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    Need help quick!!

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    quick question before I format

    im backing up all my files right now, putting all of them unto my slave drive. I have some of the drivers in it as well(vid card, soundcard, network card). when I finish formatting, will the slave drive appear right away? so i could install the drivers. thanks.
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    Canon 5D --- canon's new DSLR

    have you guys heard about this? do you think this would atleast knock the 20D a few hundred dollars down? - 12.8 MP, full frame, no support for EF-S lenses - Rear LCD 2.5" / 230K pixels - RGB Histogram - Spot metering - 9 point AF + 6 "invisible" AF points - No built-in flash...
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    Power failure, now PC won't boot :(

    its not mine, its my friends pc thats having the problem. we had power failure earlier coz of some very strong winds and rain. It lasted for a few hours, then the power came back. since I have UPS on mine, power failures/surges is never a problem for me. got a call from my friend, he says that...
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    Very weird problem

    this is really weird. i have a certain folder in my storage drive that if i open it, it just closes itself. anybody know whats causing this? i had the same problem long time ago, i deleted the folder cause i found no solution for it :(.
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    Need help quick!!

    aight heres the problem: whenever i log-on it just freezes when its loading my personal preferences. got any ideas whats wrong before i reformat and reinstall windows? thanks.
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    how to set SATA slave, IDE master

    been running my comp for almost 2 years now with my IDE as master. now, im running out of space and got myself a Hitachi SATA drive. how to i set it as slave? been trying for almost half an hour now. i have an IC7 mobo, help pls :(.