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    IC7 Max2 not recognizing RAID volume in Windows install

    My IC7 Max2 recently lost whatever defined my striped pair of raptors as a single volume. I had to rebuild the volume, and now when I try to install windows, and I load the on-chip RAID drivers off the floppy, it subsequently shows that it detects no volumes. Nothing's changed in my BIOS. Is it...
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    highest resolution videocard?

    Does anybody know of any videocard that supports a resolution higher than 2048 @ 85hz? I'm wondering if there is any on the market that can feed that sony 24" by itself. thx
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    NEC FP2141 Focus Adjustment Tools

    I wanted to tweak with the focus adjustment knobs on the side of my FP2141, so I heard you need a #0 philips head with a 5" shank to do it. This is important for some people who say the focus is off from the factory. well, i found a place that will sell a tool that will work in place of...
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    7.7 sec boot time?? what the hell is this guy on advertising such things as 500gig hard drives, 7.7 sec boot times, and .11 dBa cooling? curious he doesnt have a reseller rating, but it seems like shens anyway.
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    New Papst Fans (More Efficient, apparently) anyone know about these things? sounds exciting!
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    functional blowhole writeup (many PICS)

    The top of my 710 was getting mad hot so i decided to evict all that hot air with a 120. here's the disassembly: drilling the top panel rivets: the middle rivets that the front panel bolted to were a serious PITA. they are the big fat ones still mostly intact. topless 710...
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    Chieftec CX Series (New cases) new Chieftec's. i sorta like the CX-05B-B-A. thoughts?
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    CoolerMaster Stacker (new case)

    CM announced a new 11-bay case at CeBit. what do you think of it? personally, this is in my top 3 possibilities for my next rig, along with new YY...
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    HP Netserver WC Rebuild Project

    I recently tried fitting my asus a7n8x motherboard with the watercooling i installed in my YY Cube. needless to say, it didnt work because i was using the 3/4" OD tubing and theres like an inch at the top of the motherboard tray for it to go in, and the motherboard socket is up top (the pump...