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    Recommendations for a small PC case that is silent and has great airflow

    I'm looking for a small case for a micro ATX board but can also fit a full size video card. Specifically a Radeon 6800xt. I'm going to run a Ryzen 5950 and in addition to gaming I also do video encoding where the CPU can run at 100% load for days at a time. So cooling is very important. I'll...
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    Radeon 10bit encoding?

    I'm having a tough time finding the info. Do any Radeon cards have the ability to encode 10bit HEVC? Specifically in handbrake?
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    $1500 gaming PC build?

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Entirely gaming. It's going to get a lot of use. Hopefully it will last awhile! 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1500 total, including shipping. 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S...
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    File server upgrades

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc File server, video transcoding, minecraft server. My current server has a Intel C2D conroe e6600. It is maxed out when transcoding and the stream sometimes pauses periodically waiting on the server to transcode...
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    Roku 3 HD audio?

    Has anyone with a roku 3 tested to see if it will play MKV files on your network? And can it bitstream DTS-MA HD/Dolby TrueHD if those MKV's have that audio? I have a windows server on my network loaded with bluray rips and currently have an HTPC I use to play them. Just wondering if the Roku...
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    couple questions about streaming services

    When will the xbox 360 get Netflix super HD? Does an amazon prime membership stream any video on amazon instant streaming or is there a separate group of amazon prime streaming video? I don't see an amazon streaming plugin for XBMC. Any 3rd party ones out there? What about netflix super HD...
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    $1800 build?

    1) Figure out your budget $1800. This will have to include shipping costs. We do not have sales tax here in Oregon. I'm not counting MIR in that. I can build my own easily enough though i'm fine with buying pre-built too. 2) Figure out which components you would need for your setup...
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    Windows 8 and multiple google calendars?

    I have multiple google calendars, however only the first one will show up in calendar. Any idea how to get them all to show up?
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    Would you buy any of these?

    560 TI 1.2gb 448 cores for $233 shipped GTX 580 1.5gb $283 shipped Radeon 6970 2gb MSI lighting $280 shipped radeon 7870 for $275 shipped I really don't want to spend over $300. My daughter got water inside my computer killing my Radeon 6970. So i'm looking for a replacement. I game at...
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    Save a video card with water damage?

    So my daughter spilled water on top of my computer. There is an exhaust port in the top and the water went through and dripped onto my Radeon 6970 2gb. This result in the computer turning off. I have a backup video card I put in and the computer boots and works fine. However with the...
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    Recommendations for quiet PC case?

    I need a new PC case. The current case i'm using is a coolermaster stacker and this thing is frickin loud. This was my old server case and after moving my server to a different case I used this for my PC but it's just too much. I do have fan controllers, I have played with some different...
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    bad ram or bad motherboard?

    So I recently purchased a 3x 2gb memory kit for my PC. Specs in sig. I already had a 3x 2gb mushkin redline kit and the new kit is a mushkin blackline for a total of 12gb After adding it i've noticed the computer to lockup, reboot or bluescreen. I ran the win7 memtest and it said everything...
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    some planetside 2 gameplay footage
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    27" Monitor recommendations for under $300

    I primarily use a 27" imac but with a laptop video card i'm running into FPS issues on SWTOR with everything maxed. And I really want to max everything. Works great for other games. Specs in sig. I have a gaming PC in my sig and i'm thinking of using that primarily. (My wife can use the...
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    Need a comfortable open ear headset

    I had this pair of plantronics years ago that was amazing. Open ear design, great audio quality and amazing comfort. They broke and plantroncis had stopped making them so I couldn't get another set. I don't even know what model number they were. The ear cups were lined with felt and were very...
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    What's the cheapest place to get out of contract phones?

    I'm not eligible for an upgrade. I'd like to pick up an android out of contract as cheap as possible. I'm on AT&T. Looking for a Atrix 2, Galaxy S2 or Skyrocket. After looking around I have a feeling i'm going to have to wait for prices to drop a good deal or to get an upgrade on...
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    6850's in crossfire, worth it?

    I can get a pair of the powercolor 1gb cards for $220 after rebate. Looking for an upgrade for my 460GTX 768mb for SWTOR, Tribes Ascend(I have played both) as well as Guild Wars 2 and Planetside 2. I play at 1920x1200 Worthwhile upgrade? I supposed I could try to get another 460gtx and SLI it...
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    Good games for the wife and I to play together on the 360?

    I'm looking for an arcade style racing game that the wife and I can play together. I'll get it used so something that's been out a little while would be a good idea. Any recommendations? I have a 360. You know, i'll take recommendations for any games that would be fun for two of us to play...
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    $2500 for build, suggestions?

    I'm planning on selling my imac and should get about $2500 out of it. Two things the imac has spoiled me on is it's silent and has a nice display. This budget will have to include the shipping costs. I am in the U.S. Locally I have access to a Fry's and bestbuy for parts. Newegg is just a...
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    10.7.1 update released

    And my widgets still don't work. I seem to be the only one with this problem. Does anyone elses widgets not work? Ever since I upgraded to lion they've been dead.
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    iPhone cell data usage going up with everything turned off?

    Why would an iPhone continue to rack up cell data usage when email is not set to auto check for new messages and notifications have been turned off?
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    WoW just went free to play until level 20
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    iphone 4 GPS not working right

    The iphone 4 has a GPS chip right? Because it's not working at all. I know it does AGPS with cell towers but should dial in with the GPS chip. Yesterday we went for some hikes and wanted to do some geocaching but the iphone always said we were somewhere other than where we actually were. We...
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    Logitech Z623

    I'm looking at these speakers: I'll be using them on my imac. Music, movies and gaming. I can get them for $95 shipped which is the absolute most I want to spend. Is there any 2.1 setups that are better for $90 or less?
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    WWDC 2011

    No WWDC discussion yet? So far i'm not impressed by the ios crap. I have an ipad, don't care for it on the desktop. Don't like the new mail. It's pretty but seems inefficient. I don't like how Lion is mac app store only. No discs. But it is only $29 so can't complain too much. Most...
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    Age of Conan adding F2P option
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    PC's can't access Mac file sharing on network

    I have no problem accessing my PC's on my network from my mac. I have a server and send video over my network to my HTPC's without issue. Even my imac can access the content without issue. However the PC's can't see any mac shares on the network. Even when setting the correct permissions...
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    Many displayport 1920x1200 monitors out there?

    I'd like to get 3 monitors with a native resolution of 1920x1200 and display port but finding these is turning out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. Looks like I might end up being stuck with 1920x1080. I guess it's not the end of the world. I'm looking at a budget of around...
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    imac refresh imminent

    It's been expected of course, just starting to pick up steam in the media. Here's hoping for a 27" with a Radeon 6970m. Well I guess if i'm hoping i'll just go with a desktop card. A man can dream right...
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    Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - video preview
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    Mac Mini refresh soon...

    Looks like the Best Buy and Amazon supply of Mini's is drying up. Possibly a refresh coming soon? I hope so.
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    Mac Mini/iMac updates?

    I'm sick of the ios talk, what are the rumors for any upcoming imac or mac mini refreshes? A month or two ago they were talking about new models coming out next month but I haven't really been able to find any talk about them amongst the sea of ios talk.
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    how to remote in to a mac for remote repairs?

    So I got my mom an imac and I want to be able to log in to it remotely to fix stuff and also for her to watch me move around on it and show her how to do stuff. Anything that is free is best but I guess I could do a trial to get her going. Any ideas? I'm on windows 7 if it makes a difference.
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    Tribes MMO coming
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    "burning" an iso on a usb stick

    I would have thought this would be a lot easier. But i've been spending time on google and haven't found something that would work. At least not without a linux install. I'm in windows 7. I have an iso that I would like to put on a usb stick and boot from that for an install. I've tried...
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    OSX home mail server?

    So I was playing around with the idea of using a mac mini with OSX server and running my own mail server. Has anyone done this? Just for home use. I like to tinker. I see I can also run a calendar server but not much supports 2 way syncing with it(aside from my ipad but the rest of my...
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    dead board in a Dimension 9200?

    I'm working on a dimension 9200 for a coworker. Upon plugging it in the first thing I notice on the bios is with the text, every other letter or two is missing. From what I can gather it appears it can't recognize various controllers and errors out. I can enter the bios but the screen is sort...
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    Having some issues with 360 console

    My issues are it will not connect to the zune marketplace. Just says service is unavailable. Also when watching online videos such as xbox news and such the videos start playing then stall, start buffering and then crap out all together. I have no problems downloading demos on it. On the same...
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    How to backup 360 game saves to a computer?

    I was given two 360's. The owner just asked that I get his data off the hard drive and burn it on a disc for him in case he ever got another 360 in the future. Both of these machines have had issues with the RROD. I managed to repair one but the other is hosed. I'm researching it and it...
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    5830 a good upgrade over a 9800GTX?

    I have a 9800GTX now and can get a 5830 for $160(after $20 rebate). I'm just wondering if it's a worthwhile upgrade for the price? It will have to last me a couple of years and I don't really have more to spend. The 9800 has served me well but it's starting to show it's age. Planning on playing...