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    Thermaltake Black Widow 850W PSU - $69.59 AR shipped $104.99 - 10% off (PSU11MAR) - $25 mail-in rebate = $69.49 with free shipping. 850 watts, single 12v channel. I just picked up one at the end of February for $87 with shipping. Bronze certified.
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    Fellowes Powershread C-220C - $15.00

    Available at shipping was an additional $46.10. Deal is definitely smoking hot if you are in the market for a heavy-duty paper shredder. ($470.99 off the regular price.) Note, this is still selling at for $507.99 and $82.56 shipping.
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    Abit IN9 32x with Evga GTX 260 core 216

    Anyone have this similar setup (Abit IN9 32x and an EVGA GTX 260 core 216)? My issue is, when I try to seat the card into the first PCIe slot, there is a capacitor on the motherboard (near the dvi ports of the video card) that blocks the card from seating properly. If I try to install the...
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    Dual Wan Router

    Anyone have experience with the Intellinet brand Dual-Wan Router? I am only looking to load balance (weighted round-robin) and don't have a need for VPN. This device specially mentions that it can handle WAN-to-LAN at around 90Mbs. I have a 50/10 cable and 20/20 fios I'll be combining...
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    DFI NF4 Ultra-D space/slot issues

    Trying to fix a EVGA GTX 280 into my DFI NF4 Ultra-D (non-SLI at the moment) and I'm running into a couple of problems. My ultimate goal is to run the GTX 280, as well as keep my 7900GS so I can run 3 monitors. Additionally, I would like to fit my Perc4E in there as well (its a PCIe x8 card.)...
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    Perc4e/DC Problems

    Just picked up a Dell-branded Perc4E/DC with the battery backup module. Currently running an PCI LSI scsi card. So here is where the problem starts: I put the Perc4E into my machine and tried to boot into windows to install drivers for the card. I reset the controller cards bios to clear...
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    Elec. cost for a Mach 2 and Cooling Capacity

    Would an original Mach 2 (not the GT) have enough cooling power for an Opteron 165? I have one sitting around that I bought and haven't used much. Also curious if anyone has an estimate on how much my electrical bill may go up if I use this thing pretty often, but NOT 24-7. Thx.
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    GTX260 core 216 with 9600GSO

    Thinking of picking up a 9600GSO for running dedicated PHSYX and folding. Is it worth the added benefit to run PHSYX on a dedicated card? Anyone have a similar setup? (FYI - parts are on the way...SIG will be updated soon)