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    Sleeping Dogs

    It's lacking something...............
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Cannondale06, your wrong about this one, even with my "oldish" proc, this thing flat out smokes anything I've had before. I've had nothing but ATI cards since the 4600TI days, I'm really not an ATI/AMD fanboy, but if you get the chance to testdrive one of these cards look out...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Just got a PNY GTX670, has anyone heard the reviews on this one? It was like the only 670 I could find and I haven't installed it yet.
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    ASUS Radeon HD 6950 2GB

    good quiet card, plays crisis II great, paid $296.00 at Best Buy online.
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    Radeon HD 6950 to 6970 BIOS Flash Guide

    Got one from BestBuy online in april(HD6950,2mb), CCC already I.D.ed it at 820mhz and 1250, didnt have to touch a thing, better to be lucky than good right?
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Just got one (HD6950), its a killer in games, havent really benchmarked it yet.
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    HIS 3650 question

    Looks to me like it will work.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    I've been lazy lately, sorry will try to keep up more.
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    Any new 3870 x2s in the works?

    Also the HD 4870 x2s are on the way with possible DDR4 I heard from somewhere
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    3870 X2 Sucks in older games

    I didnt even have to reinstall, worked fine outta da box.
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    What is the single fastest card I can buy right now?

    This is bullshit, all my old games run great,get what pleases you the most, but for my money it was the $449.00 HD 3870 X2.
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    score: 11832 all settings stock, will overclock when i can get me a 8-pin power adapter.
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    Radeon HD 2900 XT: Flop or Not?

    I consider it a minor flop at the moment, things could improve with better drivers.
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    Upgrading to 2GB, can't decide on RAM.

    This would be my pick.
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    xbox 360 vs new 7800 GTX

    I've got the 360 and I can't believe you'd actually consider trading it even for a 7800GTX . As much as I would like to get my hands on one or a pair of them, there is no way I would trade my 360 for one. The games aren't the best launch games I've ever played but what the hell they're better...
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    3d mark score: 2147 sm3.0 n/a sm2.0: 1152 cpu score:831
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    NBA2K6 360 issues

    I also rented the game, and it seems very suceptible to dirt, fingerprints, and other stuff that can get on a disk. My kids are always cleaning it to get it to work right.
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    What have video games done for you?

    I'm 56 years old and I have played video games now for over 30 years. I find them to be a great stress reliever and good for brain activity. My general reaction times are much higher than non-video game players my age, and I feel they can be an effective Alzheimers prevention mechanism.
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    3DMark06 - Two days time

    Just another scheme to sell more hardware, I'm glad my kids aren't into benchmarking.
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    Would you buy a PS3 for $500.00?

    Someday, maybe......
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    Intermittent cable headache

    I've got Comcast cable for my high-speed internet as well as cable for my TV. My problem is after a small wind, breeze, or whatever, my internet goes out as well as my lower band channels on my TV. I've had Comcast techs over several times but by the time they show up everything has resumed...
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    Installing language packs without original CD?

    Here's a place that will send you one for $10.00 nevermind you need a 64bit disk.....Duh
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    Hows your X800 holding up in BF2?

    AznAnarchy99, you won't notice much of an increase by going from a X800Xt-PE to a 7800GTX. I played a friends machine with a 7800GTX with the same proc I have, and I really couldn't tell the difference. I'm gonna wait at least for the R520s to come out and see what they can do with crossfire and...
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    Hows your X800 holding up in BF2?

    If you can borrow some ram from someone you know, put it in and check it out. I will never go back to 1gb while playing BF2, and it also did wonders in Doom 3.
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    Hows your X800 holding up in BF2?

    I was very disapointed at first, I had to run my res at 1024X768 and my Hz level to 60. I then added an extra 1gb of ram (now at 2gb Corsair XMS3200) and I can run everything at 1200 X 1600, 75Hz and the highest settings without any slowdown. It wasn't my card holding me back at all, it was not...
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    Need help troubleshooting

    Did you try a different PSU?
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    Post your 3dMark 2005 scores here. (Link to list in 1st post) 6334
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    Running on fumes

    Go Buffs!
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    I finally hit 10,000!
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    Can't see anything wrong, guess I'm lucky. I vote for a X800pro
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    How much performance gain if upgrade to 2gig

    I gained 500+ pts in Aquamark, and thats the only one I tested before I got the 5.8 cats. After I put the drivers in and the ram I gained 500+ pts in 3d mrk2005. There is a gain sometimes.By the way, I'm still at 200MHz 2-2-2-6, 4 Dimms with 512 in each one. I love the 2gb and wouldn't trade it...
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    Post Screenys of your Everest Memory Latency!

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    Enter to win an ATI Radeon X850 XT PE (AGP)

    Thanks for the link! If I win I'll send you a free 9700np.
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    Corsair XMS Voltages

    The RamGuy at Corsair says 2.9 max.
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    Badge Art Orders

    Ok I got it to work on another computer! All is well.
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    Badge Art Orders

    Under the heading of Make payments with Paypal, all I have is a square with a red X in it and it goes nowhere.
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    Badge Art Orders

    Hito, I can't get your payment site to work, maybe I'm just an idiot...