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    Watercooling has never been as sweet as in the new house

    There's nothing quite like opening the basement window when it's -15C out :)
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    Ottawa, Canada - LanGenie I (Nov 10-11)

    Hey Guys, We're just spreading the word about our upcoming (Nov 10 - Nov 11) LAN Event which will be hosted in Ottawa, Ontario. LanGenie I will be host to 300 Gamers for a full 24 Hours. We're offering our guests access to our 15 Dedicated Servers via our Gigabit Backbone connection...
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    Project: dislexicllama (STC-T01+PAINT+WATER)

    About time I post a damn worklog of this build... :) Specs are as follow: C2D E6600 2.4Ghz XFX 8800GTS 640MB P5B Deluxe 2x 1024MB OCZ Performance Platinum 800Mhz 650W Enermax Infinity Asus CDR/CDRW/DVDR/DVDRW/CDDVDROM 2x 250GB + 1x 320GB HDDs Coolermaster Stacker Original (custom...
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    Recycling barbs from Maze 4

    Before I order 5$ barbs with 20$ of shipping, is it possible to remove the fittings from a Maze 4 GPU block and use them in EK's full cover 8800GTS G1/4 blocks? I'd go ahead and try, but the Maze 4 is still in my old loop that I'm not tearing apart until I'm ready to tear out, clean and build...
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    Ottawa/Eastern Ontario, Canada

    There is a distinct lack of LANs in the area, I'm not sure how many members from [H] are in the area, but we definately have the crowd to get something big going. Anyone have any news?
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    Thank you to the admins

    The way this subforum is looking, this thread should be locked in a matter of hours. Either way, just want to express my gratitude to the admins and mods for putting up with the community on top of the bumps and scrapes encountered during the switch. As well, thank you for returning the search...
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    Cleaning pump when changing loop

    Cant believe how hard it is to find anything on these forums without the search function.. I've been looking for guides and videos on tearing out WC loops for replacement/etc. Generally, do they recommend running vinegar through the rad then flush it out with distilled water, but keeping...
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    Swiftech Stealth vs. EK Full Coverage for 8800GTS

    I've got 1/2ID tubing and a single 8800GTS 640MB. Which of the aformentioned block would be best? Stealth - $124 CAD EK - $119 CAD Also found the EK block for $97 CAD...
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    Processor overclocking instructions.. lost thread

    I remember seeing a thread with instructions [or guidelines] on proper steps to take when overclocking a processor (namely the C2D?) yet with the search feature out of comission for the day I was hoping someone had it bookmarked somewhere. Any luck?
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    I need replacement blocks for 8800GTS and E6600

    As per sig, I'm getting a brand new box and the blocks I currently have for my 7600GT and 3500+ wont be reusable. I've looked around but have been stumped to find a few GTX but not many North-American sold GTS blocks. Unless I'm not looking at the right places, where would I be able to...
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    New rig on order - Just a few questions

    I'm yet another following the recent trend towards dual-cores and 8 nvidia cards. The following parts are on order: E6600 2.4Ghz XFX 8800GTS 320MB Coolermaster Stacker classic The following parts are on hold: P5B Deluxe Enermax 650W ASUS DRW-1814BLT Lightscribe SATA (Black) 2x Corsair TWIN2X...
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    Will my current h2o equipment work with new parts?

    Here is the current equipment I have and what it sits on: Maze4 Low Profile: 7600GT IceFloe Block: AMD 3500+ I am getting: CPU: E6600 GPU: 8800 GTS
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    Lian Li V1000 Watercooling question..

    I'm looking for comments/suggestions on my following idea(s): Within the next month or two, I'll be building a completely new system from my current [sigged] box. I'm having trouble finding a case I really like that will accomodate my 240mm rad inside the case but I think the V1000 is finally...
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    NTLDR, Caused by failed Video Card?

    Apparently today my video card decided to stop on me. When my monitor is unplugged it shows "No connection" and when plugged it just goes black and the power light goes amber. Anyways, after I took out the dead card, I tried booting on my integrated video (for which I'm pretty sure I removed...
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    Is this video card dead?

    Today some buddies and I had a little lan before classes start at the end of the week.. After about an hour of Counter-Strike (1.6), my monitor started flickering, going black then the image would stabilize for a minute. After a while, the whole thing just went dead. I was hosting the local...
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    Looking for some mobo help

    I bought a refurbished comp last boxing day, and have been upgrading away at it ever since. After putting in the new power supply recently, I realise the biggest problem with my system is the motherboard. Up to then I didnt worry too much about it but it has become such a bottleneck I'm now in...
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    Unofficial Post-Your-CRT(s) Thread

    (Couldnt tell you if this was started before, couldnt find anything by search - nor do I know of the interest in a thread like this.) Not everyone uses LCDs, for many reasons. Some prefer the performance of CRTs, some like the 'ghetto-ness' factor, others just dont have the money to shell out...
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    OCZ PowerStream 520W good for me?!

    I'm merely moments away from processing the purchase of a OCZ PowerSteam 520W from NCIX Canada, for a mere 116$ + shipping and taxes. Now, I ran an approximate system through the PSU Calculator and it came up that my rig takes 32-33A on the 12V at max load. But I dont feel too good about that...
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    CPU/System fan have failed?

    I finished putting in my watercooling kit this morning and promptly replugged everything on the mobo. To my dismay, when I boot up it shows the usual specs info then goes to the ERROR!: CPU fan has failed... system will restart in 2... I tried re-plugging the cpu fan and letting it hang off...
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    Purple bubbles when bleeding

    I just set up my WC kit and it's currently sitting there, bleeding the billions of little bubbles... But, after about 20 minutes, the bubbles at the top of my T-Line started having a purpleish hue to 'em. I had washed the rad and blocks with vinegar and rinced with distilled quite a few...
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    Ramsinks on GPU

    When I'll be replacing the fan on my 6600GT with my low profile Maze4, will the use of ramsinks be obligatory? I see everyone on here has them, and I would as well but I just placed my order for my WC package and never was it brought up by the guys at Petra's... Thanks
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    Danger Den Maze4 on 6600s?

    The Danger Den Maze4 GPU blocks are stated as being compatible with... I've looked at a few comparative pictures of the 6600GT vs. 6800 and it appears they both have the same holes but I wouldnt want to guestimate on it. Could someone confirm? Also, a second question would be: is there a...
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    Another 1st time WC support thread

    It's amazing how much reading one can do when poking around these forums! Before I get started on descriptions and such, I'll introduce myself - since I'm rather new around here. I'm a 19 yr old canadian student in a networking degree. My computer usage is excessive but not to the point when...