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    BioShock Infinite

    I can see them fleshing out some of the backstory before the turning point in the story.
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    Daylight Saving Time 2013 Begins Sunday

    And Its still going to be daytime when I get off work yay!
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    What good IPs should be remade?

    I'd like to see a sequel or at least a game similar to Breakdown from the original Xbox. The only other game that I know of that had a similar feel is Zeno Clash. Oh and when are we going to get an actual turn-based Jagged Alliance sequel or maybe a sequel or modern day or future based remake...
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    High Tech Beer Dispenser

    So what happens if your hand is in the retract area of the handle when you remove your beer?
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    Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB SSD $149.99!

    This particular drive got [H]Gold but I wonder how it compares to the 256GB OCZ Vertex 4. I'm waffling pretty hard between this for$150 and that for $160 Edit: Said "Fuck it" and jumped on it.
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    Upcoming issue of PC Gamer claims new Hitman "is a mess"

    The Bullet Time and 'Kill enemy to get health back' mechanics were present in Blood Money when 47 was near death. Is it the same in this one?
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    If Doom was made in 2012 ...

    Only thing it was missing was a "Press CTRL to Crouch" when he had to duck under that low wall.
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    Direct X 11.1 - Windows 8 only...

    Yeah there's some stuff that just doesn't work right with Windows 8 right now. Even if you use compatibility mode. Even so, SOMEONE has to be the early adopter.
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    Direct X 11.1 - Windows 8 only...

    I have Win 8 right now and I think this is bull. Until a new wave of consoles hits there's not going to be many games pushing past DX9/10 much less 11 and 11.1 anyway.
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    Borderlands 2 PhysX Demo

    Borderlands 1 used PhysX, well the software driven version of it anyway. Hardware PhysX seems like the next logical step and it looks really good. I just hope it performs well without players having to slap in a second card or lowering other graphical settings to accommodate it. Considering how...
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    Skype for Windows 8 Preview, User Interface Leaked

    I wouldn't know it was Skype if not for the logo. Will most programs with Win 8/Metro interfaces look so similar?
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    Borderlands 2 PhysX Demo

    Yeah there was a driver hack for that and how I used to play Batman AA with PhysX on my 5870(my previous 8800GTS 512 ran the calculations). Here's a link detailing the process. Then there was a malware/virus scare in relation to that driver hack(Norton threw up a false positive I think) and...
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    Borderlands 2 PhysX Demo

    Gah now I need to find where the hell I threw my old 8800 GTS so I can offload the PhysX processing.
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    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 670 OC Video Card Review @ [H]

    @shark974 If you're talking about the MSI Lightning 680 review, that was a 7970 Ghz edition it was running against. Also the test bed specs were different(higher) as well. I wish they had given the AMDs in this review a bit of OCing to though. Even so, they made me feel much better about my...
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    Quote of the Day: 'Borderlands Has Zero Competition'

    My thoughts exactly. Hellgate: London beat them to the punch but failed hard and early. Thing is though, Hellgate: London didn't just focus on gun-play, you had wands and melee weps too. They are right though, they currently have no competition in their sub-genre. Like right now, I'm...
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    NVIDIA's "A New Dawn" Demo Now Available

    Gonna have to wait until my 670 arrives before checking this out. Two more days and I can see what this is all about.
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    Windows 8 Mail Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

    This feels like what's really going on. Other than that if I can just use Live Mail with Win8 I'd be fine.
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    New Egg: 20% off All Case Fans

    Thanks OP I picked up a twin pack of the AF120s. Gonna hold on to them for use in a Corsair Vengeance C70.
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    Corsair Adds Cooling Fans to Product Line

    Thank you my-name-here for the info. Guess I'll save up a bit more and try and grab a couple of these along with that Vengeance c70 case.
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    Corsair Adds Cooling Fans to Product Line

    Fans are available to buy today, hoping for some reviews.
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    Time Warner Cable Hit With $2M 'Porn' Lawsuit

    "In total, throughout his employment," Reid caught co-workers "watching pornography on approximately ten different occasions," the suit says. Is that guy a ninja or did his co-workers just not give a fuck?
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    Time Warner Cable Hit With $2M 'Porn' Lawsuit

    The story is kind of anemic. He says he was fired for reporting guys watching porn but it's in quotes for a reason. I'd like to see the official line they used in terminating him. Other than that, what was this guy's position? How was he able to sneak up on all these guys watching porn? Did...
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    Windows 8 Upgrade Offer Might Not Be Free

    You're crushing my dreams here! CRUSHING THEM! That outburst aside, thank you for the heads up. I guess I'll go find the Win 8 preview and horrify myself in realtime.
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    Windows 8 Upgrade Offer Might Not Be Free

    Oh god. I was holding off on Win 8 because I wanted to be surprised but you guys are really scaring me.
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    I just don't see how Diablo III is going to be fun?

    I'm just very uneasy about a release this huge relying on access to Blizzard's servers. It's going to be like an MMO launch and we all know how those turn out.
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    I just don't see how Diablo III is going to be fun?

    The beta didn't even give us a half-decent taste. I don't know what to think personally. What I do know is that there is NO way day 1 is NOT going to be a clusterfuck. Thus, I'm going to wait and see how it plays out before I decide whether to buy or not.
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    The Pirate Bay Calls Anonymous Attacks Censorship

    With all the attention on them this is the only way they could have responded IMO.
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    Any word on Torchlight ][ release ?

    There are beta forums. Make sure you forum account is linked to your newsletter account. Some beta posts slip through but the mods are moving them to the beta forums ASAP when they find them.
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    Kotaku: stop preordering games!

    Got plenty digital, it's just I really like having some hard copies to put on my bookshelf. My target this time is Borderlands 2.
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    Kotaku: stop preordering games!

    I have to pre-order PC games or my local Gamestop will not stock them. :( Small towns ftw.
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    Balloon Popping With Lasers!

    I wonder if he did a run without the magnifying glass.
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    Ocean Marketing Guy Files Suit Against N-Control

    There are a few things I would have liked for you to elaborate on but those are most likely in relation to the pending case so I'll leave it at that. Other than that, I'm satisfied with your answer, thank you for your reply.
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    Ocean Marketing Guy Files Suit Against N-Control

    Well answer me this (though you don't have to if you don't want to), how exactly has the earlier fiasco involving you impacted your job prospects in your chosen career? Are companies completely freezing you out when they hear your name or are there other active forces barring your employment?
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    Warlock: Master of the Arcane

    You guys seem to really like it, I may just pick it up.
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    Ocean Marketing Guy Files Suit Against N-Control

    Feel free to enlighten us. I'm not being facetious, I'm very interested in the other side of this story.
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    The Pirate Bay Warns Users About Copycat Sites

    The point is, despite the safest browsing practices something can still slip on to your PC despite that. A compromised ad or 0-day vulnerabilty can pop up any time.
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    Mac Malware Infection Rates Remaining Constant

    I'm thinking if Apple provided a free auto-updated AV/Malware suite with Mac OS they could most likely get away with it without any anti-trust issues or whatnot. Pretty much just an automatically included version of Microsoft Security Essentials.
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    British Prime Minister to Consider Porn Blocking Plans

    They could just as easily make it opt-in and I'm sure you know most schools and businesses already have filters/proxies in place for this type of thing. Even if this was adopted they'd still have to run proxy/filtering services because there's more than just porn out there that schools and...
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    Mac Malware Infection Rates Remaining Constant

    Macs are pretty much PCs now. I'm sure Macs also have free AV and malware solutions so there should be no reason to NOT have some type of protection running. I'd rather not see more PCs infected, doesn't matter if you're running a Mac, Windows OS, or whatever.