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    XP Pro machine locks up when connected to router

    In trying to bring my parents' computer up to date, software-wise, I have discovered that it locks up after about a minute of trying to establish a network connection after connecting it to my router.The machine is pretty old (Duron 950, XP Pro with SP3, 384MB RAM) but I never ran into any...
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    Much recent bannage?

    Am I just way too nosy, or do other readers wonder why someone was kicked out when "banned" appears in place of their title? I've noticed about a half-dozen "bannees" in my very brief time on the forum today.
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    Why is it so hard to find XPC accessories?

    Seriously, all I want is a PF 20 kit for my custom Shuttle, and all of one online retailer sells it, and for the ridiculous price of $30. The Shuttle site's "retailer finder" is busted and it looks like their online store is gone for good. Sigh. I'm never going to have a front on the thing at...
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    Hopefully a simple question about Shuttles

    I've built a number of "regular" PCs, but this is my first time building and modding a Shuttle XPC. Re-modding, I should say, since I bought a dead one with some mods I didn't like. Anyway, what actually holds the front piece of plexi (or whatever) onto the plastic piece behind it? More...