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    Turning off Laptop Monitor Question

    Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to turn off the Laptop monitor. I know you can turn it off but you cannot keep it off if programs run in the background or mouse moving. I was wondering if there a way to turn off the monitor, just like you would with a desktop monitor button, and be...
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    2600+ Mobile.

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    Battlefiend Vietnam

    Does anyone know the Battlefield Vietnam port number that i have to put into my router?
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    NV silncer 5

    How does this nv silencer cool my memory, Iy says no memory cooler. If i buy the NV silncer 5 do i have to ramsink or something? thanks
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    HALFLIFE 2 and BFG 6800GT

    When i play halflife 2 and halflife 2 deatchmatch the game pauses for like 4-8 secs then goes back to normal and does it again like 10 secs later. My video doesn't go beyond 80C what could the problem be? Could it be something else besides my video card? If anyone had the same problem and it got...
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    NV5 Silencer is it really worth it?

    I have a BFG 6800 GT i get around 65C idle and like 78C-80C load. I am not overclocked. Should i buy this NV5 Silencer? When i play halflife 2 and sometimes in Counter-strike source. or Need for speed underground 2 my video card overheats. I know this b/c the game pauses and makes like...
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    Case OPen

    Is it ok for my case to open at all times for better cooling. Or is it bad?
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    6800GT artifacts, not overclocked.

    When i play warcraft 3 and Counterstrike Source i get artifacts then source freezes, but wc3 doesn't. When i play Unreal tournament 2004 i don't get any artifacts. What could it be. Its all stock cooling. Think my video card is dmg or getting too hot. While i was playing wc3 the highest i've...
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    UNreal 2k4 and DVDROM

    I have a DVD rom. I just bought Unreal tournament 2004. WHen i put it in the dvdrom. it says windows cannot read from the disk. But when i put a regualr cd in there it works.
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    Amd 64 3000+

    I was wondering how i can increase my bus speed on my cpu. I have a chaintech v-nf3-350. And PC3200 Cosair ram.
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    Is the BFG 6800GT OC 16 pipelines. Just wondering.
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    Harddrive Problem

    Windows has been locking up. I can't even run taskmgr.exe it gives me a error. Can run anything from the run command. And can't run anything microsoft. Always gives me errors. I installed windwos 3 times same problem. MY friend is saying its my harddrive. What do u think. If so what should i do?
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    After like 20 mins of playing battlefield vietnam. I start to get little flashs on my scree. Then it starts to lock up then goes back to the game., before it can do it again i just close the game. Do u think its my video card overheating or something? I am at stock speeds and stock cooling on...
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    Chaintech VNF3, update BIOS

    Can anyone help me on how to update my bios?
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    6800gt temps

    My temps are aroudn 61C idle and 83C load is that normal. Or should i get extra cooling. I have the BGF 6800gt OC.
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    Is there another program i can use besdies Bittorrent or Bitornado that uses the same torrent files. Thnx
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    Windows keeps locking up

    My windows keep locking up. I don't know why. I just installed windows. Not overclocked. 420W PSU. AMd 3000+, Geforce 6800GT Chaintech vnf3. I have no idea what the problem is. If u can help please help me.
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    BIG PROBLEM with CHhaintech Vnf3-250

    I just orderd this Motherbaord. When i install it and put everythign together it doesn't work. THe 420W PSU is fine i just bought a new one and im on my old setup. Here the problem. WHen i press teh button nothign turns on and not even my PC and cable modem light doesnt' come on. But When i...
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    Cheap Nforce 3 MOBO socket 754

    I am looking for a good cheap motherboard with a nforce3 chipset, i saw the chaintech vnf3, but im not sure if its any good. If any one has any suggestions to a cheap mobo, help me out. I am getting a 6800gt, AMD 64 3200+ and 2 (512) corsair memory. Thank you.
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    Just bought a 6800gt

    I just bought a 6800gt, It should be at my house on wed. I have a AMD 2400+ and (2) 256 pc2700. Do you think it will bottleneck? If so, i was thinking of bying a Asus k8n, amd 64 3000+ and (2) 512 Cosair vaule ram.
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    AMd 3000+ and ram

    Which is good the price the corsair is good ram but too expensive. Or should i get the geil ram both links are below
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    AMD 64 3000+ or AMD 3200+

    Which is better for the prices. Whcih would perform better, I am also buying a SOLTEK MOBO and geil 3200 and 6800gt.
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    New COMputer

    I want a AMD 64 3200+ or 3000+, New Mobo, maybe new ram, and a Geforce 6800gt, Where do u think i can get these items cheap. I have about 900 to spend.
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    6800Ultra or X800

    Which is better i heard that the 6800ultra is better then the x800pro. What one should i buy?
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    Sven Coop /w Steam and the High-Definition Pack problem

    I have a problem. I can't use the high-Definition models for my svencoop. I really want the new models. In the install it says do i want to install it and i say yes. BUt they dun work. Has anyoen else had this problem.
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    BIOS flash of a Geforce fx 5500

    What can i flash it to, and where can i get the software to flash it?
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    geforce 5500

    What do u think i can max my video card around. If anyone has had this card. Thank you.
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    I have a BFG nvidia 5500 OC

    the 5500 is already 20 mhz faster b/c of BFG. i have the 256 megs model. Is there anything i can do with this. Like Bios Flash. if not what are the average over!!!!! i can get with this video card.
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    Abit NF7 Dual Channel?

    I was just wondering where are the dual channel sockets b/c one of the three are not. Which ones suppurt DDR400 Dual Channel. Thanks for the replay later.
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    Where can i get a Dual AMD 64 mobo?

    Where can i get a DUAL AMD64 mobo? Either socket 754 or 940 thnx
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    Doom 3 problem

    I just downloaded DOom3 beta 2. When i go to options and try to change controls, sound and video, whenever i click on those things on options it starts the game automatically and i can't cahnge controls and etc.
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    How to clean my CPU

    I am wondering how do i clean my CPU?
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    Liquid Cooling.

    I am just wodnering if u should get liquid cooling. And exactly how does it work. Like how does it cool you hardware exactly. Just wondering thnks
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    Halo Server This is me and friends halo server. Its backed by a T1 :D
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    Halo crashes

    my halo crashes when the server changes map wierd. I have installed the newest video card drivers, directx and chipset driver multi times. Could something be overheating? Could my MOBO be dying?
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    Games crashing.

    All my games crash like before i can accutally play. Could this be a Direct3d problem or Ati drivers or what else could it be. becasue i reinstalled direct3d drivers and ati cat 4.2 drivers twice already. If you have any ideas just let me know thanks.
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    Painkiller vs. UT2K4

    Painkiller the demo has better graphics then UNReal Tournament 2004. Now heres the good part. Painkiller Runs better UT2k4 same resolution and everything. 1280x1024. i dunno what the deal is.
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    How can i tell if my video card has problems?

    How can i tell if my video card is not working to it full potentional. Like ram has memtest anything like that for video cards?
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    UT2k4 and 9800PRO

    I have a 9800pro and i get about 17-30fps on that CONVOY map. I have no AA and no AF, and no VSYNC, and other setting or good. Is there anything i can go increase my performace. Im think of Buying a ABIT NF7, Will this increase my framerate getting a new mobo. Or should i just buy a new system?
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    2600+ Mobile.

    I am just wondering what is so good about this 2600+ MOBILE, I am just wondering b/c people are telling to get it but no reason behind well thnx cya.