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    Watching vids stored on another computer on my HTPC with no wait?

    You could even skip the switch and try directly connecting the two, see what kind of performance you get directly connected, if it flies, router, if not, something is skewed on one of the two machines, start simple, swap cables if you can, etc. If you have multiple nic interfaces, active the...
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    Risk of having these ports open to the public?

    What everyone else has said, theres really no reason for this, and if they are having trouble understanding why this is important, try to explain it like this: 1, Its free to setup and configure 2, If we dont, we could lose everything, expose income/financial data, and whatever other data is...
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    Risk of having these ports open to the public?

    This is what ours looked like when the old firewall we had broke and Germany decided not to replace it for a while. The IT Admin said, oh itll be fine, and its one less device to configure and add bandwidth! ........ I convinced the american VP this was insane and got us set up with another...
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    FM2 ITX

    Hey Folks, Just wanted to post an update while using the FM2A85X-ITX. So far I have had 0 stability issues with the mobo, or odd quirks, working incredibly well so far. When I did the install I used a gemminII HS/Fan for the a10, as above mounting the backplate was problematic. I ended up...
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    DLINK dir-655

    If it is wired you should be able to, I usually put my bravia on Static so its easier to do 'play-to' stuff with it. Unless the connection is literally bad it should be as simple as adding in a static outside of DHCP scope, but within the subnet (or go static, and then provide a lease...
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    AMD A10 5800K - Thoughts?

    So I finished my build: CM 120 elite case A10 5800 - already have FM2A85X-ITX 8gb gskill 1866 CM geminII m4 cooler Corsair 430w 80plus psu Windows Server 2012 Essentials I am quite impressed with it as a DC, File Server, and Media streamer thus far. It has been rock solid, and...
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    Moving from L2 to L3 with a Cisco core

    Given that you said your using CISCO I pulled up some documents describing what I believe your trying to do. The thing with this stuff is that its really kind of imperative that you actually understand what is happening and how, versus just finding some snippets to re-configure and keep trying...
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    AMD A10 5800K - Thoughts?

    Sweet, thanks for the build log i'll definitely be reading that! I think it will be a pretty solid system. Thanks for the info solara2xb, I think it will work fine here too, like I said I'm not really trying to game with it, just media and server duty. lol @ Skillz & drescherjm I think we...
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    A free program that works just like Norton 360?

    Well looking at free you may not get the same 'amount' of features but theres a few good options out there. The typical model now is to offer 'free' skeleton versions of AV which will be more a straight up scanner, maybe some active protection. Avast is a really popular option these days for...
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    Firewall Recommendations?

    Yeah thats not a bad idea either actually. So in the end boils down to, can you find something that will physically be able to handle what you want, and how much do you want a 'warranty' and support services? If that second part isnt super important, a DIY isnt a bad thought
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    Pidgen (IM) question

    Im not sure that you can actually do it through pidgin, but you can log into (now owned by MS). If you do it should open you to a dashboard kind of layout with the MS Messenger pic on the upper left (or if it kicks you to the inbox, lower left is Home, click that) next to it should...
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    AMD A10 5800K - Thoughts?

    yeah my current build lineup is: CM 120 elite case A10 5800 - already have FM2A85X-ITX - in the mail, though the issues from another thread are a bit concerning.. may change 8gb (probably toss in another 8gb as well) gskill 1866 CM geminII m4 cooler Corsair 430w 80plus psu Working on a 120gb...
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    PCI Wireless Card

    That will depend more on the quality of the antenna, and card so that isnt necesarrily a 1:1 kinda thing.. Almost as/more importantly at this moment is going to be, what operating system is this going to be used with? The cards from the link show up to w7 so that should be fine, but if he/you...
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    Poll Asus or EVGA geforce titan?

    I always prefered EVGA support myself beyond quality. Thankfully the only time I had to deal with them was super painless and friendly, but on the other hand I never had to deal with ASUS support regarding VCs so cant really speak much to that.. heh
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    Frame rate limiter...

    Yeah I like to limit as well, usually 40-59fps depending on the game, as others said, nice and stable visually, and can help keep uneeded heat down. I havent been a frame rate pusher in a long while, so the big number flying by in the upper left of the screen means less to me than it once did...
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    Comparing Worksatation/Professional and Desktop/Gaming Processors

    That was a really interesting read. In one of my previous companies some of the hardware engineers would use those types of cards but I never had any real experience with them. Its neat to see how the differences illuminate like that. Ive known a few people to want to buy cards of the...
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    AMD A10 5800K - Thoughts?

    Thats a really good tip on the software ill definitely look at getting that dcds1 thanks very much! I already got the A10 for free as a reward from Obsidian Ruiner, though if I decide to build a second AMD media rig ill look at the A8 first, thanks for the tip! I completely agree...
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    AMD A10 5800K - Thoughts?

    Yeah not terribly concerned with gaming on it, I have a normal desktop I do that on, this is predominantly going to be used for media serving/file shares and some light backup work so I think it should be more than enough. As for amd v intel, your completely right. I think especially for the...
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    AMD A10 5800K - Thoughts?

    cool thanks for the reply :) ill be interested to see how it does in the setup myself game/media wise
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    FM2 ITX

    hmm thats not promising ha, but thanks for the heads up
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    AMD A10 5800K - Thoughts?

    So I got this A10 from a kickstarter giveaway. Normally I am an intel guy but since I have it I decided to make a nice media server/file server. I havent used any of the new AMD APU models, so I am wondering how they fare from those of you who use them in regards to media streaming? From...
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    FM2 ITX

    How is everyone liking/not liking the FM2A85X-ITX? Just ordered one for my m-ITX server/media pc build. Should get it tomorrow (pairing with a10 5800K - got it from the project eternity kickstarter grab bag hehe). Wondering if theres any snags with it, or people are enjoying it so far? I'm...
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    Firewall Recommendations?

    Feel free and glad to be of help. We use sonicwall stuff mostly at work (after the netgear kept dumping our VPN) and I have the netgear at home now for random testing. I used to use a lot of cisco stuff but that has phased with the jobs Ive had but still a bit familiar. The Zyxel is nice, can be...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    fios 75/35 evo 4g on wifi (EnGenius ECB350)
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    Firewall Recommendations?

    If you can swing the cost thats a really nice unit, and robust Though if you were to go for the 50 bundle ASA id think about the SA540-K9 over the ASA 300mbps throughput vs 150, all gig ports, includes 50 SSL and 100 IPSec seats.. if your in the 500$ range anyway, it could be a better deal in...
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    Firewall Recommendations?

    New here myself but I can share some potential pain in this regard. You need to be very careful about the firewall you get as to the uninitiated it can be very misleading. For instance, that netgear you listed has a LAN->WAN throughput of only 25Mbps. Even though it has a gb lan and wan...