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    Best TV Tuner?

    Hello! I need to record video from my old analog video camcorder through RCA cables. Audio isnt as much of an issue. I was wondering if I can do this with just a regular TV tuner card. I was looking at this: Any thoughts or...
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    Best drivers for 7950GX2

    My friend was using a 7800gtx so I let him use my retired 7950GX2. Hes running Vista 32bit and is looking for drivers for it. Hes tried the latest ones on Nvidias website and they just give him a black screen once he logs in on Windows. Anyone still use one of these cards and have a driver...
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    WotLK has been out for awhile now. What's the verdict, WoWers?

    I got Wotlk at launch and startd leveling my, at the time, main. After 2-3 levels I decided that I would give my Death Knight a try. The questing from 55-58 on my Dk was some of the funnest questing and overall plot developing that I have done on WoW. Being eveil for a change was extremely...
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    One more time, STEAM suxorz

    The only problem I have ever had was after I update Steam, it acts as if I have never logged in before. I just have to re log and everything is fine.
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    100 New FEAR 2 PC Screenies

    I loved the first one but these screenshots made me lose all enthusiasm I had for this... Back to Fallout for me!
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    I have a jail broken Iphone 3g. It recently started to accrue dust under the screen to the point of it being extremely annoying. I want to take it back and have it replaced but I want it to look like I didn't jailbreak it. I was just going to restore it in Itunes, but I didn't know if that would...
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    Bethesda needs to fire its programers.

    Whats with everyone knocking Bethesda? Its a serious case of nerd-rage as Fallout 3 didnt turn out like THEY wanted it to. As far as bugs go, I have never had any problems. Both in Oblivion and Fallout 3. Yesterday I installed Fallout 3, played it for 4 hours non-stop, and had no issues...
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    WoW 3.0, thoughts/comments?

    I love that my Rogue can finally use Daggers again. Im having a lot of fun not having to run around in circles using mutilate.
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    Do you remember your first graphics card?

    5200 Ultra--9600- 9800XT- 6800GT- 7800 OC- 8800GT- 8800gt SLI
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    I want one..
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    Phenom board with SLI?

    I will definately go with that quadcore. Any reccomendations on any other motherboards? Anyone on a quad Phenom system that can share their experience?
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    Phenom board with SLI?

    Price is a major consideration and the 9600 BE quad seemed like an easy way to get into a quadcore.
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    Phenom board with SLI?

    looking to to to 9600 quad with 4 gigsof ram From my rig in my signature.
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    Phenom board with SLI?

    I haven't seen many reviews of AM2 + boards with SLI. I am looking to upgrade to AMD quad core and take my 2x 8800gt's with me. Any suggestions or advice?
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    WoW: Job Market for Mages Even Worse Than Real World Job Market

    This thread is an extremely good example of both extremes of WOW players. Some consider the game a job and lock themselves mentally into a train of thought that doesn't allow exceptions or mediocre gear. Some people just want to have fun and enjoy the company they are with. I love these...
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    Looking for a buddy key for AOC please.

    I would love to try this game out as WOW is getting a little old. I would really appreaciate a buddy key if anyone can spare one.
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    What are you playing today? THREAD

    FF7, Lumines, Syphon Filter on PSP. TF2, WOW on my PC.
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    World of Warcraft Screenshots here!

    Endgame becomes more of a job than a pastime...
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    Hilarious True my gaming has affected my everyday life.....

    Its so hard trying to explain things like that to other people. People still look at me when I say they get owned..
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    Gear of War for PC question

    Just make an account through the in-Live registration thingy. It makes you a silver account that you can use. Or use your same Xbox 360 account.
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    Best RPG ever??

    Chrono Trigger FTW!
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    Why is the COD4 community so lame?

    This reminds me of WOW... I HATE the Forums.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

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    Need some gamepad recommendations

    I agree on the Nostromo Products. I've used the n50 for a year up until the n52 came out and now I use that. I love those things.
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    Chinese teen WoW player lights friend on fire in real life.

    Obviously the kids friend forgot to stun lock him. They should nerf that water bottle.
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    Weird Bug with latest Forcewares

    I recently did clean installs of both the 169.25s and the .28s. Both set all profiles to a Nvidia recommended setting of Single GPU. I dont get it. Before some of the profiles had pre-defined settings or w/e from Nvidia. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Awful WoW performance

    I am having the same problem in Org. as well. With my system in sig I used to get 60 all the time. Now I go into a populated city and I get framerate dips.
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    Crysis Benchmarks: Performance is Remarkable

    One thing I get upset about with Crysis is when people start throwing tantrums when the FPS averages at 30. I think the game is absolutely playable and fluid at 30 fps. I dont know if my SLI is broken with my 8800GT's but at 1680X1050 on medium/high I get around 25-35 fps. Kinda frustrating. I...
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    Halo 1 PC poor performance

    Make sure you set the frame rate limiter to something other than 30 fps. The game plays horrible on that setting.
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    BFG 8800GT OC at BestBuy

    I bought a 8800GTS the day before the 8800GT came out. I checked to see if the store in my area had the card. Then I called. They had two. I took my 8800GTS back to Circuit City and bought a 8800GT at Bestbuy the same day. I called Best Buy the next day and picked up the other one...
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    So who LOVES their 8800GT? Sound off!

    I got two BGF OC editions are these things are awesome. Only Crysis brings them to their knees sadly...
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    Gonna go SLI!

    Gotta love Bestbuy! These things are awesome, and my powersupply had no problems. I am looking forward to Crysis!
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    weird hard drive problem

    I booted my computer, it posted, continue to where it would start loading Windows and then gave me an error. it said Disk reading error press crtl alt del to restart.
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    7950GX2 acting weird in new mobo.

    My friend got a ECS motherboard with a Nforce 4 northbridge. Its a socket AM2. The 79050GX2 works fine in my computer. When we put it in the new motherboard it does not POST. The fan on the GX2 just revs up and down. We dont know what to do.
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    Gonna go SLI!

    Any games give 8800gts in SLI an trouble?
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    Gonna go SLI!

    So the cards have to run at the same core/mem/shader speeds?
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    Gonna go SLI!

    So as long as its another 8800GT its ok? Its been pretty hard to find the cards where I live so ill take what I can get.
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    Gonna go SLI!

    Ok, so I already bought one 8800GT and it's awesome. I bought the BFG OC edition of the card. My question is do I have to buy the exact same card to do SLI or will another regular 8800GT work? I've never done SLI before. Thanks!
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    Horrible Source Performance

    I am running Vista. I had to use Nhancer to get it to work well. In Nhancer I made a copy of the Half Life 2 Episodes profile and changed the SLI mode to Alternate Frame Rendering. This made the performance jump from 20-30 fps to 70-80. Weird cause split frame rendering was the Nvidia...
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    Horrible Source Performance

    Since installing and playing Half Life 2 Episode 2 and Portal both games have run like crap. I installed the 163.75 drivers and those haven't helped. I am at a loss of what to do to get the games to run correctly. Any ideas? I hate this damn 7950GX2.