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    What is the Go-To Racing Wheel, Shifter, and Pedal Setup?

    No, not a waste at all. My Fanatec setup is mounted to their CSL Wheel Stand and I'm mostly happy with it. The pedals are absolutely rock solid and I only have noticeable wiggle / movement in the wheel base if I grab on to it and shake it - it's always felt just fine during normal use. I'm...
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    What is the Go-To Racing Wheel, Shifter, and Pedal Setup?

    The "best" setup for PC racing sims would be a direct-driven wheel hub and controller (ex. and a pedal set with a real hydraulic brake pedal (ex. Very high cost. The best upper-mainstream setup for PC racing sims would be Fanatec's...
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    2 sticks or 4 sticks Corsair Dominator

    Why? I don't ask that as a challeange - I'm actually debating the 2 sticks vs. 4 right now myself and I've always heard / thought the same thing but I don't think I've ever seen any real data on it.
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    Non-Protected Camera Survives 100,000ft Fall

    Were you referring to me? I said "...two otherwise identical objects that weigh different amounts dropped from the same height would hit the ground at exactally the same time." Vaccum or not, I stand by that statement. If two objects have different levels of air resistance (like a flat...
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    Non-Protected Camera Survives 100,000ft Fall

    I don't know if a person or an iPad would have a lower terminal velocity, but I know that it doesn't have anything to do with weight or mass - the effect of gravity on either an iPad or a person (or any object that's small relative to the size of the Earth) is exactally the same. In other words...
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    New to overclocking, need help getting more out of this OC

    It sounds like you've already got a very fast computer. What resolution are you trying to play Skyrim at? Based on the Performance And IQ Peview on [H] it sounds like your overclocked i7 and dual 580s should be more than enough to give you a smooth gameplay experience at the highest detail...
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    Sapphire HD6950 Toxic Question

    I'm not sure. I'm actually in the same boat as you - I've overclocked video cards in SLI but never in Crossfire. I can tell you, though, that the Toxic runs hot compared to other 6950s with a dual-fan cooling solution like Sapphire's 6950 Dirt 3 edition. My educated guess is that you'll find...
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    Sapphire HD6950 Toxic Question

    A word of warning - I had the chance to test a friend's Sapphire 6950 Toxic recently and I found that when I switched from the default BIOS to the unlocked BIOS I actually LOST performance. The reason was that unlike the default BIOS, the unlocked BIOS came with the GPU frequency set at the...
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    Help with the last few parts for a gaming build

    Thanks for your reply enginurd. If a ballpark budget is required, I've got up to $800 I'm willing to commit to the burner, power supply, SSD(s), and video card. That budget can be flexible. While I was looking around I thought the HX850 seemed quite pricey but the two things that attracted...
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    Help with the last few parts for a gaming build

    Before I begin I want to thank everyone that reads this and replies for their time. This forum is really amazing because of people like you. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming and folding 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping...
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    Vcore Questions - Phenom 9850 BE O/C

    -- UPDATE -- A couple days later I haven't been able to get past 2.7Ghz because I'm afraid to turn the CPU voltage up much farther in case Asus PC Probe / my mobo's monitor is correct. In doing some more research I was able to find lots of cases of pepole complaining about discrepancy...
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    Vcore Questions - Phenom 9850 BE O/C

    Thanks to everyone who replied. Sirmonkey - I tried turning the CPU Vcore Offset Voltage off in the BIOS and the only change was that my voltages in the onboard hardware monitor and CPU-Z both dropped about 0.05V but what the mobo's HWM reported was still about 0.2V higher than what CPU-Z...
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    Vcore Questions - Phenom 9850 BE O/C

    I’m having a problem overclocking my rig as far as I’d like to. I have a Phenom 9850 BE running in an MSN M2N-E (I know, it’s not a native AM2+ motherboard) The problem I am having is with my Vcore and getting an accurate indication for what it really is. Right now my CPU is running @...
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    WoW "Disconnected From Server" issues

    Looks like turning off checksum offload did it. This teaches me to RTFM. Killdozer, I could kiss you right now for pointing out my own ignorance to me :)
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    WoW "Disconnected From Server" issues

    Starting last night and going into today I have been unable to play WoW. The issue I have is that after I log in I am disconnected from the server 8 to 12 seconds later. The error message displayed is "Disconnected from server". In the 8 to 12 seconds I am in-game I am unable to send tells...
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    Windows XP Does Not Respond at "Setup Is Starting Windows XP" Message

    I just had the same problem 2 nights ago and found that my solution was the one that darknite came up with. When you press F5 while the install CD loads are you able to choose a different HAL at all or are you not getting that menu?
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    Stuck at "Setup is starting Windows"

    Update: I was successfully able to install WindowsXP by pressing F5 as the boot CD was first loading and choosing an non-default hardware abstraction layer. For some reason the only choice I was offered was "C-Step Compliant i486" but it worked. Hopefully this helps someone out there.
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    Stuck at "Setup is starting Windows"

    I've just built a new computer with the following specs: MSI K7N2 Delta2 (nForce2 Ultra 400 based) Mobo Athlon XP 3000+ 1.5GB Corsair PC3200 WD Special Edition 80GB ATA/100 The problem I'm having is when I try to install Windows the system usually freezes at the screen that reads simply...
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    Memory: Amount vs. Speed

    Yes I will, and I can post results when I do. However, I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks would be the better setup between now and then (I'll get the parts at the begining of this weekend)
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    Memory: Amount vs. Speed

    First, the situation I find myself in: I've recently come across some new hardware in the form of an MSI K7N2 Delta2-FSR (nForce2 Ultra 400 based) and a 1 gig dual channel kit of Corsair 3200C2PT memory. This new motherboard will replace my existing KT600 based board but I'll be retaining my...
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    WoW = dangerous

    I am fortounate enough to have a GF that builds her own computers as I do, and she certanly has the power to run WoW on her newest rig. The issue is that she enjoys playing with me, as in sitting next to her to coach and provide advice. I must admit, it is kind of fun. I never thought I'd be...
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    WoW = dangerous

    If you have any time management skills, you can play WoW without much of a problem casually. The real problem comes in when your significant other wonders what's so neat about the game, and you, in your infinite wisdom, decide it's a good idea to introduce said significant other to the game...
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    I have in my possession....history :)

    Just for clarification, are you claiming to run a voodoo3 and an old ATI card together, in SLI mode? Am I the only one who caught this?
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    Updating my Son's computer for Christmas

    I must agree with some of the previous posters; dual CPU workstations and high-end gaming rigs are still best kept as two different machines. My advice would be to wait untill after x-mas and grab that AthlonFX, two gigs of good memory, a 680GT PCI-E (two of them if you have the $$$), an Audigy2...
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    Do i have enough power for my 6800GT?

    I agree. I'm running similar components with an Antec TruePower 380W and even with my overclocking and upping voltages everything is running great. You don't have anything PSU-related to worry about.
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    video card : help me choose

    If you can see spending the extra money I'd say go with a 6800GT. I can't see either of the two cards you listed previously doing a great job playing HL2 or lasting you two more years.
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    Now that HL2 is out, which is better?

    6800 no question. The cards arent even in the same class
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    "hitching" in HL2 with 6800GT

    How I fixed my hitching problem: 1. Install the 67.02's 2. Turn textures down to medium 3. OC my GT to 400/1100 For reference: Running 1280x960 high everything but medium textures 2xAA/4xAF EDIT: to answer the above question, I installed from steam, not retail
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    HL2 Problem, I Have No Internet

    the retail version still requires an internet connection to activate
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    Can anyone tell me where I can find a map or guide online showing me where all the shops can be found? All my usual faq sources have turned up nothing. Thanks
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    HL2 Release Question

    Can anyone verify PlanetHL's countdown clock for the release of HL2? Will it infact be unlocked at midnight?
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    XMS vs "Value Select"

    On the specs sheet, yes, only the latency is different. However, because the XMS series uses higher quality memory chips (not to say that value select is low quality, just lower quality) you'll be able to get better overclocking performance out of it. Oh yea, and the little LEDs are really cool...
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    Whats best video card for the money? Please unbiased people only!!!, thank you

    If you'd like to buy a current-generation card, I'd say go with a 6800GT or just plain old 6800, depending on how tight money is. If you'd like to buy a last-generation card, I'd say a 9800Pro is your best bet. If money is no object at all, I suppose it would come down to a 6800 Ultra OC...
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    no more FX5950?

    Question for you Cryptic, if you're looking at the under-$400 range, why did you try to go for the FX5950 and not the plain 'ol 6800?
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    What are the best $200 cards?

    another vote for the 9800Pro
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    2 questions plz help

    My GF just built a SFF MSI machine w/ a 7200RPM drive, CD-DVD combo, 3ghz P4, and 9800Pro. The MSI barebones kit she used (Mega 865) came w/ a 200w PSU and it woks great through hours of gaming and is never turned off, so I would say that yes, a good quality 250w PSU can power a 9800Pro. Now...
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    EVGA Rules!

    ooooooh STEP up. Teaches me to read more carefully. That is really neat, I wonder if BFG would be kind enough to follow suit....
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    new video card

    Another vote for the GT
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    heatsink, epoxy or no?

    NO epoxy! Epoxy glue will act like an insulator and prevent the heat to leave your VPU. As l337zax said, if you can use the little plastic push-through pins, do so. Otherwise I know Arctic Silver makes a glue similar to epoxy that will act as a thermal conductor.
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    EVGA Rules!

    yes, what is this setup program?