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    Considering upgrading

    I know I don't really need to upgrade, but I'm considering it anyways. I have a DS3 and a 6400 I'm thinking about getting a 680i and another GTS, and eventually a 6600. My 6400 is running at 3.2 right now, and I can't get it any higher. This DS3, I'm stuck using the F7 bios because if I...
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    Just got 595's

    I just got my HD595's, been busy playing with my soundcard settings trying to get things to sound right. I was wondering if it matters whether I plug my headphones in through my control pod on my Z-5500's, and directly into the sound card? Other than haveing easier volume control, I don't think...
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    FSB issue with DS3

    So out of the blue, my mobo just started doing this, it was fine till earlier today. Whatever I set my FSB top in bios, it boots with 1 less FSB. I set my FSB to 399 and it boots with 398. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    Infinity + DS3 Question

    So, I got my Infinity in today, but I'm not sure if the cooler is gonna clear the caps just above the cpu socket. Can anyone else with a ds3+ infinity help me out with this? EDIT: OK, so I got it on there, cleared everything, it was a pain in the ass getting in on and secure, had to remove...
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    Got my E6400! But....

    I got my mobo/cpu/ram today, put it all together, hooked everything up, turn it on, go into the bios and it powers off. I say wtf and power on again, and it powers back off. Is this my PSU not putting out enough juice? I have 1 dvd-rom, 36GB raptor, 1 sata and 1 pata HD, 7600gt and an x-fi...
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    Do I need a new PSU?

    I just order an E6400 and a DS3. I have an antec Truepower 430w ( it doesn't have the 24-pin connector) For now I just have a 7600gt ko, 4 harddrives including a raptor. If I should upgrade, what should I get for under 100 bucks, preferrably something that will be able tos upport SLI in the future.
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    Can't Deciide

    For the past week or so I've been trying to figure out what Mobo/CPU to get. I already have the ram, (crucial ballistix from the hotdeals forum). I don't really want to spend too much money so I was looking at getting the 6400 and a DS3. But I haven't really seen any ocing results from later...
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    7600gt problem

    I have an EVGA 7600gt KO, and I have an interesting problem. It seems that when I OC the videocard it causes MAJOR stuttering. I'm talking about everything just freezes for up to 15 seconds(estimate) and then it resumes. I know the card is already oced from factory, but it seems odd that it...
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    So, I'm finally upgrading from my s478 p4 3.0 (northwood). I've been looking around and can't decide on what to do. I initially was looking at getting an x2 3800, and maybe even am2 and ddr2 now that it's out. The opteron 144 also caught my eye though, it's only $140 and it has great potential...
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    Z-5500 Rma

    So, I recently RMAd my Z-5500 Control pod, because it stopped functioning. Took it to a friend's house and tried it on his set, to confirm that it was the audio pod. So, I called logitech and explained this, and they asked that I send just the pod back. Now that I've got my tracking number, I...
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    Main page typo

    Steve double posted on the latest news. Just thought I'd point it out
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    Z-5500 Question

    I got the z-5500 for xmas, and I've already set them up, I'm using the analog connection, when I turn the volume up I get a humming noise and when I turn it up more I get a feedback type of noise. Are they supposed to do that?
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    Interesting article about the state of gaming, and it also appears to be the end of gamespot?
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    Sub problem! help

    Hey, I have a Creative inspire 7700 7.1 surroun system for my pc, and for some reason my sub stopped working and I can't get it to work again. This started a few weeks ago, and it was temporarily fixed by me moving some cables, specially the pod and power cables, and it would cut on. Now I...
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    Annoying connection problem

    Hey, I've been having an odd problem with my first hop when I tracert an IP address, I am using winmtr to ping and tracert, and for my first hop it maxes are well over 1000. I'm on comcast cable, and my ping stays well below 30 for all the other hops, but this issue is causing alot of spiking...
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    Need a router for home, but which one?

    Hey, I'm looking for just a 4-port router, preferrably with a hardware firewall. It's gonna replace this old linksys I have. I was looking into the But I heard most ppl choose linksys, any input is helpful
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    PSU limiting me?

    Hey, I have an antec trupower 430. My concern is I don't believe it is enough for my system. Before I bought watercooling and this 6800u, I was able to oc upto 247 FSB on air. Then I got wcing and it was reduced to around 230 or so. With my 6800 I have to struggle jsut to get that. My only guess...
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    Pump Help

    I have a Swiftech mcp-650 pump, and it comes with that neoprene on the bottom, well despite the warning not to remove it I had to anyways since it randomly started to interferre with my HD after about a month or so and I had to reposition it in my case. The problem is that since I've moved it my...
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    HDTV monitors?

    I was looking through some bb and circuit city ads, and I was wondering if any of the flat tube, hdtv monitors would work well with a pc? Except for the lcd models, but would a...
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    Need Help flashing

    Hey, I'm trying to flash my evga 6800 le with a modded gt bios, I have a disk with wfflash and all the files needed, as well as a backup of my orig bios. When I type wfflash.exe (name).rom it gives me an error Cannot find nv device programming is fail cannot map nv address Since this is...
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    upgrading 5600..

    I've finally decided to upgrade from this 5600, I'm getting the limited edition evga, best card for 300 bucks. The only thing I'm worried about is my psu. I have 3 case fans, a 12v water pump, dual 120mm fans, 1 sata driver, 1 pata drive, 1 52x cdrom drive, an audigy 2, and a p4 3ghz. Should I...
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    WC setup Temps

    I've been on water for about a month now, but Ithe only improvement I've seen over the stock hsf is when I'm running my cpu at stock speeds. When oced my cpu only idles about 2-4 degrees less than air(38-40c, and at load about 5c degress less (50-55c). My case temps usually stay below 30c. I...
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    3.0c BAH

    Hey, first day on water cooling, decided to push my cpu some more, so far it seems the max my cpu will go is 249 fsb @ 1.72 volts, don't think this is stable, since in windows cpuz reports voltages at 1.76, but setting vcore to that in my bios causes it not to boot. my pc-3200 is running at...
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    Temps... normal?

    Hey, I just finished installing my wcing system a few minutes ago, dide the tests etc. Iso far I seem to be idling around 33-36c at stock speeds, and when I ran the burn in with sis my temps jumped from 45-47c staying in that range constantly, but there seems to be alot of temp jumping, such as...
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    Artic silver question

    I printed the application instructions from their site and followed them when I put it on my cpu and waterblock, but I noticed it said once you place the block on the cpu not to move it, since my waterblock already has the tubing clamped to the wb, it was near impossible NOT to move the wb...
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    quick ?

    I'm planning on mounting my rad for my wc setup on top my case, and I was wondering would it be easier just to remove everything from my case and then drill the holes or should I drill out the 12 or so rivets in my case and then have to re-rivet it?
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    which ram

    Alright, soon I'll soon be on water it's time to get rid of this ram, I am able to oc it 20mhz and thats about it, my maxiumum fsb on my cpu so far is 246. I am looking to get some pc4000, but between kingston, corsair, OCZ, and mushkin the specs are nearly identical, there are minor differences...
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    Help installing Fedora

    Hey, I'm looking to get into linux and I heard fedora is good (free too) So I downloaded and verified the isos, booted up to the cd that I burned, hit enter to install, my system then reboots and takes me back to the install screen... any ideas? thanks edit: also this is core 2, and I've...
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    CPU Handling?

    I'm taking A+ this year at a tech school along with hs, and my a+ teacher said there is enough electricity in your body to short out a cpu. I find this a bit strange, and I've never heard anything like this before? Anyone heard of this?
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    Alright, I've been looking closely at some swifttech kits, they seem to be a good price for a kit that includes a 12v pump. I'm only using this to cool my cpu for now, and since I'm tight and space and not particulary fond of cutting my case, I've been looking at this kit which includes a mini...
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    Planning a watercool

    I've never watercooled before but I would like something more effective than air for my cpu. This is something that looks promising, challenging and maybe fun to try. This is my pc, and this is what I think may be possible with some rearranging of...
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    buying first cpu cooler

    Alright, I have a 3.0c and I'm looking to buy a new cooler, heard some good things about the sp-94 so I'm looking at getting that, I need to know what else to get? I know I need some artic silver or something, do I need a solvent to remove the residue from the stock stuff? And any other things I...
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    Which router to get?

    Hey, I'm looking for a new router, preferably not wireless, and not sure what to get, only need a 4 port, since we have 3 pc's to hook up, looking for something OTHER than a linksys, I looked around, but I heard vpn slows your connection down? any help is appreciated
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    quick question

    Can I install linux on a drive seperate from windows and boot to either one, and it won't mess up my files or anything?
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    fsb ratio

    Just a quick question, should I try to run 1:1 or is 3:2 good enough? thanks (also this was the first system I built, but I wish I would have known to get faster ram :( )
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    Slot fans

    Looking for some ways to cool my case a little without modding it (not yet) do these slot fans help much? Says they put out 42 cfm, so if I got 2 or 3 of them would it make a noticable difference? and what about this...
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    Need a little help

    I've only been ocing for a few months, and just recently I bought ut2k4 which after a few minutes of play my cpu temps jump to around 56c and then my pc reboots, so I was told to lock my pci/agp freq to 66.66/33.33, did that, and I locked my ram speed at ddr400 ( which makes my system unstable...
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    I just bought this and have played the crap out of it, but it seems to be extremely cpu-intensive, can't play the game very long with my oc before temps rise to 56c and my pc reboots :/ This hurts my fps, alot, and my temps are still raising into the mid 50's even without an oc, but overall it...
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    Paging file

    I have two drives, a 7200 pata and a 10k sata, windows is on the sata, what is the best way to set up my paging file? both drives? or the non windows drive?
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    Hey, I haven't used emule in a while so, I reinstalled it, and opened the right ports, I find some things to d/l, over 3 gbs of stuff, I start to download, collecting sources, only a few kb/s being downloaded from me, downloading at a few kb, and an old problem I haven't had in a few weeks...