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    locating app help

    hello, i am looking for an app that will have a 3D arrow pointer. basically i want to enter in GPS coordinates, elevations and then be able to select one of these locations and have the arrow on the phone point at this location. this is to help some people aim antennas at a tower they cant see.
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    help identifying ITX psu

    hello. i have a Devon IT LT310 6050B thin client. inside is basically a micro ITX via motherboard. it has a external 12v 5A power adapter that has a round connector with 4 pins and inside it has a power board that is 6 3/8 inches long 1 5/16 inches wide. it has a ATX power plug on it and 2...
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    finding a better mouse help.

    over the years my favorite mouse has been Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical a simple 5 button mouse. i have used a lot of other mice and cant break away from this one. the reason i like it is, buttons on each side, mouse wheel works as button, size and shape fit well for me and it works on...
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    P8P76 question

    i just picked up a 2500k and P8P67 pro. the issue i am having is i get the multi to go any higher then 33. it came with bios 0402, i looked around on the net seem higher beta bios and my bios didn't look like the one in the review so i updated to the newest beta bios 1053. this bios makes more...
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    Why does Apple charge for OS updates when Microsoft gives them away for free?

    first off, this discussion is strictly intended for mature audiences. flame starters please stay out. I'm sitting here wondering why is it that Microsoft can roll out new software OS updates like service packs for free while the upcoming Snow Leopard release for $29. Why does Apple feels the...
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    Spin the Black Circle i found it kind hard at first then seems to get easy then gets really hard again. really fun fast paced puzzle game. i cant get past the last level.
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    what kind of PSU is this

    i am wondering what type of PSU this is because i might need to buy a replacement soon. i just need to know the name or style so i can search for one. it is a small form factor bare bones. here is the link
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    SFF kit help

    hello, i am new to SFF. i normally build overclocking rigs, i am a cooling fanatic so small cases make me paranoid. need a make a SFF for my mom a realtor. she has to move desks like once a month and she needs a new computer so small is good for her. was looking at an intel 6550 with a ASUS...
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    file type from a minolta film scanner

    i scanned some film at school with a konica minolta film scanner. i saved the files to my thumb drive. i am at home and i try to open the file and they have no file extention. when i saved the file i said no compression jpg but .jpg will not work. it was on a apple computer too and i am on a...
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    keyboard problem

    my keyboard is like 4 years old. i wanted to clean it so i took it all apart took all the keys off and cleaned everything. i put it all back togeather and now when i type it randomly shoots the cursor back to the start of the line. also when i start the computer up it wont start untill i...
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    old WC setup resurrect

    i have a old watercooling rig minus the pump that started leaking. the brass fittings are all green inside i have let vinegar, CLR, scrubbing bubles and several other products to try an clean out my waterblock and radiator but both are still pretty dirty on the inside. is there any other thing i...
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    noob questions

    seen people talk about the text based agent, were can i download it. i looked around on their site couldn't find anything. also both of my computers have the same performance score even though one is 1gz amd and other amdxp clocked at 2gz. everything thing under every tab is the same. well...
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    memory shoot sparks

    well i turned on my computer and i seen sparks come from my memory. i had a stick of kingston burn up, it burned a line half way across the chip from one of the modules. i really dont think it was a fault in the memory. also my motherboard died at the same time. my only guess is the powersupply...
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    pc shooting sparks.

    i had a memory stick shoot sparks, it fryed one of the chips and killed my motherboard at the same time. right as i turned it on. you think it worth my time to try and RMA the memory? the motherboard had to of mess up pretty bad to cause a memory chip shoot a spark and burn a line across a...
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    max core voltage for palomino 1600?

    i have a 1600 palomino, it runs 1733 11.5x165, for cooling i have a common 20$ Thermaltake Silent Boost HS with default core voltage. it will not run anything over this or i have random crashes after several hours of gaming. i have a Epox 8rda3i so the FSB is limited by the processor, the ram...
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    sorry couldn't delete, NT

    NT.. Mod Edit - NP......:cool: B.B.S.
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    shuttle an35 ultra, continuous long beeps

    i just got a shuttle an35 ultra motherboard. the only thing i can really get out of it is long continuous beeps. once randomly it booted fine ( after doing nothing different) i set the bios fsb speed up ( not overclocked ) then saved, it rebooted again, so i started to install windows and at...