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    Haswell Mobo with ATA Password?

    Does anyone know which, if any 1150 motherboards support an ATA password (also called HDD password)? The ability to set an ATA password would allow one to use the built-in encryption feature of some SSDs. I cannot find any information about desktop motherboards supporting this feature. I...
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    pseudoCAD software

    What I looking to do is make CAD-like drawings, but not necessary to any scale. It's easiest to just show a few examples. damped mass spring system closed loop slice of transistor micromachining process Is there any one program suited to all these tasks? What software would you...
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    Another 2.x speaker thread

    So I'm looking for some new computer/multimedia speakers (obviously). Previously I had the klipsch promedia 2.1, but I'm giving them to my dad to use on a computer in his shop. Thought they were pretty good, but I'm looking form something better that will last me a long time. These will be...
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    Word 2003 incorrect page length

    A while ago I installed Vista, then installed Word 2003 and then updated to sp3. Ever since then, my word 2003 doesn't format like every other word 2003 in the world. I see slightly less lines per page than other people. For example, I just got a document with a table of contents that lists...
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    quick question about nvidia drivers (XP)

    So I got the newest drivers released today, but can't figure out how to get the classic view. Did they remove this feature from their new drivers or am I just not seeing it? My previous drivers were at least 6 months old but still had it. Question is, how can I get classic view if it's there, or...
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    Memory incompatibilities/ questions

    Shuttle AN35N ultra Athlon XP mobile @2.2Ghz, 400fsb Ok, so I've had this mobo and a stick of crucial 3200 for almost a year now. I just got some basic Mushkin 3200 for Christmas, but they refuse to play nicely together. They each pass memtest individually, but together (even in single...