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    rEFInd, 10.11.5 and Kali

    So I've had Kali on my mac for a while, decided to update to 10.11 from like 10.9 or something been a while since I updated. I went to delete the old partition Kali was installed on so I could extend it and for some reason I can't delete the old partitions? disk utility seems like it has far...
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    Bluetooth audio bitrates (sort of)

    So I'm doing some audio work on my car and my home and I know what I want for speakers and receivers and blah blah blah My question is really more theory than anything else First my assumption is that if I'm using an iPhone 6s for music stored on the device (such as FLAC albums) USB would be...
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    Mechanical ps/2 and Compact

    So Google seems to be failing me right now. I'm on the hunt for a compact (with numpad) cherry red mech with ps/2 and preferably back lit though not required. Anyone know of one?
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    Remote Access/Streaming Server 2008

    Mods - Feel free to move this if its in the wrong thread I have set up a RAID-5 4x2tb drive File server At my house that I use to stream music/movies/TV shows in my home. Pretty easy, Pretty awesome. I want to take it another step and be able to access files from outside my network I'd...
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    Backgrounds and Main Displays

    I have a three monitor setup and I'd like to make the second monitor (middle display) the main display so games open up there by default. However, whenever I set it as such the background that I have spanning all three monitors shifts to the primary and starts in the middle than the middle...
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    Mounting metal stands to glass desk

    So I'm going to be mounting metal monitor stands via clamp to a glass desk and I'd like to put a foam rubber sticky mounting tape on each side of the clamp so it doesn't crush the glass but it still has adhesion and doesn't slide off the back. I have no idea what its called and googled it for...
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    Pro Calibration VS. "Suggested Settings" Calibration

    Title says most of it. Is it worth paying ~$200 for a pro calibration or am I not going to notice a big difference when I use suggested calibration settings without pro level equipment?
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    Suggestion for a RAID card.

    I need a suggestion for a 4 port sata III (preffered [but will settle for sata II]) RAID card that supports RAID 5 I will update this with exat system specs when I get home but essentially it's in a home file server 4 2tb drives quad core AMD ddr2 system. I have it setup in software RAID in...
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    5.25 to 3.5 hot swap bays

    I'm looking to replace my 5.25 bays with converters for hot swap bays in a mid size tower. All the reviews I see online at amazon seem junky. Any specialty shops or does anyone have experience with these that can suggest a nice set? I can buy them one at a time or the 2x and 4x bays but my...
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    Advice on audio from the ground up

    Hey guys, I'm looking to put some decent money into my new PC for audio. I'm looking to spend around 300 total for audio. I know I'll need a decent to good sound card as my onboard audio is pretty junky right now as far as an Amp I have the Astro a40 2013 mixamp and am more than willing...
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    New Build on a budget.

    So here is my issue. I have a 4930k A blu-ray drive a dvd drive case fans fan controller and all cabling and a 1 TB hard drive. I have a remaining budget of about $850 +/- about $50 and I'm really stuck on what components to buy from here. so If it was your build guys. what would you go...
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    1st gen macbook pro Won't install snow leopard

    I just got a 1st gen macbook pro and after partitioning a flash drive to guid and installing a snow leopard DMG on the drive and doing the same on a dvd I can't get it to boot to either one. It does however recognize the DVD and flash drive inside the OS obviously I've held option on startup...
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    Mac layout gaming keyboard

    Title pretty much says it all. I looked for a while but couldn't really find much. My girlfriend wants it to play games on her mac (obv?) she doesn't like the razer options there are what we're looking for i guess would be closer to the arctosa/lycosa as she doesn't like the mechanical keys...
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    Narrowed down to 3

    So I finally have my monitor choices narrowed down to three Dell u2412m Alienware optx 23" 3d display and the Acer 120hz 23.6" 3d display. I'm not going to be gaming in 3d but i like the idea of a 120hz refresh rate They all seem pretty decent but I'm having a ton of trouble...
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    TV vs. Monitor

    I tried using a 24" TV recently for a monitor and the color was awful. why? is there any TV i can get that doesn't look like pure garbage? i want to get a 27-32" monitor/TV and I can't for the life of me figure out why a 27" monitor is almost 400 for a halfway decent one but a 32" TV is like...
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    Ivy bridge mobile

    Anyone know if Ivy bridge hd4000 series graphics will be able to run something like starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft on medium settings at between 35-45 FPS i've read a bunch of reviews and all they're saying is "It's much better than the 3000 series" which means nothing really =P
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    Mobile gaming for around $1200

    Anyone have any opinions on a mobile gaming laptop from 14"-15.6" for around 1200? i've been searching for something decent for a while and really can't find anything I like. All the gaming laptops out there seem to be stylized which make them clunky i Really like the MBP 15" but its 2200 but...
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    Server Recognizing empty drive as full

    So I have a home server with four Hitachi deskstar 2tb drives drives 1, 2, and 3 recognize fine drive 4 has windows on it recognizes 1.81 TB as the other three do but says only .99tb is free space. I've checked every folder property and theres only about 3-5 GB worth of stuff on there...
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    Crossfire vs. SLI

    So what increases performance more? Crossfire, or SLI? like lets say we have two equivalent cards what is going to perform better with 2+ of them?
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    Processor Lapping

    Is it wactually worth lapping a processor if you want to do some serious OC or is it more likely to damage the processor than drop temps?
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    Best Gaming mouse/keyboard

    Pretty simple question whats your favorite and why? I'm sure this was probably up here somewhere first but i couldn't find it =P KEyboard is more what i wanna hear about though
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    Powder Coating

    Where can I get something powder coated? or better yet, what's the BEST place to get something powder coated?
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    ASUS mars II asus mars 2 dual gpu GTX 580. I want it, and can't find it. anyone know here to get it?
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    Didn't know where else to put this but what I'm looking for is brand stickers and such. Besides actually buying product where can i find nvidia/ati/intel stickers stuff like that? any good ideas?
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    Best 120mm fans

    So what are the best 120mm fans? I'm looking mostly CFM vs. Noise level here
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    Thermal Paste

    Whats the best Thermal paste/grease? is there a huge difference between the brands?
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    Custom Paint

    If i'm looking to custom paint/powder coat a case is there a better paint or brand to use for this? I assume there is I just really don't know paints :p
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    3 monitor setup w/ nvidia 200 series

    like the title suggests Can I run a 3 monitor stretched display on SLI'ed GTX295's? For some reason I thought i read somewhere I can only run 2 stretched
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    Suggested PSU

    Can anyone suggest a good psu for the following rig: i7-920 asus rampage II gene MOBO 3x2 gb RAM 2x NVidia GTX295 Corsair h60 watercooler
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    4.0 ghz and up i7 OC

    I have an i1-920 overclocked to 4.0ghz and i'm having trouble keeping it stable above that. I really wanted to hit about 4.2-4.4 but am having trouble keeping it stable. my current voltage on it is 1.568 and I'm afraid to go higher. Any tips from any of you out there?
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    Best Brand

    What are your opinions on best brand for DDR3. I've always been a corsair fan myself but from the sigs i've read around here it seems like there are alot of OCZ fans. so whats your favorite RAM and why?
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    i7920 cooling

    What are my best options for overclocking and cooling an i7 920 to around 4.2 ghz on an asus rampage 2 gene MOBO ??
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    SLI gtx 295 cooling issue

    I have an issue trying to cool sli'ed gtx 295's they are running hot enough to crash the computer without some large house fan in front of my rig which is pretty stupid. I'm looking for a decent aftermarket cooler or if anyone knows where I can find a "universal" (at least for nvidia?) or very...