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    SLI/Crossfire state of health review 2017??

    Was wondering if Kyle or anyone was planning to do a review like they have in the past with driver state, but this of for SLI/CFX state. Very curious to see what the findings are.
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    Intel i7 6700HQ hot?

    Trying to find normal operating temperature for Intel's i7 6700HQ. Mine on my laptop seems to run hotter then id personally would think... Hovers around 45-50'c. anyone have any idea where I can find out of its considered cool or not? Only reason I ask, is it runs hotter than an overclocked i5...
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    Best OC Guide for i7 4790K?

    I have just recently purchased an i7 4790K to replace my i5 4690K... What's the best guide to look at for overclocking?
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    Best Fan controller?

    Well i'm my opinion the fans I have aren't doing there best at cooling in my system hooked up to Molex. Maybe I have higher expectations then they're doing but i'm thinking on buying a fan controller. Anyone have any Suggestions?
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    best cooling?

    I am on the verge of replacing all the stock fans in my CoolerMaster HAF XM case. I have one of these as the rear exhaust fan (140mm) I have this on the side door intake...
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    Cooling Suggestion?

    I have a EVGA Superclocked CPU cooler and I'm wanting to add a second fan to it for Push/Pull. What would be a good way to go about this considering the fact the cooler itself wasn't designed for such. I've been told 2" Automotive Cotter pins would work but dont have any to try myself. I'm...
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    need advice! Case Cooling

    Just trying to Maximize the air flow in my CoolerMaster XM Case... I have the following. 200mm intake fan that came with the case at the front. 120mm fan on the hd bay. (Blows air towards my 660 GTX TI) 200mm fan on the side door - Intake 200mm fan on top thats a standard one -...
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    issue in Splinter Cell and other games

    I have this annoying as HELL.... Issue when I'm trying to play... It gives me a bar on the left side of the screen that constantly flickers colors and flashes >.< Now, I had looked for the SLi thingy that lets you see how well SLI is scaling however... it is most definitely that at all... It...
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    630 GT Review?

    Anyone have any Reviews on the 630 GT? Was wondering.. Bought one for my father for a replacement of a GT 6600 128mb vram gpu and cannot find anything on how it performs vs others.... Appreciate it if you know. Built my dads PC.... CPU - Intel Core i3 2100 RAM - G.skill DDR3 1333Mhz 2gb x4...
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    Gaming router under $50?

    Was wondering if anyone would happen to know a cheap, Wire or wireless gaming router that would be used primary for PS3 that wouldn't give me a lot of problems I have been experiencing with our Belkin Surf router... I've set all the ports I need forward, DMZ'd just the PS3's IP.... Opened...
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    BF3 half off (amazon)

    List Price: $59.95 Price: $29.99 You Save: $29.96 (50%) not sure for how much longer but it's 1/2 off atm.