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    How is WiMAX a threat to ISPs?

    I keep hearing it again and again. Isn't WiMAX a successor to a WiFi, only broader broadcast range and faster bandwidth? Regardless of how fast it can be, you still need a service provider that provides Internet access to WiMAX base station within that area before you can have a WiMAX card...
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    [Help] Data Recovery after partition deleted..?

    I'm installing a new operating system on my computer. I have two hard drives: C: Operating System D: Data I rebooted the system and started the standard Windows setup. Then I accidentally deleted the partition that held my data instead of the other one! Now it shows "Unpartitioned...
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    Help: Play PS2 on my computer

    To begin with, I use ATI All-In-Wonder 7500 card for my set up. Hooking it up is not a problem but how do I manage to get the picture on my screen? Using some kind of program or something I guess? I haven't done anything like hooking up an external app to my video card so I have no knowledge...