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    Looking for the an ultrawide that meets these criteria

    Must haves: G-sync (officially or unofficially, as long as it really supports VRR, and the broader the range, the better) 100hz minimum refresh rate 3440x1440 minimum res <$650 I prefer monitors that appear to have smooth textures and do not appear "dirty" or sparkly. My main setup at home...
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    Corsair SF450 enough for EVGA 1080ti FTW3 in miniITX build?

    Title, pretty much. This will be a secondary gaming box and I don't plan on having a lot of peripherals run off it or anything. Here are the components: ASRock Z390M ITX i5-9400F (likely will try to lock all cores to 3.9Ghz) 480GB SSD 8TB HDD EVGA 1080ti FTW3 (probably overclocked a modest...
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    In what situation does a 9900k purchase make sense over an 8700k?

    Sorry for another "8700k or 9900k?" thread. I'm in the market for a new CPU to replace my 4770k, and I've decided to do it now in lieu of waiting (which is the usual advice I've gotten). My primary use is 4k gaming, and I'm using a 2080ti GPU, and I've just picked up a NVME drive and some...
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    [HOT]: Adata 960GB XPG SX8200 NVMe SSD $179, Adata DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) PC3200 $127

    (Courtesy of Sorry folks, deal appears to be dead. My apologies. Several products available. Use Coupon Code "SAVE15". Free shipping. Someone on Slickdeals mentioned that the coupon is limited to a total savings of $60. I was considering waiting until BF to start piecing...
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    Help request for a PC build

    My 2080ti has me thinking that I might benefit from a full system upgrade as it's been a number of years. Visited the bottlenecker site and it told me I was 32% bottlenecked with my 4770k and modest OC. I'm sure that's probably inaccurate as hell, but I also figure I can get some nice...
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    When will we see a >20% upgrade to Titan X pascal?

    My apologies for asking something that most of you probably figure is common knowledge. I tried googling for info on the next releases for the Nvidia GPU market, but got a lot of conflicting information about a few different chipsets. Can someone that's already parsed this out lay it down for...
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    Heads up: Titan X Pascal available at Nvidia store right now

    I'm pretty surprised, but it's been available for the last couple hours. Go ahead over there if you want to snag one. NVIDIA TITAN X Graphics Card with Pascal Architecture
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    Would appreciate opinions on going from 980ti SLI to single GTX 1080?

    My current rig is in the sig. I've not been entirely happy with my SLI setup, but I don't want to sacrifice too much in performance for some games. Truth be told, most of the time I find myself playing games that don't really tax my hardware anyway, like Diablo 3, FFXIV or indy games like...
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    Looking for cheapest GPU for HTPC MadVR UHD upscaling - NNEDI3, if possible

    I've got an HTPC (Intel HD4000) I've been using with my 1080p Kuro in my family room and it works great with MadVR. I've recently picked up a Samsung UN65JS8500 and I'd like to get the most of it. Probably 70% of what I watch is sub-1080p (mostly 720p), so the upscaling process is going to...
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    Wanted: 39", UHD, G-Sync, 59hz

    Prefer IPS or VA, but will accept quality TN. Will pay through the nose to get. Pipe dream?
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    Would EVGA SC and non-SC 980Ti work for SLI?

    I've got a non-SC EVGA 980ti that I got through a step-up, and right now the non-SCs are actually MORE expensive ($680) than the SC version of the same card ($650). I've been trying to sell the card I have since I went with some MSI Gaming GPUs instead for the non-ref boards (I'll be water...
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    Questions for folks with first hand EVGA Step Up Program Experience

    I applied for the step up program on a pair of GTX 980s that I bought just under 3 months ago. I understand there is no way I can get EVGA to send me the new units (980 Ti) prior to sending the old, so I had a couple questions. I'm mired in TW3 right now with FFXIV Heavensward coming in a...
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    Whats the best way to determine which 2 of 4 GPUs are most compatible for OC in SLI?

    Any tips here? I have currently 4 GTX 980s and will be keeping 2 of them for SLI, and I was hoping there might be some characteristic that I could check to see which two might be best together for SLI and OCing. That is, without testing each pairing in a large battery of benchmark tests...
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    Do 290x or 295x2 support HDMI 2.0?

    My primary display is a UHD TV that doesn't have DP input, and I need HDMI 2.0 for UHD@60hz and 4:4:4 chroma. Can the 290x do that? I'm a 970 "victim" looking for options. Thanks
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    What's with these crazy Crysis 3 frametimes for my 970 SLI setup?

    I just picked up Crysis 3 and gave it a shot with my new 970 setup, and I'm getting constant spikes with my frametimes. My setup is in the sig, and I'm OCing at 1479mhz core, 7800mhz memory, 110 power limit, stock voltage, using the latest geforce drivers (347.09). This was when using my Asus...
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    Calculator for perceived image sharpness using DPI & view distance as inputs?

    Hopefully that makes sense. Here's what I'm after. I'm considering replacing my 3440x1440 display that sits 26" from my eyes with a UHD TV that I would wall mount about 44" from my eyes. I don't want to give up any perceived sharpness or image FOV in doing so. I calculate that the DPI on my...
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    Windows 8.1 scaling discussion and questions

    I'm in the process of adding an Acer 28" UHD display to add to my current LG 34" 3440x1440 21:9. The vertical dimension of these displays is very similar, but clearly they have pretty vastly different PPI specs. I've been doing research on the web about windows scaling and how to apply it...
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    Best 980 for OC w/watercooling that have 2 DP outputs?

    I have two monitors that require DP input, and Nvidia control panel requires me to have both displays plugged into the same card if I want to enable SLI max performance. Since my 780s only have 1 DP out, I can only have one display on each, meaning I can't use both of them for my desktop. I...
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    Any >30" UHD gsync displays on the horizon?

    There's the 28" UHD Gsync Acer (XB280HK), which is tempting, but a little small. From what I understand, Gsync is pretty much a godsend on UHD, and makes games playable with reasonable levels of GPU hardware. Any larger displays with UHD and gsync coming?
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    Going with 32" 4k or 34" 3440x1440. Any opinions on this?

    With my SLI 780 setup, I believe I could manage 60 fps in most games maxed with the 21:9 display, but not the former. Especially when considering games like The Witcher 3 are on the horizon. I could upgrade my cards, but I'd rather not until 6 or 8GB RAM cards are released. On the other...
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    Any online tools that compare screen dimensions for various size & ratio displays?

    I'm looking to upgrade my faithful Dell U3011 to a 4k display in the coming months, but I don't want to increase PPI much, or lose much in terms of overall screen "acreage". With that said, the sub-30" 4k displays are out, but I'm seeing 32" 4k displays are hitting the market that can do 60hz...
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    Is it worth upgrading SLI 780 WC at this point?

    I use a 1600p (60hz) right now, but would like to upgrade to 4k at some point (are they available in 60hz models yet?) Not certain if that would happen before I upgrade again though - I tend to keep video cards only 1-2 years anyway. A new SLI 970 watercooled setup is about $950, and maybe...
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    Best way to temporarily bypass a GPU water block in a loop?

    I'm switching GPUs from my 290s to a 780 (possibly two). Since the water blocks for the 780 Classified aren't in stock anywhere, I'll be running with it on air until they come in. I need to complete my loop to cool my CPU. I have Koolance QDs on both sides of the GPU blocks now, and I was...
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    Have CFX R9 290, want to switch back to Nvidia - a few question

    I've got a pair of R9 290s watercooled and I'm tired of fiddling with them to get optimal performance. My sli 680s were never this way, so I'd like to go back to Nvidia. However, I don't want to give up performance. Do I need 780ti sli or will 780 sli be as fast as the 290 setup? Noise is...
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    Very surprised at how much cooling I'm getting with a single 360 rad

    Installed my water blocks on my new R9 290 CFX setup recently along with my 4770k running at 4.2GHz (stock volts). The 290s are OC'ed at 1150/1375 at power +50% and +25mV. In extended gaming I'm getting temps around 48/46 deg C for the two cards. CPU temps stay well under 50 deg too. I've...
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    Correct settings to use? R9 290 CFX experience is always choppy

    I'm running AB Beta 17 and a 1125/1400 overclock (water cooled). Catalyst 13.11 Beta 9.5. ULPS disabled. CCC 3d rendering settings at default. I realized pretty quickly that I needed to disable V-sync in game on everything to avoid huge stutter issues (that even crept into audio), but it's...
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    How to upgrade my single 360? Three options, as I see it

    Current setup is in sig. I just switched from a HAF X case to a Corsair Carbide Air 540. It gives me a lot more flexibility with WCing. The setup does OK with temps (60/58C with heavy gaming), I could do a lot better with a. temps, and b. noise. My current setup is just using the GT...
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    Sapphire or gigabyte ref 290s?

    I know they're both quality brands, but I'm in a position to decide, and need a bit of advice. They will be water cooled, if that matters. Gigabyte appears to have better warranty at three years to sapphires two, but I'm not sure if either are transferable. Also, I read that both are...
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    How overwhelmed will one 3x120mm setup be with R9 290X CFX + i7-2600k?

    Title says it. My gear is in my sig - I'm running swiftech 3x120mm rad, 3 GT AP-15s in push configuration. Looking to cool a single i7-2600k (currently over clocked but I might take it down to stock if that will help) and a R9 290X CFX setup at stock clocks. The key - I'm not looking for...
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    Just installed new RAM. Failed to turn on and smokes. Help appreciated.

    Built an HTPC box recently with a couple new parts and a bunch of parts I had lying around from an old build. Was using 4 gb of triple channel memory and wanted more, so bought an 8GB kit (this one) Disconnected everything, opened up the case, swapped the RAM sticks, plugged everything back...
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    Can I use three DIMMs from an old LGA1366 for a new LGA1155 build?

    I'm a little fuzzy on how triple/double channel memory works. I know it's best to upgrade in pairs/triplets for each respective chipset, but as I have a pack of this DDR3 RAM lying around not getting used, I thought I would use it anyway. I'd like to be able to use all three sticks, but...
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    New to HTPC - would appreciate help critiquing my build

    I'm an experienced PC builder tired of dealing with issues with my current PS3 media server/PS3 streaming setup to watch digital files on my living room HT. Design constraints/priorities: -Primary mode of operation will be playback of digital media files and Blu-Ray/DVD disc. Some web...
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    Is there a way to check if my SSD is defective?

    I'm having some really weird problems with a fresh install of windows on my new Crucial M4 256GB drive. The computer hangs in Windows 7 all the time, almost any time it's trying to read or write to cache. I even had it hang on me on the Win7 login screen - I tried to type in my password and...
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    Info for those wondering how surround and multi-display work with 680 SLI

    Got mine yesterday. Was going to try a single one to see how it did for me in case I might be able to sell the second, but ended up using both for my 5 displays. For those that were wondering about the display output capabilities of these cards, you have several options for connections...
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    Water cooling reference 680s

    Anyone know when the full coverage blocks will be out? With the changes to the methods of OCing, will OCing ability be hampered viz a viz water cooling additional gains?
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    go go be warned - replacement only return policy on these
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    Can anyone answer this question about 680 surround?

    I see they bumped the display ports to 4 on each card, but my real question is, can you still use outputs on BOTH cards if you have them SLI'ed (like you could with their previous cards)? I have 5 displays I want to hook up (no more than 4 operate simultaneously), and I'd love it if Nvidia were...
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    Just installed new water loop, now PC won't start

    Right now my loop is just a res/pump, rad, and CPU block. To leak check, I jumped the ATX 20 pin out with one of those motherboard replacement dongles to run the pump and bleed the system. This process worked fine. There was a small spill (my fault) while I was filling the system, but it...
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    What kind of diagnostic parameters should I have for a water loop?

    Looking to pick up a 5.25" bay controller/monitor/etc, and I'm really looking for the best attributes to monitor, and/or a recommendation for a controller and hardware to pick up. Most of what I've seen available comes with fan (voltage) control, but as I'll (at least initially) have only...
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    About to order parts - please help with sanity check on my first water cooling setup

    Posted this over at, but I'm hoping for a few more responses quickly since I've got the stuff in my cart and ready to pull the trigger. This will be cooling my Intel 2600K and two video cards (likely Asus DCII HD7970), with mild to moderate overclocking on all three. Here's what...