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  1. KCarpenter12

    Best wireless ap/router for Gigabit internet

    I’m looking to upgrade our internet speeds and wondering what wireless router or AP would be best for streaming? I want to be able to stream 5-6 TV’s at the same time… I also want to be able to have multiple SSID’s and be able to prioritize anything connected to specific SSID’s. Thanks!
  2. KCarpenter12

    Check internet connection...

    I’m working on an application that checks if your internet connection is up and running or if it has temporarily dropped. what do you think the best method for checking is? Should I check several protocols like http, ftp, etc??? Will just a ping suffice? im open to any recommendations! Thanks.
  3. KCarpenter12

    View raw Bluetooth data

    Is there an iOS app that will let me connect to a Bluetooth device and read all the live data being pushed from the device to the host?
  4. KCarpenter12

    Printing over VPN

    Hello. I just installed a new wireless router from TP-Link. The router software has a VPN server built in and I'm able to connect to my home network using OpenVPN. Once connected, it gives me a local network IP, 10.0.0.X. My home network gives out 192.168.0.X addresses. Is there any way I...
  5. KCarpenter12

    Looking for a printer...

    Hey, I’m looking for a printer that can print 11x17 and black and white only.... it seems like the b&w printers are more expensive than the color ones? I don’t need anything fancy... just a basic 11x17 printer without scanning or faxing... Seems impossible to find a basic printer these...
  6. KCarpenter12

    Another VPN Question

    I want to be able to connect to my remote network through a VPN so I can access the printer and a network folder. Are there any simple VPN servers out there? Where I can just add a username/password to a database? I don't want to be installing certificates or any of that jazz on every machine...
  7. KCarpenter12

    Mobile printing

    hello all! What is the best, for its price, mobile printer? I need a printer in my vehicle for printing invoices and estimates from my iPad. All the good mobile printers seem really expensive.... I don't need all the extra features.... Just printing. It can even be black and white! Lol...
  8. KCarpenter12

    Hard time installing OS

    Hello, I am trying to install an OS (CentOS) on a server I picked up on CL... currently there is 2 HDD setup RAID 1. When I boot with no USB stick or CD in, it tells me there is no OS on the disk.... when I boot with a bootable CD, it flashed something about ISOLINUX and just goes to a...
  9. KCarpenter12

    Network folder

    What's the best way to open a network shared folder from a different network? I'm trying to figure out the easiest/best way to open a shared folder from my office network on my laptop when I'm travelling. I haven't set anything up yet so I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks
  10. KCarpenter12

    pfSense Box?

    Hello everybody... I've decided to run pfSense on my network. I don't know much about the best hardware to get. I purchased a 1U server on Craigslist and thought I was good to go....To my surprise...this server is so loud that I didn't even get pfSense installed before I shut it off. So, I...