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    Intel's new optical bus This stuff looks wicked awesome, and would reduce latency's to other components on the mobo drastically, can't wait for this to be on the market! :D
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    Windows 7 on P5Q Pro

    Hey guys, I'm running Win7Beta on my P5Q Pro board but I've been forced to use a cheap usb wireless adapter because I can't seem to find a ethernet driver for this mobo. Anyone here running Win7Beta on their P5Q Pro and got the ethernet working? Thanks.
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    Firefox on Windows 7

    So I've been playing around with Win7 for a while now and I thought the feature with IE8 and being able to see your tabs through the taskbar was genius, however, I just don't like IE as much as FF, sure they are comparable in performance but IE just feels to clutterd to me and i don't like the...
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    Laptop with Core Duo T2400

    Hey guys, I have a laptop that I only use for playing games when I go home or on a trip. So that means 90% of the year it sits in a drawer doing nothing. I would like to start folding with it and I was looking at the clients and saw that my options would be running two instances of the...
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    Quiet IDE 2.5" Drive

    I have a old Toshiba Portege 3500 Tablet with the factory Toshiba MK4019GAX HDD in it and it is painfully loud. I use this computer for taking notes in class and in a lecture hall with only the professor speaking, this thing echos throughout the room... it's a bit embarrasing. Also it's really...
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    Question about member titles.

    I was reading in the FAQ sticky how the member titles are based on different size RAM modules, pretty cool. However, I was just curious as to why 256 wasn't used. Reason I ask is that I still have an old computer that has a maximum limitation of 512MB so it is using two 256MB sticks and I feel...
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    HD4850 & HL2 performance update

    Hey guys, a while back I made this and this post on the forum because my HD4850 was performing pretty crappy compared to what I had seen online and when comparing to my brothers 8800GT. Everyone seemed to be pretty split on what the problem was, with a lot of people recommending cpu bottleneck...
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    RAM Voltage Monitoring???

    Hey I'm looking for a program that will monitor the voltage of my memory. I currently have Everest Ultimate and HWMonitor and neither have anything listed under RAM voltage. There are some numbers that I'm not sure of, but they don't seem like they would be ram.
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    Anyone have E8500 E0 stepping??

    Hey guys, I just ordered me a E8500 from Newegg and I know that the new E0 stepping was just released on July 18th. Has anyone here got one or know of someone with the E0 version? I really hope that Newegg doesn't shaft me on that. :( Tried to talk to their chat agents but she said some BS...
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    Need new faster DDR2 memory!

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of upgrading to 4GB of memory. I'm looking at these two sets as they are both on Asus' QVL and run at almost the same timings (I would probably just set the OCZ to 4-4-4-12 anyways). Which set of sticks would you guys recommend? I'm also open to anything that you...
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    Why does my HD4850 suck!?

    Ok guys.. if you followed my previous thread then you know that I was having major issues with my Gigabyte HD4850. Well I bought a new motherboard for many reasons, needed something that overclocked better, wanted raid, and support for crossfire down the road. So I got this P45 chipset board...
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    4850 Performance in HL2

    Hey guys, I just got my Gigabyte HD4850 a couple of days ago and i've been very disappointed in the performance I am getting in HL2 and mods. This is pretty much the primary game that I play so I was really hoping to play maxed out and smooth with this card. Info: running Catalyst 8.7 Beta...
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    4850 Performance in HL2

    Sorry for the re-post in the Video Cards Forum, but that's where I meant to post this initially but my browser screwed up. If anyone wants to delete it here, feel free. Hey guys, I just got my Gigabyte HD4850 a couple of days ago and i've been very disappointed in the performance I am...