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    Stress test to the limit

    tl;dr- building a 7970 benchmark that utilizies 3-4 gbs of VRAM. questions encouraged. Thanks Hey guys, I'm looking to run a stress test that utilizes all 4GB's of a 6990, or atleast 3GB's of a 7970. The goal here is to use every bit of VRAM the card has to offer.. the end result would...
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    Eyefinity 24''

    Hey guys, Im looking for 3 Monitors for an eyefinity build. 24'' (1920x1080) preferred?maybe? I would prefer having 1 VGA output max, Displayport preferred... backmounts necessary, Any ideas where to start?
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    Best Warranty

    What Manufacturer has the best Warranty as well as RMA service? as far as RAM is concerned. I love the Gskill stuff, and assume the markup is for RMA/customer support
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    Quick list

    Is there a general list of performance for AMD vs INTEL cpus? that would be very helpful for me right about now.