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    Student Arrested for Posting Video Game Clip Killing Zombies at His School on Facebook

    I don't see how it's illegal? Maybe stupid, and inappropriate, but I don't see how he can be arrested for it.
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    Best Buy Geeksquad Informants for FBI?

    I am not now, nor was I ever a paid informant for the FBI. I worked at the Geek Squad precinct for 3 years and now am an Autotech there. Standard procedure is we/they can't look for anything and can only alert police if it's right there (like lets say a screen saver or desktop background or...
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    BF1 Hacks , game isnt out yet LULZ

    I think I'm more upset about the fact that CS:GO has been out for YEARS and there are still hackers and their hitreg is straight GARBAGE
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    Should cable length affect ohms very much?

    If you have a DMM/VOM you can just measure the resistance. cheap ones at harbor freight are like 6 bucks and it should be accurate enough for that.
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    rEFInd, 10.11.5 and Kali

    reformat it to something like fat and than you can delete the section and extended the partition
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    rEFInd, 10.11.5 and Kali

    So I've had Kali on my mac for a while, decided to update to 10.11 from like 10.9 or something been a while since I updated. I went to delete the old partition Kali was installed on so I could extend it and for some reason I can't delete the old partitions? disk utility seems like it has far...
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    Bluetooth audio bitrates (sort of)

    cageymaru I haven't picked out too much yet though for the car I was looking at a DDIN like the avh-4200nex for apple carplay and kicker QS 6.5's for the car. Subs I'm super torn about as I want good audio but I don't want to see any of the subs. Amps not sure what I'm getting yet but I have...
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    Bluetooth audio bitrates (sort of)

    I understand that listening to it would be the best course of action, the problem is I don't know what technology I'm going to set up the new stuff with as I don't have it yet and therefor cannot yet listen to it.
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    Bluetooth audio bitrates (sort of)

    So I'm doing some audio work on my car and my home and I know what I want for speakers and receivers and blah blah blah My question is really more theory than anything else First my assumption is that if I'm using an iPhone 6s for music stored on the device (such as FLAC albums) USB would be...
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    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    two generations before the 9800pro but I don't remember what it was
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    CS:GO pug players

    than add me!
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    CS:GO pug players

    OEM - I looked for you but theres like 19 fat jesus add xCWolf, I'm MGE on my main DMG on my alt. I feel like you would be entertaining
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    CS:GO pug players

    xCWolf relatively new SEM. I have over 100 hours because I left the game on for like 4 days once. Feel free to add me. I'm dying for decent people to play with
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    Mechanical ps/2 and Compact

    So Google seems to be failing me right now. I'm on the hunt for a compact (with numpad) cherry red mech with ps/2 and preferably back lit though not required. Anyone know of one?
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    CS:GO pug players

    xCWolf Add me. I'm not great but I enjoy playing comp
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    (Room Temp) Dying Light at GMG (Steam Key) — $45

    I don't use any of the preorder perks, FWIW
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    Illinois Law Requires Students To Turn Over Facebook Passwords

    I feel like this violates the child's constitutional rights
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    Remote Access/Streaming Server 2008

    ownCloud is one of the most obnoxious setups on the planet. =P
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    Remote Access/Streaming Server 2008

    I see what you mean. But I'm also using this server for backups and files and junk that's why I also want to be able to push photos or docs to it if I'm at work and want something without having to deal with emailing it. That's what I'm already doing Atari =P
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    Remote Access/Streaming Server 2008

    Interesting. Can I also use plex to push data TO the server remotely? I'm not familiar with it, I always assumed it was only for viewing/consuming media.
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    Remote Access/Streaming Server 2008

    Mods - Feel free to move this if its in the wrong thread I have set up a RAID-5 4x2tb drive File server At my house that I use to stream music/movies/TV shows in my home. Pretty easy, Pretty awesome. I want to take it another step and be able to access files from outside my network I'd...
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    Bought rMBP yesterday. what do I need to know?

    cmd-space opens up the spotlight menu like the windows key opens the start menu. I probably use that more than anything
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    Good sources for Mac clearance sales?

    When the new models come out you can get decent deals on shelf displays at Best Buy I got my MD103 (retail 1799) for ~900 in damn near mint condition
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    Backgrounds and Main Displays

    I have a three monitor setup and I'd like to make the second monitor (middle display) the main display so games open up there by default. However, whenever I set it as such the background that I have spanning all three monitors shifts to the primary and starts in the middle than the middle...
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    Worlds most powerful htpc?

    I like to keep HTPC simple. But I also just run a server and stream media off it to my smart tvs/bluray/ps3 etc. Less bulk in the HT array
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    Mounting metal stands to glass desk

    @HDriscoll thats perfect thanks!. Yea Its a bit of a risk but they are pretty light monitors and its safety glass so it should be solid. (fingers crossed)
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    Mounting metal stands to glass desk

    Let me be a bit more specific. I want to mount These to This I want to put a small piece of rubber on either side of the clamp to protect the glass and get a better grip on the glass
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    Mounting metal stands to glass desk

    So I'm going to be mounting metal monitor stands via clamp to a glass desk and I'd like to put a foam rubber sticky mounting tape on each side of the clamp so it doesn't crush the glass but it still has adhesion and doesn't slide off the back. I have no idea what its called and googled it for...
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    Pro Calibration VS. "Suggested Settings" Calibration

    Title says most of it. Is it worth paying ~$200 for a pro calibration or am I not going to notice a big difference when I use suggested calibration settings without pro level equipment?
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    I would hope Boeing. =D
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    blank screen with mouse arrow - virus

    Could be a TDSS virus. boot to UBCD or a linux drive download TDSS killer set paramaters to search for tdlss file system. Worth a shot may work.
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    @tyler-durden They have a ton of other stuff too but that's the specific set I used.
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    Keepin' it classy :cool:
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    Every time I try to stick the server icon on my toolbar it disappears =(
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    Is it worth to move into Apple Ecosystem?

    I've used pc desktop and laptops for years and honestly switching to a mac laptop is one of the best decisions I've ever made computer-wise. It's smooth efficient the trackpad is great the keys feel awesome (for a laptop) . I wouldn't go back.
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    Good news: Cryptolocker unlock code database cracked

    This will be very helpful for me at work as I see this about once a month. Thanks for the link =)
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    Cooler Master HAF 912 "RESURREKTION" Case Mod

    This is the coolest case mod I've ever seen in my life. Hands down. I cannot wait to see the finished product
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    RadioShack Stock Drops to Under One Dollar

    I wen in there to buy caps the other day and they wanted like 8 bucks each. Amazon had 10 packs for the same price =\
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    Best way to clean a MBA screen?

    No I just generally try to take better care of my stuff and not be a slob in front of it :D
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    Looking for a good 2TB internal hard drive

    +1 on HGST Have 4 deskstar 2tb 7200rpm in a raid5 array for filesharing and media streaming. Have had them on for 3 years now with no issues.