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    EMC or DEll for Vmware Storage for SMB

    If you already have EMC stuff then you might get some nice discount off if you are willing to go for the VNX2.I've seen a 5200 a week ago that got quite big in amount of shelves so expanding shouldnt be too much of an issue assuming the SP's wont drop because of the load. All of this can be...
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    Enterprise iSCSI

    I don't know about other vendors, but you can take a look at the EMC VNX series. The new VNX5200 may be an option. It does work with shelves though, but the controller enclosure already has 25 slots for 2.5" disks. They will fit various disk types, going from SSD's to larger Nearline SAS...
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    Seasonic SS-460H2U fan replacement

    I have a Seasonic 2U SS460H2U psu running in my NAS in the attic but the little 60mm DELTA fan is driving me crazy. I've been thinking about replacing it with a silent cooler but I'm worried about the amount of air these silent fans push. Do power supplies like these generally need the high...
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    Supermicro - what's your experience?

    This. Almost any "server with a lot of disks" or non-specific SAN is going to be cheaper than the EMC/HP/IBM/... solutions. There is a clear reason for this: 1) Everything matches. The drivers and software are tested to work on a SAN. 2) Redundancy: Almost all parts are redundant or under...
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    Network pics thread

    Well that's gonna be a blast when a cable needs repatching and you fall a few Cm's short.
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    Network pics thread

    Looks like it. EMC DAE's are also installed on slides instead of the usual server rails. In general there is no need for sliding rails for shelves. Everything is done either on the front of on the back.
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    Network pics thread

    Wow, clean work on the cabling. When doing maintenance on our arrays I've seen so many horrors :(. This one will be a treat to work on.
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    Small datacenter build-out

    List price != real price ;) EMC does give you the option for customer racking if you want to. Plenty of our customers here use that option. Obviously a Symmetrix is a nogo due to the layout. But yeah, lets go to IBM and ask whether we can put their mainframes in customer racks instead of...
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    Network pics thread

    Sad to hear that :(. The things you hear from customers sometimes makes you want to punch the sales team ;).
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    dual M-ITX rackmountables

    since I moved to mITX for my ESX homelab, I've been looking for a rackmountable (2U, 3U) which fits two mITX boards. The whoel deal about this is: where the h*ck are these chassis? I live in Europe and my only source was but the chassis was removed from the site after i emailed him...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    Just got my new ESXi host (first of two) delivered: - Core i5 4570S - AsRock B85M-ITX - Crucial 16GB DDR3 Already have: - Intel quad gigabit NIC - 8GB stick - PicoPSU 150W The board is maxed at 16GB which is not that big of a deal since I'm getting two of them for VCP and other stuff. 32GB...
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    Home lab and ultimate cost savings

    Really depends on what you want to do, but 4x4TB reds will give you less IOPS and MB/s than your current Norco setup. The question is how tolerant you are of disk performance. You also can't really compare the two since the spindle setup is totally different. The syno will draw less power, but...
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    Home lab and ultimate cost savings

    With the latest Haswell release, you can easily hit 30W idle per host. An i5 4570S has low power usage while still maintaining the virtual goodies. The trick is in the spindles as Grentz already mentioned. You didnt mention storage so I guess its going to be NAS/SAN?
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    I've been thinking to get myself 2 new whiteboxes for my VCP. Anyone already planning on the new Atom C2750 platform?
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    Network pics thread

    I had a few lessons on CLI a few years ago in college and i found it utter garbage. (my opinion tho)
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    Network pics thread

    We use these in Centera and Avamar grids. They are quite good but rather noisy and power hungry. Apart from that, a lot of features.
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    Network pics thread

    We are doing a major overhaul of our test/training lab next week. i'll ask my boss whether i can show pictures of this. On the list: - Reorder racks - Total redo of the power - HVAC optimization
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    Network pics thread

    Are my eyes full of sh*t or is that an EMC rack? :)
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    Network pics thread

    I am EMC :P. This is a view form our own lab. I don't have any pictures from before the cleanup, but boy was that a mess. Needless to say that we don't really care THAT much about structured cabling best practices. A lot of stuff comes and goes so no point in spending hours in something that'll...
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    Network pics thread

    Some pics from the lab (click for 1600x1200): Installed it last week. can you guess what product? ;) some VNX love (with messy cabling) My biggest "love" around the block: Avamar Gen4 grid with a Media Access node on top. Also a backup software. Any guess? Atmos Gen2...
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    Network pics thread

    If some of you are up for a small EMC "what-product-is-this" trivia then I'll post some pictures of our test lab this afternoon :).
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    Suggestions for my Norco 4224-What to use inside

    24 drives will be loud in a living room, no matter how low the fanspeed is. Either you place it in another room and find some way to remote control it from your couch, or you build a HTPC. It's also a PITA to stow away in a living room most of the times. Rackmounts are too deep for any closet.
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    In the Market for a 10 TB+ Server, Need Some Advice

    How about the bigger sized Synology's? Enclosures like the 2413 and 1812 can house a lot of disks, can be expanded and sport a very user-friendly GUI. If you really want to DIY, get a Norco 24bay, Supermicro motherboard, Xeon CPU, a lot of RAMz and start the game with ZFS. ZFSguru for example...
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    Need new switch for home use

    I absolutely LOVE my HP 1810 procurve. The GUI isn't the prettiest but it gets stuff done. Just watch out with running NFS in combination with the auto-DOS security on firmware P2.2. The switch becomes a big black hole and just drops all NFS packets, cifs and others are untouched. Oh, and its...
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    Yikes, glad I did a backup audit

    Oh the amount of customers who never test there backup environment. As you have experienced, testing and making sure your backup is actually good is at least as important as taking the backup itself. A backup is not a backup if you cannot restore it, then it's just a high blood pressure trigger.
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    3TB 2.5" HDD?

    Afaik there are no 3TB slimmies yet. Maybe there are enclosures around that can hold 2 2.5" disks, but you'll need an extra USB header for the power for sure. (Or buy 2 2TB ones and glue them together, strap the cables together et voila: DIY ghetto 4TB).
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    Need help making a Exact image of my Hard Drive which includes the OS

    I use clonezilla for a while now and it's super easy to be honest. I don't know why you would need a fancy GUI for something as basic as a clone from 1 to 2. Recommending: CloneZilla.
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    Router considerations for LAN party 200+ people

    150man tetris/pacman? :P Biggest problem nowadays is that a lot of games just want internet connection for all kinds of fiddly even when playing local lan.
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    Datacenter/network management suite

    Free is not a requirement but it's a plus. I haven't checked the budget yet but it will probably be rather limited. Love the input guys, I'll be running them in VM's as a test.
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    Datacenter/network management suite

    Hi guys, Before asking questions I'll draw the picture first: We recently cleaned up the mess that is called our datacenter and it hsa been running clean now since August. It is mostly used for testing, playing around and some occasional local production servers. We have around 16 racks...
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    Network pics thread

    8module fibre patch panel indeed.
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    Network pics thread

    Love this with FC on big Cisco 9500's when you need to replace the bottom card and just can't reach it. ... NOT. Picking up a dell 2U server from a friend and probably going to run avamar on it (untill the grace period runs out :() so pictures soon!
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    The successor to the Samsung F4.

    Pretty much the common options right now: Seagate barracuda - Not really a fan of Seagate but that's personal. - Different platter sizes in the same version. WD Green - Have 2 1TB WD10EADS running in my Syno without issues for years now. - Appear to be of worse quality since a few...
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    *Official* Norco data storage products thread

    It will just give you more time in between cleaning sessions like Bex said. My norco's are in a rack in the attic and the amount of dust is just *ugh*. Unless you run a datacenter in your house, dust will be present :P. I'd love to see a short 1U rackmountable from Norco. I think it will fit...
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    Network pics thread

    EMC has the high density DAE's to achieve this but yes, pretty much everyone hsa this in their line-up nowadays. Haven't seen a high density DAE in the field around her though.
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    Home-use FC switch

    I forgot the port speed indeed. I'm not too demanding on this. 2Gb is nice, 4Gb is a plus, 8Gb is unrealistic :P. I'll look into that Brocade switch.
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    Home-use FC switch

    Hi guys/girls, At the moment my home lab consist of 1 ESX host and 1 diy NAS box with an IP network in between. I'm planning on expanding the host/storage side for training/testing purposes and I'm eyeballing the FC world. The problem is that I can't really find myself a good FC switch for...
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    WD Red drives?

    The drives perform equally. the scale is just down because of the bursts that are high in the first one. there will always be a few MB's difference between disks. Hell, there is even difference on the same disk between scans.
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    Network pics thread

    So, time for pictures! (clickable thumbs) As I told earlier, I got myself a quad NIC from Ebay: An IBM branded Intel PRO/1000PT (39Y6138 IBM FRU). Picked it up at the office Friday and got some time to get something done: The full size bracket wouldn't fit in a 2U server, but no panick! I...
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    Network pics thread

    Just picked up my Ebayed 4port NIC at the office. Pictures of my AtticRack this evening :).