulting in people getting...
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    Replacing Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Cables?

    You can make your own cables, it's easy. I think they are mono. BUT, it isn't the cable that is causing the sound to stop. It's the connection between the cable and the speaker. It is really a poor design, and making your own high quality cables won't really help. If the connection is any...
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    Another 2.x speaker thread

    Thanks guys, I decided to go with the T-amp and P152s from amazon resellers for $170 shipped. Checking for the P150, P162, and the Audioengine A2 basically says that the P152 will be slightly better than the A2 in all respects and that the price and size increase of the P162...
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    Another 2.x speaker thread

    So I'm looking for some new computer/multimedia speakers (obviously). Previously I had the klipsch promedia 2.1, but I'm giving them to my dad to use on a computer in his shop. Thought they were pretty good, but I'm looking form something better that will last me a long time. These will be...
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    Man With $1,250 Gift Cards Can’t Buy A Mac

    Yes it is, but when they actually get the TV ect. they are doing so legally. There is nothing we could do when someone waled in and purchased something with 10 gift cards worth $107.34 each (the price a 99.99 item was after tax). You KNEW the guy was "stealing" the TV, but could do nothing since...
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    Man With $1,250 Gift Cards Can’t Buy A Mac

    When I worked at sears, I found out the most popular way to "steal" from the store was to grab random expensive stuff from near the doors, then return it at a later date for a gift card. That way, they could get the big screen TV or refrigerator that they really wanted. As far as i know, Sears...
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    I just took the back off by removing all the visible screws. The speakers have a connector that just pulls off. I also left the back off to keep it cooler (but now that I know the noise isn't caused by the heat, I suppose it doesn't really matter).
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    Some experiences about the buzzing: When I use the panel at school, there is very little electronic noise. When I use it at home, there is the same quiet electronic noise, but also a 60Hz (not exactly sure if it was 60, don't have it with me) buzzing. Sometimes quiet, and sometimes very loud...
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    Just wanted to say I also bought that basic DVI cable from monoprice for $10 and it cleared up the bit of tearing I was having. If you use this monitor for videos and games, I'd suggest investing in a new DVI cable.
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    Word 2003 incorrect page length

    A while ago I installed Vista, then installed Word 2003 and then updated to sp3. Ever since then, my word 2003 doesn't format like every other word 2003 in the world. I see slightly less lines per page than other people. For example, I just got a document with a table of contents that lists...
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    WD or Seagate? Help me pick the right drive

    The WD dirves are not the same despite the similar names. the 320GB does not have perpendicular recording. Seagate's 7200.10 do not have AAM (automatic acoustic management) which lowers the seek noise. WDs have AAM and can be set from off to very quiet.
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    Western Digital Settlement

    I don't understand why so many people get so emotional about this issue. To all you people who think you've been ripped off, you weren't. When you bought your HDD you compaired it to other HDDs, not to RAM prices or whatnot. An industry standard in a capitalist market assures you get what you...
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    How do I clean the thermal pad greese off my processor?

    Just curious how many people use Acetone? I tried alcohol years ago (probably 70%) and quickly grew frustrated. Grabbed some Acetone and never looked back. It's like liquid Jesus.
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    quick question about nvidia drivers (XP)

    i got 162.18 directly from their website, graphics -> 7 series -> XP. says released today. I never installed ntune, just the newest driver, to a less new driver now. I'm sure I use the control panel less than once a month, but I still loathe it. Not really much more I can say about it than that...
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    quick question about nvidia drivers (XP)

    162.18 are the latest. I got what I thought was the next newest (94.24), which is still newer than what I had, and it has the classic control panel included. Very disappointed in nvidia's decision to remove the classic control panel as when I was looking for my current card I didn't even...
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    quick question about nvidia drivers (XP)

    So I got the newest drivers released today, but can't figure out how to get the classic view. Did they remove this feature from their new drivers or am I just not seeing it? My previous drivers were at least 6 months old but still had it. Question is, how can I get classic view if it's there, or...
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    Accelero S1 and S2

    I got the S2 for my 7600GT last night. Ordered it from ewiz a week or so ago for 17$ and free shipping. That made it the cheapest aftermarket cooler I could find. I got it to reduce noise and havn't run any games yet, but it keeps it <45C idle in a warm room. Only issue I ran into was one of the...
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    Automatically Spin Down Unused Drives?

    Anyone know a way to set a power down time per HDD? I have one HDD used mostly for backup that I'd like to power itself down since I use it rarely. After a quick look I found a program called Hddscan that lets you power down the drives manually, but didn't see anything automatic.
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    Thermaltake Super Clearance Sale

    Probably a stupid question, but, UPS ground = $10 UPS worldwide = $2 That doesn't make sense to me, but could I use the worldwide method if I'm in the US? I was only looking to get a socket A cooler or two anyway.
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    150gb raptor really that loud ???

    Personally, I don't feel the raptor was worth it for me. In my experience, the drive IS loud and the performance improvements overstated. Everyone's opinion will be different. If you don't know someone who has one, check for noise benchmarks and i'm sure performance benchmarks...
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    Next Best mouse to buy?

    Am I the only one who is annoyed by the high pitched whine of the Logitech MX310/510/518 (and probably more I haven't heard). I can hear my MX510 at arms length away with several computers running. Try putting your MX up to your ear and tell me you can't hear anything. It comes from the IR...
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    Hi im new to AMD

    The Sun's diameter is 1.4 million kilometers. Just stating a fact, but do you see how that fact is totally worthless to this thread? Sorry for a worthless post, but coolpurplefan left 4 of them and the question is already answered.
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    Who cares about graphics cards. There's no games to play anymore anyway

    Some games on that list look really good, but I still agree with the op. When I got my C2D machine just as they were released I was thinking about what gfx card I should get and finally decided on a 7600gt to save some money. The only games I've played a lot recently are some RTS and WoW...
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    For all them guys that UNDERVOLT then Overclock C2D

    I don't know why Intel would set the default voltage so high, but if i remember correctly, there wasn't a large difference in temp after the undervolt (though i didn't run it stock for even a day). Maybe they just didn't see much advantage to lowering the default voltage. I'd run the test longer...
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    For all them guys that UNDERVOLT then Overclock C2D

    And I might die by walking across the street. But I take basic precautions like looking both ways, backing up my data, and running unrealistically demanding tests for hours. Tests can fail at any time, there is no magical amount of time for your computer to be deemed stable. I decided my...
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    For all them guys that UNDERVOLT then Overclock C2D

    whiskey29, I don't really want to run it that long as I'm still using the stock HSF in a case w/o great airflow (as shown by the temps in the pic) But here is 5h stable.
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    For all them guys that UNDERVOLT then Overclock C2D

    I can't answer all the questions in here, but I've been running my 6300 @ 1.2V and 2.8GHz since almost day one (which is like 2 weeks after release). Have all the other voltages set to +.1 on a DS3. Only ran prime for a few hours, but haven't had any issues. Does anyone know if the DS3...
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    GA-965P-DS3 good to go ?

    Couple of questions about this mobo and 965. First can anyone confirm this as a fluke? I would like a quite computer. Second, since this chipset has anly one IDE connection, would there be any performance decrease from running a PATA HDD and a DVD burner together on it? Actually I think...
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    Anyone else think Halo is overhyped?

    What most PC games can't seem to get over is that the controller is less accurate and slower than a mouse. This IS ture. Console gamers won't deny it (if they do, then just disregard everything else they say :D ). But they need to realize that it takes just as much skill to be good at Halo on...
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    Catalyst 5.13 Discussion

    Thanks for the Tray tools recomendation Sniviler! It's looks pretty good, I'll give it a try in a bit. I don't care if the CCC doesn't use much resources, it's not something i use everyday and so I don't think I should have to have it using any memory really. I also think it's ugly ;)...
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    Catalyst 5.13 Discussion

    I too would like to know where i can get the control panel. CCC is horrid. I am unimpressed with ATI lately. They have only just now added the WoW BWL VPU issue to the release notes in 5.13, and they now remove the control panel from the drivers page! My next card will be nvidia.
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    Memory incompatibilities/ questions

    I updated the BIOS and checked for the command rate option. There wasn't any, and the update didn't solve the problem. All the ram slots work. Thanks for the advice, but I think I'll just RMA it. I have no use for it if it doesn't work in my computer.
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    Memory incompatibilities/ questions

    Tried 3-4-4-11 at 2.7V and it still got thousands of errors. btw, what is the difference between the crucial rams? And thanks for your time and help.
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    Memory incompatibilities/ questions

    Mushkin ram 512Mb 2.6V 2.5-4-4 I don't see the crucial listed on newegg anymore. It is CT6464Z40B.16T2... newegg has CT6464Z40B and CT6464Z40B.8T I don't know what the difference is. I do know that it is: 512MB 3-3-3 I checked Shuttle's site and they do have new bios out. I...
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    Memory incompatibilities/ questions

    Shuttle AN35N ultra Athlon XP mobile @2.2Ghz, 400fsb Ok, so I've had this mobo and a stick of crucial 3200 for almost a year now. I just got some basic Mushkin 3200 for Christmas, but they refuse to play nicely together. They each pass memtest individually, but together (even in single...
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    Nice computer for general Computer use?

    Just came in to say that I've had no problems with my 160GB Samsung HDD. I only can compair it with confidence to a 120GB WD 8MB cach drive and I think the Samsung is great. It is quieter and produces less heat. I use it moastly for starage, so I can't comment on the speed. On topic, those...
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    Hot: MX510 For Canadians

    If only I was Canadian. :( I'd pay 30$ USD for one of those. It would be so much better than my cheap logitech wireless optical.